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    WBTB - Wake Back To Bed

    WBTB refers to the act of waking up after a certain amount of sleep (commonly between 4.5 and 6 hours), then going back to sleep. There are several uses for this exercise:

    - When trying to induce a DILD, WBTB can be used to strengthen your intention in becoming lucid. You might spend your awake-time doing the following:
    Performing reality checks;
    Practice mantras, visualization or other exercises related to the MILD technique;
    Watching/reading material related to lucid dreaming, like a book, a movie, or even your own Dream Journal.

    - When trying to induce a WILD, WBTB can be used to help speed the process. This works because a person reaches REM faster after having a few hours of sleep. The key here is to find the balance between wakefulness and sleepiness, in hopes of achieving the best window for the WILD induction.

    WBTB duration (time spent awake) depends completely on the individual. Some people may only stay awake a few minutes during this period. Other dreamers may prefer to extend the duration period anywhere from thirty minutes to a full hour in hopes of achieving REM faster.

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