A leather glove on his right, his hands were in it. He created heaven out of his mistake...

The secret son of a witty tyrant of Earth; up there, he is a demon of hell; deep, bloody countenance, and a beak for his nose. He has taken refuge on the other-side of the moon, he creeps and crawls to their city.

Food, water, or pain; in her case, pain. Her hidden desire for this moment, her instincts astray she has a face I must respect.

The universal bet between heaven and hell! Pain is your friend and fear is your enemy,, the leader of each has a hand in it. You have died many times!

Leader of the imperfect ones! The small lion from the film, lion king, rests on his hand, the greatest sacrifice ever, the hand in your dreams.

It's her right foot preceding us, she is sick time; her body is a complex shape; a shape you need to be wise to comprehend, you must know all of her. Speak to her right foot, therefore...

A secret back bit; he knows how to switch them around, create a black hole! His forefinger is his best bit, everyone knows it. The mechanics to your rival.

He is the image of the sacrifice blue, he must lead us to the next dimension. The dragon cursed man, who's eyes burn like fire; they could be in a harsher hell.

He likes the son who listens, a fire between them to take them through the night.

The main dish in many universes, a tool In hells cell; the toughest nature, only three quarts, omen free quartz.

The time continuum; her bangle made out of flowers, and a feather in his crown.