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    Thread: My humble approach to lucidity

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      Post My humble approach to lucidity

      Hello peeps

      Iím back, itís me skip.

      Itís been a *LONGGGGGGGG* time since i posted on this forum, but Iím back to just regular old lucid dreaming. Yay. Consider like, everything from this post:
      to be a time skip of some sorts.

      Anyways, hereís my simple, simple, simple, approach to lucidity, that makes it really easy, makes me able to pull of omnilucidity (all dreams being lucid), and OBEís quite well, very condensed and straight to the point.

      Posting this here so it can solidify in my mind, and so that we both can remember it, heh, donít worry about it.

      1. No stress

      All the emotions you experience in your waking reality, will affect you in your dreaming reality. Not a 1 to 1 exact ratio, but just be wary of your emotional health/stability

      Whatever makes you feel good in general, keep doing it, whatever makes you feel good about lucidity keep doing it, and also what does good for you on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, ect..)

      The emotions you focus on, determines your stress level, therefore determines how you experience dreams and lucidity.

      If you feel overall happy, your dreams will reflect that, and vise versa with more ďnegativeĒ emotions

      Donít use lucid dreaming as a form of escapism, handle your waking life problems with lucid dreaming first, then have fun, escapism is a lot more stressful and will make you more depressed, repressed, stressed, etc.

      2. Expectations

      This is a weird one. I say be exceptionless, but really i mean, be open minded to more than one possibility

      Itís lucid dreaming, anything can happen, if you allow it to

      If you wanna do something in a lucid dream, or if you wanna lucid dream, then have a strong expectation to do it.
      Just like, when you go to the bathroom, naturally you expect to use the toilet, whenever you go to bed, expect to lucid dream

      2.5. Feelings/belief

      Throughout the day, truly believe and feel you are already a natural lucid dreamer with this ability

      Pretend you are lucid most of the time, and really feel that you are, like be super confident in it

      This of course takes a lot of doubt reduction/fear reduction, you can do this, by noticing how you feel when you say a mantra like ďI am lucidĒ, see if you have any doubts/fears, and if you do, do the same thing i mentioned in 1-2, let it go, and realize, it isnít really based off of anything 90% of the time.

      Also, just realize that doubts are nothing but crutches

      3. Routines

      Use routines to help make lucidity feel more natural
      Basically do everything, from 1-2.5 in repeat, each day, focusing on it, BUTTTTT, put your own unique spin to it,
      Try experimenting with what makes your mind open to receiving lucid dreams, what makes you feel good/really relaxed, and what is naturally habitual
      Lucid dreaming is very artistic in nature, so be artistic with it whilst in waking as well!

      A simple approach really, once you are able to do something like this, for a few days, youíll find it will become more natural, as you consciously dive into your own heart with lucid dreaming, it doesnít need to be stressful and hard, just accept what you can handle naturally, yet have a strong desire for it, with wholesome reasons *(like not using it for escapism)*

      Thatís all for now, cyas
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      Thanks Skip for a very positive post. I haven't done any lucid dreaming in over 8 months but plan to start trying again. A year or so ago, I had 12-15 LD's mostly using Galantamine. My wife will be away for about two weeks soon which will give me a chance to really work on having some LD's naturally without using supliments like galantamine. Your positive approach to daytime prep is encouraging.

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      Hey, nice post Skipper1100. You wrote a lot of good information and advice in your post and I enjoyed reading it.

      And that is so very true that stress levels do have an impact on dream content.
      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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