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      Hope you get out of your dry spell
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      limoooooon FTW
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      Hey man, hope school is going well! Better see more of you around in December break
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      Hey buddy, just checking on ya. Hope all is well! I've made some great progress this past week. I'm doing a mix of MILD and WILD I came up with while reading ETWOLD. It's been tougher than I thought to meet up with Goku though haha, I think next time I will be able to see him hopefully.
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      Monkey! It seems like we're still connected in one way or another... as in it seems like we've both been slacking pretty bad these past two weeks! My recall hasn't been great due to poor journaling and school getting in the way... but anyways, let's try to keep active man!
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      Good stuff, MM! Killing it! I just read up on SSILD and it sounds incredibly like what I used to do unintentionally. It gave me a good many lucids so I think I'll have to try actively practice it. I'll have to make time to read your journal soon
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      Hi, MadMonkey! Thanks for the welcome. How are you doing these days?! What's new?
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      Just wondering. How come you don't just put your scores for the Spellbee comp in your journal? I use it as a short cut to copy & paste to the comp page. Am I missing something here? Maybe you found an even easier one, lol.
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      Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    Recent Entries

    Winter Competition 2024 Night 12

    by MadMonkey on 01-18-2024 at 08:13 PM
    I meditated for 45 minutes last night and slept really well.

    Winter Competition 2024 Night 12 (NLD) 01.18.2024

    I am in my reoccurring post-apocalyptic setting and with a group of rebels. A mind flayer was summoned to our world on a mission to kill us all. In the dream we didn't know what a mind flayer was and it was really scary. We just knew it was an alien hell-bent on our demise. We hunkered down in a base and set up traps. I don't remember how that went when it showed up but we defeated it only for a second mind flayer to show up later.

    Somehow the dream transitioned later to a school setting and I asked a girl I had a crush on out on a date.

    Winter Competition 2024 Night Five

    by MadMonkey on 01-11-2024 at 08:34 PM
    I woke up for a WBTB and took 4mg galantamine and 300 mg Alpha-GPC.

    Winter Competition 2024 Five (MILD) 01.11.2024

    I spontaneously become lucid and start flying. I remember there is a competition and that I need to do my three step task. While flying I reach behind my back and grab something. I pull forward a small lemon. I take a bite out of it and it isn't very flavorful. I then put my hand forward like Superman and fly super fast. I hear the air rushing past my ears. Now I remember my personal goal is to take off a VR headset that is simulating the dream. I reach up and feel a vr headset that is much smaller than current waking life products. I take it off and... nothing happens. My view is replaced with the same view from before. Huh.

    I fly down to a city and get caught up in a dream plot that I have mostly forgotten now.

    Winter Competition 2024 One Naps

    by MadMonkey on 01-08-2024 at 01:37 AM
    I took a nap and had more ludis.

    Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap One (DILD) 01.07.2024

    I think I wake up but it is a false awakening. Normally my false awakenings are at my childhood home at night but this one is my current bedroom during the day. I was planning on starting dating in a few months but in the dream I feel like making a Bumble account right away for some reason. I find myself staggering because gravity is all sorts of off. I do a reality check and confirm it's lucid. I am really suprised and remember my goal is simply to take off the VR headset. I reach up to my head and try but I can't feel one or force one to be there. I think it's because I didn't bother willing there to be one before trying. I wake up.

    It is super hard to get out of bed. I sit up and do another nose pinch RC and it is still a dream. I am always in awe of how really flase awakenings feel. I sit up in bed and try swiping up the VR hud from my left wrist but nothing happens. I say, "Clara", the name of my AI assistant and she doesn't respond. These things never seem to work as well in FAs as they do in other lucid dreams.

    I wake up into two more FAs before my real life eyes open and I am awake.

    Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap Two (DILD) 01.07.2024

    I am in a Dungeons and Dragons lucid dream. I don't remember the beginning of it. We defeat some hard enemies but one of our people gets cursed and becomes a powerful Oath Breaker Paladin or something he kills everyone, me last and I respawn inside my childhood home. It is dark. Familiar teritory. I know he is outside ready to chop me in half again. I have a bunch of D&D minis that I turn into full size fighters that I send outside. I hear them all get defeated and then the paladin comes inside and kills me for me to go back in time and start over. I send more and more minitures at him each time. The last time I send 8 powerful constructs after him and notice the house is getting surrounded by drow and vampires. "Even more trouble!", I think when I wake up.

    Winter Competition 2024 One

    by MadMonkey on 01-07-2024 at 04:58 PM
    I had a lot more dreams than this but I only remember the part where I was most lucid.

    Winter Competition 2024 One (DILD) 01.07.2024

    I am lucid and flying over a futuristic city. I have to find a kitten that went missing. I fly down to one of the tops of the buildings and found it hiding. I pick it up and then interact with some DCs. Unfortunately I can't remember much more than that.

    Juliana Vs JadeGreen One

    by MadMonkey on 12-06-2023 at 05:34 PM
    I woke up at 5:00 AM to WBTB and took AlphaGPC and Galantamine. My recall of the dream isn't perfect because I had a couple hours of dreams after this dream was over.

    Juliana Vs JadeGreen One (MILD) 12.06.2023

    I am in a dream that is based on The Last of Us. The dream starts out with the beginning of the outbreak and gets to the point where there are survivors living in small walled-off communities. I remmeber part of the dream I was fighting a zombie with a can of beans, trying vainly to crush his skull in. Later on, it is a nice sunny day and I am outside the wall. There are no zombies around and I become lucid spontaneously from my MILD and supplements. I fly up in the air before thinking about my goals. It feels good to fly again because it has been a while. Then I remember I was supposed to spectate Jay and Hade sparring. I fly back down and find them in the road. I tell them to get ready and say, "Jay, take out your wand." She does and I say, "3, 2, 1, Fight!"

    Hade fires up his jets (although the fire is invisible for some reason.) and Jay starts the somatic components to cast a spell. Hade closes the short distance and sumersaults in the air so he can kick Jay's wand out of her hand. Hre wand goes flying and he follows up with a kick to her center of mass.

    I remmeber Manei should be here so I turn around and Manei is there. I give her a hug and turn around to see the fight is over and Hade won. I talked with Jay a bit after this but I can't remember what we said or what happens next.