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    Dream Views Chat asks all users to abide by the rules and policies. This is not to restrict your rights to free speech but to create a pleasant chatting environment for everyone. The rules have been developed by the forum's staff members over time and do not reflect any one person's arbitrary sense of morality.

    The rules are enforced by moderators called Chat Operators who may kick users for offensive or unacceptable behavior. Members who are being abused or harassed can PM the Chat Operators or administration and report abuse so that the problem can be dealt with.

    General Advice
    To provide a friendly atmosphere in chat, please always make sure to be civil, polite and compliant to the common net etiquette. Since chats can never transmit all elements of a real face-to-face conversation, misunderstandings are easy to happen and statements might appear more harsh than they are meant. So anytime you are emotionally affected, please take a deep breath, relax and try to still react in a mature and friendly way.

    **Registration is restricted to individuals ages 13 and up.


    Be civil, polite, and follow common net etiquette.
    Please keep in mind, that what is acceptable while talking to a long time friend, may not be acceptable when approaching someone who visits chat for the first time, or who just registered.
    Misbehavior towards first time visitors/new registrants will not be tolerated.

    Following will earn you a warning, kick, temporary or permanent ban from chat and/or the forum:

    1. Posting pornographic or otherwise offensive links. This includes links to content which can be considered NSFW / Rated-M. Child pornography will result in immediate permanent ban.

    2. Using racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language with the intent of offending others.
    If second party complains, you will be held accountable, even if your intent was not to offend.

    3. Spamming or advertising. See the Advertising Rules for more info.

    4. Flooding/spamming the window with characters, caps, links, smileys, usernames or bot commands.

    5. Going off-topic in on-topic channels.

    6. Using language other than English. Move non-English conversations to private messages.

    7. Trolling.

    8. N/A Until private rooms are allowed again. Creating racial, religious or sexually inflammatory room names.
    Failure to abide by this will warrant an immediate dismantling of the room.

    9. Not following the instructions of the Chat Operator, or any other staff member in chat.

    10. Arguing staff decisions publicly.
    If a member feels that a moderator is wrong, or has been unfair in some way, it is not to be discussed in chat. The member can take it up with the administration via private messaging, or preferably, posting in the Talk to Staff.

    11. Attempting to circumvent a kick or a ban from chat.

    12. Hacking or attacking the site or IRC server.

    13. Creating username/changing your username to name used by any chat operator/staff. Impersonating staff or other members.

    14. Abusing your Exec/Exec+ privileges.

    15. Creating alt/second account for whatever reason.

    16. Insulting other members or staff.

    17. Private Channels/Member Created Channels.

    Creating or participating in a channel created by a member.

    Private Channels take traffic away from the official channels (#DV, #DVLounge, #LucidDreaming). Our 3 official channels are designed to accommodate both on and off topic chat, and have different levels of moderation.

    Continuing use/creation of a private channel(s) after receiving a warning from a Chat Operator will result in a kick, infraction, or temp chat ban.

    This is a temporary measure until we have larger pool of chatters able to sustain traffic, even while some members wonder off to private channels.

    Visit us at irc.dreamviews.com

    Typical* Abusive Members will be handled as follows:

    1. First chat offense: Official verbal warning in chat.
    (Every warning or request to stop behavior from a chat operator is official.)

    2. Second chat offense: Kick from chat.
    (Kick will come without any second warning.)

    3. Third offense: Temporary or Permanent ban.
    (Permanent chatban also means permaban on the forum.)

    *Note that these are only guidelines for how abusive members will be handled. Depending on the individual circumstances, a ban may be issued immediately without warning.

    If a member breaks one (or more) of the above rules, please contact one of the staff members HERE, along with the chat log of the users misconduct (if applicable). If for some reason the issue is with staff, please contact administrator OpheliaBlue or gab.

    NEW Channels

    Hey guys, exciting news! After a long wait, we have finally added a new official DreamViews channel in the IRC, called #DVLounge. Here is the description of all channels. General Chat Rules apply to all of them. For differences, see detailed descriptions below:

    #DVLounge - Equivalent of Forum's Intro zone and Lounge sections. Perfect for new members and those interested in having a laid back, nice and respectful conversation with fellow lucid dreamers.

    #DVLounge is for relaxed and respectful general off-topic discussion. Any topic can be discussed as long as it follows the general Chat Rules, as well as the #DVLounge chat rules. The channel is a calm, friendly environment, and new users are able to join here and feel welcomed into the IRC community.

    General chat rules will be strictly enforced here so there is no hostility/fights/bullying. Any appearance of these types of behavior, even if those involved claim there's no actual fighting, etc, are strictly disallowed in #DVLounge.

    If your conversation starts to get heated and you feel like not being nice any longer, move it to #DV. People who want to speak their minds freely without having to care how nice or respectful they are to each other should speak in #DV.

    Ignoring these rules will earn a user a chatban from #DVLounge faster than a #DV chatban.

    #DV - Equivalent of Forum's "Extended discussion" section. Perfect for seasoned DV IRC users.

    #DV is for general off-topic discussion. Any topic can be discussed as long as it follows the general Chat Rules, but with a huge margin of error. Unlike #DVLounge, #DV allows for more heated discussions without interruption from staff members, unless they break the general Chat Rules. Full-scale arguments and debates will be perfectly fine in here as long as they don't entirely devolve into lengthy bouts of insults/flaming.

    If you happen to start something like this in #DVLounge, move it to #DV. People who want to speak their minds freely without having to care how nice or respectful they are to each other should speak in #DV. People who want to have nice and respectful conversations should chat in #DVLounge.

    #LucidDreaming is for on-topic discussion, and only discussions relating to lucid dreaming and dreaming should take place in here. Usually, discussions about dreams in general or topics similar to dreams are allowed in here, but users are encouraged to stay on topic.

    #BeyondDreaming is not an official channel yet. You are welcomed to discuss anything "Beyond dreaming", same as in forum's Beyond dreaming section. OBE/AP, shared dreaming, meditation, chakras, and similar topics.

    #Fun - trivia games. Not an official channel, but it's a great place to have a trivial pursuit type game with friends.

    Most of the channels are auto-join. It means, that as you log into chat, you will be joined into them. For rest of them, you can type /join #nameofchannel to join that channel.

    Dreamviews IRC can be found on the top navigation bar, or you can use your own client.

    General chat rules - DV Chat Rules
    General forum rules - Revised Forum Rules as of 9/11/13

    Check back often, as rules may change without notice.


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