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      My Amazing And Ridiculously Weird Sims 2 Projects


      The Sims 2 Body Shop is the ultimate tool of awesomeness. In it, you can create the absolute weirdest things. Using photoshop CS3 and body shop alone, I have created the oddest of things in this outlet of creativity. I have decided to share this weirdness with the world.

      This thread will show all of the strange things of Strangetown, the place where my edited sims reside. It will range from all things, people to houses, pets and families and clothes.

      To start, I will post a few of my first projects. I won't post everything yet, maybe I can build up some suspense xD

      Spoiler for mah first projectz *drum roll please*:

      This was my first good edited family. It's a few generations down now, but I don't yet have pics of the children.

      I'm going to try to get a pic of one of my bigger families in a sec. I should be back in a few minutes with it.

      Edit: Ahah! a few more:

      Spoiler for Moar:

      Hmm, for some reason it wont let me attach any more images. Ill post the rest later.
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