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    Thread: An easier way to access your subconscious?

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      An easier way to access your subconscious?

      Okay someone either thought of this already or its plain stupid. I'm curious either way. If reality checks like the finger through the palm were done by someone you know like a friend or such, that is if the palm is one person's and the finger is another's in the rc, would it be possible for a person or that particular person to represent your subconcious in the dream and therefore giving a form to your subconscious a little more easily?

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      Yes, if you associate the other person subconsciously to represent your subconscious, but really how would this be practical? You would probably have to do this a few times with your friend, and to be honest there are better ways to implant something to your subconscious. “Brute forcing” it as I call it, is just making your mind bend to a habit you want by just doing it over and over again on a surface level.

      There are deeper ways that will have much more effect. I talk about subconscious reprogramming here:
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