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      Hey, people. I've been inactive for a long time and was just new to LDing when I joined this page. It's been like a year ago since I last came here, but yesterday something weird has happened and I'm interested in Lucid Dreaming once more.

      It all began a few days earlier, when I was thinking about Lucid Dreaming and trying my first reality check after a year. It felt different now and I thought I could achieve lucidity. So yesterda morning when I woke up I had to bring my friend to the train station, after doing that I went back to bed and listened to a Fall Asleep Stress Reduction video which made me loosen up all my mucles and lay still, like you're supposed to do in a WILD. Then I fell asleep and as I woke up in my dream I looked at my hands and noticed they were sort of morphing/glitching into each other and I thought "Hey, this is what happens in a lucid dream, realize you're dreaming" and at that point it became a short battle to remain lucid as I was getting excited. Eventually I got control once more after blinking with my eyes in a weird manner (I know, makes no sense.) I didn't do much in the dream as I tried to fly, but only used my brain to think about flying, but it didn't get me to fly. It was very difficult to steer and after 4 minutes I think, I slowly woke up.

      So I was wondering what suddenly caused me to realize I was dreaming, since I never did reality checks or anything to help me achieve a lucid dream. Also, why couldn't I do really much and control the dream? It felt like a constant battle to stay lucid, because I could see the dream fading away each time.

      Thanks for reading and I hope some of you have answers for me

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      About half my DILD's are like that. I don't ever "realize" im dreaming, at least not that I can remember. And as far as dream control goes, that's just how your first lucid dreams are usually. Mine were the same way, very hard to control and not super vivid. If you continue to lucid dreams you'll get a lot more comfortable in and farmiliar the dream state, so you will gain control over the dream. It is all a matter of true expectation. I personally have a dream guide to assist me with dream control, who I created a few months ago. He is basically a better version of me, or the person that I want to become. When I created him, I told myself that he can control anything and everything in my dream. He is kind of the supervisor of my dreamworld. He uses a wide variety of dream technology to control it, so once I develop the expectation and trust in the technology, he let's me use it in my lucid dreams that he is not in.
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