I finally had a lucid dream today after a month of not having them.I was walking the dogs *in waking life* and i had a thought.Alot of my time i spend at work and alot of lucid dreams have started with me bieng at work.
So before i slept like 20mins ago i tried a W.I.L.D which i came close * got to the hypnotic stage* but lost it somehow so i decided to roll over and go to sleep.Before i slept i imagined myself becoming lucid whilst at work and did this about 3 times.
I then luckily had a dream where i was at work and something just clicked and off i went....i woke up after about 10mins into the lucid as my dog barked =/
I suppose my question is why did i become lucid? Was it an intention that i made to become lucid next time i dream that im at work? Or did my W.I.L.D attempt before i slept had something to do with it. BTW 90% of my lucids are D.I.L.D's. Thanx for reading about my rant =)