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      hello, i sent you a message im seeking help and im hoping you can help
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      Done haha.
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      Don't worry xD If you think a dream is important enough to list on a non-attempt day, go ahead, but make sure you specify that it's a non-attempt day.
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      Why does your dream say 14th attempt. Did you mean 13th or was this last nights dream? The 14th attempt is on friday night.
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      Not much. sup, been sleeping properly?
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      Hello :3
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    June 3 2012

    by ReachingForTheDream on 06-03-2012 at 11:42 PM
    I was somewhere in the city. I looked over at the road, and all of the sudden random water appeared out of the air and started flooding down the street Minecraft style. It apparently created waves of tsunamis. I saw it flood down the hill I was standing on and randomly jumped several feet into the air. I watched the wave pass and then landed comfortable on the ground again. It happened a second time, and I evaded it, but then on the third time I happened to be swept up in it.

    I woke up from the tsunami in some random subway station. The ceiling was low, the walls and ceiling stony, and it was fairly dark. There were a few people around. I pulled out my cellphone and called my mother to tell her I had just been swept up in the last wave of the tsunami. I was telling her where I was, and looked around at the station for clues. I saw "Main St." carved into the overhang of the ceiling, and I told her. I didn't recognize the name so I thought maybe I was in a different city or something. Then I looked over, and to my surprise, discovered the words "Australia" carved into the wall. I was confused at this point; I had actually managed to go across the world and end up in a subway station through a tsunami. My dream ended there.

    Mar 15 2012

    by ReachingForTheDream on 03-15-2012 at 04:29 PM
    Vaguely remember making out and feeling up a girl, but can't remember who or why or where.


    I was at school. I went to my locker, and my locker was randomly gone. Along with that they had taken my backpack. I was really pissed off and worried since I had everything in there. I went on a mission around my school asking the teachers where the hell they put the bags that they found. I remember going through the end of the music hallway, out through the doors, and I was outside with KR. Then I went in the side doors near my locker. Someone had found random bags scattered around the school, so I followed them through the hallways to see if any of them were mine. None of them were; there was only a small blue backpack and a small purple backpack.

    I momentarily dropped the backpack problem for a bit. I was suddenly in a mall, still with the backpack on the back of my mind, but with a new priority: my boots. I had gone to a shoe store that had the same boots as mine. I had just purchased another pair. I looked into the box and was confused. The size was 3 (though they somehow fit me) and they were red with blue tips. I was pissed off and marched back to the store. I tried asking a worker if I could exchange the boots I had for a pair that was black and a proper size. I explained that I had bought the wrong pair and that I had never worn them, but she wouldn't let me exchange them.

    The dream shifted again, and I was no longer worrying about the boots, but about the backpack again. I seemed to be in a video game sort of setting. I was with my classmates in some expansive suburban field. There was a river beside us, and all these random structures were everywhere. There was some random block that had a backpack on it, and someone suggested that it might be mine, but I was too short to reach it. I noticed there was another block beside it, also too tall for me, with yet another backpack on it. Someone managed to get them off, but neither were still mine.

    I briefly remember going on some other adventure to find my backpack again, but I came back to the plains eventually. This time there were very Minecraft-esque animals, mostly cows, wandering around the plains. They all were random colors of the rainbow, and they all had top hats on. Then the dream ended.

    Feb 29 2012

    by ReachingForTheDream on 02-29-2012 at 04:18 PM
    I was in an Ardenes store looking at all the clothes. I was looking at the tank tops and t shirts folded up on the shelves, and then some accessories hanging on the racks. I was with my sister but can't remember what I was doing.

    I left the shop eventually, and was around some massive grasslands with sparse buildings lying all around. The Ardenes looked like a little wooden cottage, as did all the other builings.

