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    Thread: Tell Me About Cat Diets

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      Tell Me About Cat Diets

      My kitty Spock is 17 pounds, he's huge, so I'm taking him for explorations outside on his harness every day, dangling string for him more often, and limiting his amount of kibble to a very small amount (maybe 3-4 tablespoons full) a few times a day. I've read some articles that say dry kibble is bad, and your cat should eat nothing but real meat, since they're carnivores. Is this safe? The other day I fed him half a piece of raw tuna from one of my rolls of nigiri (sushi). He didn't get sick, so I assume it was okay for him.

      Also, his brother Kirk is 11 pounds, and apparently has a high metabolism and lots of energy, even with a sedate lifestyle and endless kibble to eat. He's the opposite of Spock. Should I put him on the same regimen? Or perhaps I should lock each of them in their room with food at a time, so nobody steals each other's food... or just feed them one at a time by hand, if I'm not gonna handle kibble. It's also hard to tell just exactly what amount is small enough, and how many times a day to feed them.
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      fish has mercury in it which is bad for kittens because they are tiny, its more harmful to them. although in total moderation it is ok for the cat, as a treat, not every day.

      If you want your cat to lose weight, feed him wet food. Its healthier, and remember a cat can only lose weight slowly for it to be healthy, if its too fast, the cat may die! So as long as it took for Spock to gain it, has to be that long for him to lose it.
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      Won't you get tired of eating cat meat? I don't recommend this fad diet.
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