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    (WBTB) Wake Back to Bed Method

    Getting up an hour early, staying awake for 30-60 minutes reading about lucid dreaming, doing MILD briefly, then taking a morning nap is an effective way to induce lucid dreams.

    Here's how to do it!

    1) Sleep for 5-6 hours.

    2) Wake up and GET OUT OF BED.

    3) Read lucid dreaming articles online or watch a dream related movie for 30-60 minutes.

    4) Go back to bed using one of the following techniques.

    Example Techniques Include:

    MILD Technique

    WILD Technique

    HILD Technique

    Affirmations - A way of increasing your chance of having a lucid dream on a given night. Spend about 10 minutes, or more, lying in bed before you go to sleep. Think about what you want to dream about. Imagine it in your mind, and say it aloud, such as, "I'm going to fly." Then, say to yourself, over and over, "I know I'm going to dream." Concentrating on the fact that you're about to dream can assist you in realizing you're dreaming once you're asleep. This works especially well in the morning, if you go back to sleep upon waking from a dream, as you're likely to return immediately to a dreaming state.

    Trance induction - Trance alters the way mental energy is utilized. When we are in a trance some cognitive functions are disabled. In trance induction a mind-set is created in which lucid dreaming will happen easily. Trance induction begins with progressive relaxation accompanied by guided visualization of calming images.

    Visualization - Helps to remind the circumstance associated with a question such as "Am I dreaming?". If you have the intention to test the reality when you are using a key, imagine yourself at that time reminding your intention and effectively carrying out this verification.

    Grounding your awareness - Focusing your awareness on a particular thing in the present. Meditation helps ground your awareness and center it. Exericising your awareness allows you to be "in the moment" which enhances your lucid dreaming ability.

    The above information was gathered from Marc Vandekeere's - Bird's Lucid Dreaming Website, The Lucidity Institute, Oniro's Lucid Dream Website, and Trickster's A How To Primer on Lucid Dreaming.

    Sometimes just staying up and reading about lucid dreaming is enough to induce a lucid dream. If you fall asleep with out doing the techniques listed above you still have a high chance of having a lucid dream because you have set your intent by reading about lucid dreaming.

    First method not working for you, try Gameover's WBTB Tutorial:
    Quote Originally Posted by gameover
    Ok...I know there's a tutorial now but I feel I need to explain the exact steps that I take because it almost never fails for me.

    1:Go to sleep tired

    2:Wake up 5 hours later

    3:Write down your dreams that youve just had(Very helpfull!)

    4:Stay awake for 60-90 minutes(90 reccomended) writing and reading in your dream journal, and doing a lot of reality checks, and staying focused on dreaming(focused but not stressing)

    5:Go to sleep and(*) think about your last dream, or imagine walking around a dreamscape. Nowhere special, just walking around anywhere

    6:keep thinking \"I am dreaming\" but don't stress yourself

    Well, from my experience these steps, followed exactly, give me an almost 100% chance of having a lucid dream.

    (*)you may try any method at this point but I have given the method that gives me the most success.
    Second method not working for you, try Umbrasquall's WBTB Tutorial:
    Quote Originally Posted by Umbrasquall
    Sleep until a little bit before dawn. *
    Open your window to let fresh air into your room. (Keep it open) *
    Take 5 min walk outside. (If you live in a friendly neighborhood. !Important!) *
    Go back to sleep. *

    That works every time for me. I tried reading about lucid dreaming but it doesn't work as well. Maybe it's just me.
    [/quote]According to a study conducted by LaBerge staying up for 60 minutes is the optimal time for inducing a lucid dream. Sometimes Lucid Dreamers have trouble falling asleep after waking up for a while (30-90 Minutes). A suggestion would be to wake up for a short amount of time or to read about lucid dreaming during the day and only briefly wake up during the night and fall back asleep directly.

    If you have little success staying up for 30 - 60 minutes try these time intervals.

    1) 30 - 90 Minutes
    2) 60 - 90 Minutes
    3) 60 - XX Minutes (Staying up longer than 60 - 90 minutes reduces effectiveness)

    This information was gathered from the Lucidity Institute - Excerpts from NightLight - NightLight NL6.3: “An Hour of Wakefulness Before Morning Naps Makes Lucidity More Likely”

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