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    The DV Wiki is a knowledge base full of any info you could need, from lucid dreaming articles and tutorials, to manuals on navigating and using the DreamViews website.

    To get to the Wiki Main Page, simply click the "Wiki" tab on the navbar at the top of the page.

    From the Wiki main page you can pick a category to view all the articles in that category (Sorted by alphabetical order).
    You will see that all main rules and guidelines of DV have been transferred over and sorted in a more organized way, so it is easy to look for the type of rules you are looking for.

    The Wiki is broken into six main sections:
    • DV Dictionary - An up-to-date database of words and acronyms frequently found on the forum, with detailed descriptions for newer members.
    • DV Tutorials - DreamViews' official lucid dreaming tutorials, covering some of the more important and widely-recognized techniques.
    • User Tutorials - A collection of unofficial tutorials written by members of the community. These techniques are not officially recognized by DreamViews, but may still contain helpful information for beginners.
    • DV Manuals - A handful of helpful tutorials for using different features of the forum.
    • DV Rules - The official forum rules. Several articles discuss specific excerpts from the rules, but links to the full forum and chat rules are also here.
    • User Articles - A collection of articles written by members of the forum on miscellaneous dream-related topics. You can write your own article in the forum, which will appear after review by the moderators.

    Above each article, you will see a variety of tabs:
    • Discussion - Allows users to comment and talk about the article they are in. This means that users can now talk about the tutorials in the correct place.
    • Edit - Allows you to edit the article if you see something worth editing/adding. These edits are first moderated, and if the author agrees to the edit, then it will be allowed through.
    • History - Lets you see the history of who edited what, and allows you to compare versions, by simply choosing two versions and clicking "Compare Revisions".
    • Watch - Lets you subscribe to changes in the article via your Control Panel or email notifications. If you are already subscribed, you can unsubscribe through this tab as well.


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    Posting Permissions
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