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      Hope you get out of your dry spell
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      limoooooon FTW
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      Hey man, hope school is going well! Better see more of you around in December break
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      Hey buddy, just checking on ya. Hope all is well! I've made some great progress this past week. I'm doing a mix of MILD and WILD I came up with while reading ETWOLD. It's been tougher than I thought to meet up with Goku though haha, I think next time I will be able to see him hopefully.
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      Monkey! It seems like we're still connected in one way or another... as in it seems like we've both been slacking pretty bad these past two weeks! My recall hasn't been great due to poor journaling and school getting in the way... but anyways, let's try to keep active man!
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      Good stuff, MM! Killing it! I just read up on SSILD and it sounds incredibly like what I used to do unintentionally. It gave me a good many lucids so I think I'll have to try actively practice it. I'll have to make time to read your journal soon
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      Hi, MadMonkey! Thanks for the welcome. How are you doing these days?! What's new?
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      Just wondering. How come you don't just put your scores for the Spellbee comp in your journal? I use it as a short cut to copy & paste to the comp page. Am I missing something here? Maybe you found an even easier one, lol.
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      Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    Spring Competition 2023 Night 11

    by MadMonkey on 03-12-2023 at 07:40 PM
    I went to bed early and woke up from dreams early in the night.

    I am another person, a missionary in another country. The character reminds me a lot of Jodie Foster. She is attracted to a man in the town and she/I tells him how she/I feel.

    The next dream I am in an open world video game and I steal a truck and drive it to the beach. There is a party going on and everyone is smoking the thinest joints ever. A woman passes me one and I take a puff. I spend some time there and start to become lucid but not all the way yet.

    Later I am in some hallway where the party is still going on. I spontaneously become fully lucid because I slways do RCs when in hallways. I go around a corner and yhere are three doors. I open the one on my right and there are to girls on a bed wearing sexy Christmas outfits. I go in and here is where my description of the dream is going to have to fade to black...

    This dream is from this morning. I am playing Dwarf Fortress. I rolrplay that my character had their son kidnapped. I am choosing an adventure mode starting situation and I get one where I'm starting as a princess. Ive never seen that before. Usually you are a hearthperson for a princess. I start the game and see I start with a ton of money in a walled keep.

    Spring Competition 2023 Night 7

    by MadMonkey on 03-08-2023 at 06:48 PM
    I am in some sort of commune in another country where they keep endangered animals. I programmed some sort of code and showed it to the benobo and it immediately atarted crocheting! It whipped up a sweater in no time at all. The other people in the commune immediately got hostile to me and tried kicking me out. I dived into the pool with the porpoise to hide. Weirdest dream in recent memory!

    Spring Competition Day 6

    by MadMonkey on 03-08-2023 at 12:44 AM
    I did a wbtb and wrote some notes but looking back at them I have no memory of what happened.

    The next dream I was in a first person shooter and I got an 8 person kill streak. It turned into more likr Grand Theft Auto and I was driving around in a car.

    The next dream I was lucid although I don't remember the start of the dream. I can't go into detail because my girlfriend was in it and we got kinky! I didn't complete any task other than "interact with a DC".

    I woke up and DEILDed back into the same dream

    Competition Night 3

    by MadMonkey on 03-04-2023 at 08:59 PM
    I am in a dream where everything is black and white. I become spontaneously lucid and let myself wake up hoping the next dream is in full color and stability.

    [color=#111188]I am in my bedroom and I do a nose pinch rc and can breath through my fingers. I fly up through the ceiling and into the sky to view the landscape. It looks nothing like my neighborhood. There are tall buildings as well as open fields.

    Unfortunately I get overcome by sexual urges and I spend the rest of this DEILD having sex with dream characters. I won't go into detail there. I wake up and have to DEILD again.

    I am a woman wearing a scuba suit and using one of those underwater propulsion devices to zoom toward a boat. It's night time and a man is there with me. We count down together then zoom out of the water onto the deck.

    I pull out a gun and the man and I find the deck of the boat clear. We go into one of the rooms and find a room with tons of giant egg like things. I know somehow that these are eggs that will unleash demon spawn on the earth. We set explosive charges and are about to leave when a cultist comes around a corner with a gun. I act first and shoot them.

    When we dive from the boat into the water I wake up and fail to DEILD further.[COLOR]

    Updated 03-06-2023 at 07:02 AM by MadMonkey

    lucid , task of the year

    Spring 2023 Competition Day One

    by MadMonkey on 03-02-2023 at 09:16 PM
    I am randomly lucid but I go with the dream plot which is something that has been happening
    a lot lately
    I am Batman and I am fighting Deathstroke. I win and take him prisoner in the bat cave. I try interogating him to find out who hired him.

    Later his daughter Rose wants me to free him. I try to take her prisoner but she turns into a cat! I trap her in a box so that she can't turn back into a person. Not long after I wake up to my alarm.