I've been practicing for well over 2 months now, I always been fascinated with the field of flying or changing my appearance to whatever I desire and to do whatever I need to feel. Perhaps, maybe give myself a few teachings from my astral guides. I've only had a few occurrences of astral projection. But my visions were quick and kinda dim... I remember thinking "Take me to my hallway" and then I was there in a second but for some reason I was laying on my side and I was sinking into the floor. And the first experience was I was laying on my side and I remember seeing my wall even though my eyes were closed. My poster got closer or I got closer to it, even though I was laying down. After those experiences, I never had anything notable afterwards. I just find it so difficult to actually visualize me getting out of my body. How come Its not possible for me to actually "see stuff" like colors in my eyes or legitimate visions that I can remember? Why can't I get out of my body? I need help, as I practice every day. I'm a visual person so wouldn't I be able to see visual things clearly? Today I practiced and I felt the vibrations all over me and heavy numbness. I also find it hard to relax my head. Please help me, any answers would be taken and considered. Thank you.