    For some reason I decided to enter the Ardenes again, but this time, I was somewhat aware I was dreaming. I walked in and kept pinching my nose and breathing through it. I acknowledged that I was doing so but didn't think to take control of the dream. I then realized that one eye was shut the whole time, so I willed my eyelids to open. My eyelids slowly pried themselves apart, and I could see from both eyes. Then my face felt funny; I felt my mouth sort of numb and shift around, sort of like when you're face is frozen at the dentist, except that it was moving itself too. I decided to look in the mirror. My mouth was being stretched and morphed into weird shapes right before my eyes; they seemed to have a life of their own. I noticed I was wearing my turquoise v-neck tank top and black jeans. I also noticed there were two other random people, seemingly the workers in the store, and then it ended.


    I was inside what was apparently my apartment, though it seemed more like the one on FA. Ave. I was in the bedroom on the computer when I saw AB walk to the doorway. He had a 2 litre bottle of cranberry soda in his hands, and he was splashing it all around the house. The doorway had glossy blue tiles, sort of like a fancy swimming pool. I was annoyed at this and marched out through the kitchen/dining room and to the living room.

    AN was in the living room playing video games. I couldn't find AB. I started just blatantly yelling that I was angry about it, and told him to clean it up. As I walked back I noticed that it seemed to have been wiped up.

    I walked back into the living room. I looked down and saw CH lying on the floor, but I wasn't sure it was him, so I squinted and looked closer. He seemed to think I was mad at him and quickly said, "I wasn't sleeping here! I swear!" I shrugged and told him it didn't really matter, and then left.

    Feb 27 2012

    by ReachingForTheDream on 02-27-2012 at 11:05 PM
    I was at some sort of banquet it seemed. I was in a giant, ornate room with lots of long tables set up everywhere. There was food everywhere. But then I looked, and at the end of each table something caught my attention; there was a basket of pot goodies, either little rice krispie square-like contraptions or cookies. This got me excited, and I went around to each table and grabbed as many as I possibly could and shoved them into my pockets.


    I was at some sort of ranch. It seemed to be some sort of field trip. The counsellors were telling us that we were going riding. We were to pick a horse. The horses were randomly spread out, tied up to random fences. As I looked at the horses, I noticed that some were odd colors. I saw a lot of really bright orange ones. I thought it was a little strange but it didn't bother me too much.

    I was sitting down somewhere and thinking about which horse I should take, and then about tightening its saddle. I then remembered that I didn't have a helmet. I knew I had a helmet back in my cabin but I didn't want to have to go all the way back, and I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to mount and ride over to the cabin to grab it. I also didn't really want to use one of theirs. I spent a good portion of the dream trying to decide what to do.


    I was on some sort of massive playstructure thing. It was like the one at my old school, all wooden, but tens of sizes bigger. I was with someone, and we were playing some sort of game, but it was like being in a video game. I don't remember the goal other than running away from someone. At one point we were at the top part of this playstructure thing, and one of the people we were trying to avoid found us. Me and the other person had no choice but to jump down. We jumped down the platform through some odd opening, and dived into two separate side by side pools. The feeling of flying was awesome, and I was somehow comfortable with the fact that I had just jumped several stories into a shallow pool of water and didn't feel a thing.

    Feb 15 2012

    by ReachingForTheDream on 02-16-2012 at 04:13 AM
    I was at school in some random classroom. We were receiving our exams apparently. I apparently got an English exam back. Someone was telling me that I had done really poorly, and for some reason Mrs. B. had taken it and marked it differently so that I ended up with 85%. I had expected to do better and was bawling my eyes out. I then explained to the two people (whom I cannot remember) that my meds were making me really emotional, which is why I was so sad at that moment.


    I was supposedly at the back of my current school. There was a massive field, but at the end was a river. Across the river was the back of my old school. I was with one of my classes, and we were by the river. I looked at my old school, and suddenly a garbage can near the back door of it burst into flames. We were all watching it now. We thought that the garbage can would go out since it wasn't that close to the door, but then the door suddenly started burning too. Then the whole school was up in flames.

    I was confused as to how that had happened in the first place. Then, suddenly, I was thinking about how my school couldn't possibly ignite since it was all the way across a field and a river. Then I saw a single wandering spark fly away from the massive fire, all the way over the river and the field, and land ever so conveniently land on our back door and somehow light the whole school within a split second. Fear struck my heart; we were trapped and had no escape, especially with the speed at which the fire grew. Then it ended.
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