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      You're waking up to the sound of gulls that squawk up above, in a sky your eyes conceal.

      A cool breeze passes you and highlights you're sprinkled-wet. Your head is as light as a feather, and it feels like your floating on water.

      “Here it is folks! This is the moment you've all been waiting for!”
      A loud male voice is broadcast over speakers some distance ahead, as thousands of people cheer.

      Your eyes glint open to blue and yellow, slowly seizing the glare of daylight.

      The colours are put in their places, into a sky that shimmers and onto the brilliant Sun that rules there; and they put you in your place, as the world is cast in your view.

      You're afloat in an ocean, not so far from land.

      You push down your legs to meet sand, splashing in the clear water.

      You look ahead, over the tops of tropic wilds, and small, wood shacks, to a larger-than-life stadium. A sandy beach that's a swim away welcomes you.

      A galore of strange, colourful orbs, race to the sky from the open roof of the arena. At heights, they burst like bubbles, into short-lived swirls.

      You look down at your reflection to your hazel eyes, adorned with palpitations that look like black branches. Your hair is short black, with a messed-up fringe. Your stern nose is barely broken, and your strawberry lips are apart, as you take this moment in.

      You pull your hands above the surface. Your palms are soft and pale, and the tips of your fingers are pink and rounded from nails chewed away. You look at your thin, toned forearms; and at the blueish veins that run like rivers across your skin.

      You follow your veins to your palms, then your palms to the water, checking your attire. You only wear stylish, black shorts, with a cool blue and yellow design that looks like second sky.

      You plunk, and swim onward to the sands. The water cools the summer warmth that you feel as your arms surface and your legs splash.

      You emerge from the ocean some moments later, dripping wet, leaving footprints in the sand that are washed away by the oceanic tides.

      You look left and right. The beach is empty bar a few towels and inflatable balls baking in the heat.

      The crowds continue to roar and chant to the orbs that are shortening in supply.

      “Let the tournament begin!”
      A flashy announcement is aired, signalling the start of some event.

      You notice a concrete path directly in front, it leads through the wilds, right up to the entrance of the stadium.

      You walk into the shade of tropical trees that crescent the beach, and begin a trek up the path.

      You take in wild scents as greens rush passed. A bright light casts a mosaic over your body through gaps in leaves and between thick brownish tree-trunks.

      Some time later, you reach the end of the path. You step into clear daylight, a day that's quickly seized by the shadow of the stadium.

      Schools of people form a queue, and you're the last to join it.
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      Oooh this is interesting. Will there be more of this?

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