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    1. You reap what you sow. Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death. To break this vicious circle one must do more than act without thought or doubt.
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    I'm a computer game(mostly RPG) addict and I spend most of my time playing computer games! I like internet too. Umm...I'll go Zombie Hunting once in a while and I'm a friend of Vampires but I don't like Warewolves much. I love SAW Movies and Resident Evil games. Personally, I'm not social very much because I'm almost always in front of my computer. So, that's it! What else do you want to know? By the way, I love to chat with gamers and skeptics, feel free too add me.
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    Computer Games, Internet, Horror Movies, Weapons.
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    Fake OBE

    by Reav3R on 09-17-2011 at 04:23 PM
    I've been practicing and reading about OBE and Astral Projection for quite a while, and today I had a fake dream about it.:( I thought I was having an OBE because it seems so real but it was a fake dream, again!:lol:

    In my first fake OBE I was struggling to leave my body, but I was glued to it. I managed to pull half of my Astral Body out and tried to open my astral eyes but instead my I opened my physical eye and saw through, it was annoying.:P So I closed my eye and memory went to blank. I'm not sure about this one being a fake, I'm just guessing.:?

    But about this one, I'm positive that it was fake because I had a paper with some random numbers on it, placed on top of my drawer. I saw the number in dreams then checked against the number in reallity, two weren't same.:panic:

    I was practicing on leaving my body, I heard the buzzing noise and it got stronger and stronger, then I felt the vibrations. Then I suddenly found myself above my physical body with eyes closed. I tried to open my astral eyes but again my physical eye got opened, then I close it again. After closing both of my eyes, I tried to open them slowly and it worked, I could see through my astral eyes.:banana:

    Then I tried moving my astral hand up in front of my eyes and looked at it, it was pretty normal though a little smaller than my physical hand. Then I remembered that to confirm it's a real Astral Projection (OBE) I had to check the number on top of my closet. Before than I took a look around the room and out of window. I went up and picked (!) the paper on top of the closet and looked at it. I saw the number and I was excited.

    Then I went exploring the house again, but my family weren't there. So that's it, then I went back to my body and woke up only to find out it was just a fake dream.:(

    Rage in School

    by Reav3R on 05-18-2011 at 04:29 AM
    This the first dream I decided to record, a weird one indeed.;)

    I was in school near to water fountain, after I drank water I saw one of my friends had pistol. He offered to give it to me and I gladly accepted. I went to bathroom and hid the gun in my clothes and went out. Somehow I knew that two people that I didn't know are coming to school. I was walking to the front gate.

    I don't know what caused this but I suddenly felt hate against those two people and wanted to kill them! So I became trigger happy, took out the gun and shoot a student in head and another one in leg.:D Stranglely, there was no blood at all and more strangely, no one screamed! Then I ran to front gate to meet those people. I saw one of them get out of car.

    I went back in school and when that guy was halfway in, I pulled out my gun and emptied the clip on him. But somehow he didn't catch even a single bullet and ran out of school, got in the car and drove away! I suddenly realises what I've done!!! I felt terrible fear and depression!!! I knew that I fucked up my whole life and when the cops get here I'll be in jail.

    I decided to commit suicide but my gun was empty. So I thought maybe I could jump down from rooftop. I went out of school and searched for a building which I can get on top of. I found and old one. This part of dream was a bit disorted and stupid because I couldn't run fast enought and jump to grab the edge.:lol: One moment I was on street the other moment on top of that building.:shock: Until I found out that the height isn't high enough to effectively kill me.

    So I decided to jump from school's rooftop. I needed the keys for it. So I went back in and got the keys by threatening the person who had them. School interior wasn't how it was supposed to be.:roll: I went upstairs and noticed other students follow me up. So I threatened to kill them if they don't go back down. Among them, I saw one of my friends that I like. On my way up I saw the headmaster in his room drinking something in one of the glasses that I have in home.:eek:

    I unlocked the door and got to rooftop. I wasn't thinking about jumping down, I don't know why. I saw the guy that gave me the pistol beside me and saw the headmaster on the other side of the rooftop saying I should go see him ASAP before the situation gets worse! I told the guy I'm not gonna tell that I've got the gun from him. I lied.:D

    Then I was in headmasters room talking to him!:? I told him where I've got the gun from and told him it wouldn't have happened if I didn't.:( I looked at my gun, it looked like as if it was made of paper and cloth.:lol: The headmaster told me that I'm totally fucked!!! So I cried to death and woke up.:panic:

    Dream Signs:

    1. After I killed a student and injured another one, no one behaved as the should.
    2. I couldn't run or jump, teleportation.
    3. My guns seemed like as if it was made of cloth and paper. (The most obvious one)
    4. Headmaster was drinking in a glass that's mine.

    This dream seemed pretty logical and real I'm surprised!

    Reallity Checks:

    Unfotunately, even after I noticed these strange things I forgot to reallity check. Because of that, I didn't become lucid.

    Updated 05-18-2011 at 05:36 AM by Reav3R

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