Hi everyone I'm new to this site and this is my first post.

To start off I'll describe my history with lucid dreaming. I have been able to go lucid for as long as I can remember, recently (within the past 2 years about) I realized the significance of this ability and sought to further understand it with success. I have learned to do everything from fly in my dreams, to fight my own inner demons, to spend a months time within a single dream. However there is one thing that I have not been able to understand about my dreams that I am looking for more information on. I have done some research on the feeling and I believe the term to describe the phenomena is called "spiritual chills" the feeling one gets while both awake and asleep that sends a chill up the spine into the back of the skull and across the rear area of the brain. I am curious about this feeling because whenever I fly or experience nullified gravity I have it run through me and the feeling is like no other in my experience, it feels amazing! Although the start to my experience with this feeling came from when I would have terrifying nightmares. In my dream I would feel the presence of something sinister lurking around me and it would often grab me and drag me around. This evil in my dream would always be invisible and I would never see it or feel it, even though it was still able to move me around. Eventually I would learn to channel what I can only describe as my energy from within to sort of shout it away. I guess shouting is not a very good word to describe it because in the act it would totally annihilate the entity. But as I do this I would get a strong feeling of these spiritual chills. But last night I had a dream that scared me so badly it instantly woke me up and I'm curious to hear someone else's thoughts on it.

So the dream starts as I visit this character who has recently started to appear in my dreams. I'd say he has been in 3 in the past month and that's not something that I see often. Anyways as I enter this dream I am on the side of a highway on the edge of a field. I see him carrying a deer that he has just killed, however it is too heavy for him to carry on his own. The deer is frozen. Without speaking, he and I grab axes and start to quarter the deer. My fiancÚ moves about in bed and I am temporally woken up but imedietly re-enter the dream. Seamlessly to my experience the dream has now changed. The deer is no longer the material for our axes and we are now cutting wood inside a house that has appeared on the edge of this highway. For some reason I do not question this change in scenery. As we finish choppping this wood and are about to leave the house we both notice two shutter on the windows move abruptly. I get an ominous feeling immediately. We both acknowledge the movement, again without speaking and I proceed to "shout" the evil feeling away. I get this chill run through my body far stronger than any other one I can ever remember and as I "shout" it out everything in this house flies from the walls to the floor turning the house into a complete disaster. This character from my past dreams looks at me in terror and flees the scene instantly. For some reason this quick chain of events completely terrifies me and I awake once more. I process my thoughts on the matter and try to regain the dream as fast as I can but only to return to an empty house with the feeling of evil and greed from my misuse of power. The other character is nowhere to be found.