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    Thread: Falling back asleep for DEILD?

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      Question Falling back asleep for DEILD?

      Hey guys, as the title says I've been trying DEILD for about a week or so. I've encountered two main problems associated with it, that stem from the way I sleep.

      1) It takes me a long time to fall asleep, maybe an hour is the average time.
      2) I've set an alarm to wake me up at 5:30 AM, I typically close my eyes around 11 PM - 12 AM to fall asleep so I SHOULD be asleep by 1 at latest. The alarm only lasts 10 seconds before auto-dismissing but it isn't particularly intrusive.

      Thing is, even though I've done everything to make this alarm not intrusive, the second I hear it I'm pretty awake and I find it difficult to fall back asleep to re-enter my dream as DEILD states.

      Does anyone have any solutions and/or other lucid dreaming induction techniques they could recommend? Thanks guys!

      P.S. My dream recall is passable, occasionally I remember none but most of the time I'll remember at least one. My best is three in one night.

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      Try to focus on something other than being awake or falling asleep. Focusing on these things can be frustrating and this frustration will make it more difficult to fall asleep.

      Imagine something that is easy to imagine upon waking up until you start dreaming about it.
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      I can't deal with alarms at all, so what I do is make a mental suggestion to wake up about an hour earlier than normal, while I'm getting ready to fall asleep. It actually does work for me most of the time, so that would definitely be a good alternative to an alarm if you can get it to work.

      And like dolphin said, thinking about things other than falling asleep is good. Heck, do some dream incubation. If you got something planned for your next lucid dream, Imagine being in that scenario.
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