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      2nd proper lucid dream - again from another dream

      After working on this for more than a year, I had my first lucid dream a few weeks ago. I had posted the details on this thread.

      Now I had my second lucid dream, with same amount of awareness. Today was my first day alone as my wife went on travel. I slept late (1 AM), when I went to bed I read more of The Phase as I'm working on those techniques. I woke up properly without movement around 5 am, but still couldn't get anything out of doing the DEILD cycles. It took me a while to fall back to asleep. Basically all signs pointing to an unsuccessful night.

      Then I started dreaming. Just like the first time it happened, again, as my dream finished, instead of waking up, I became aware that what happened was a dream, and I jumped into a full lucid dream. In the same setting, but now the time of day had changed. I'm not sure what to make of it, if there is a technique I can salvage here, or if it was just falling asleep with some intention (as first time it happened without intention). Anyway, here is the journal entry if anyone is interested.


      First night alone after wife left for travel. I read The Phase the night before at 1 AM, then went to sleep hoping to do cycles. I woke up from a dream around 5 am where I was at my wife's old university, biking around. I hadn't moved or opened my eyes, so I attempted the cycles (swimming, noise, visualization) but it didn't work. I first tried to separate. It took me a while to sleep (maybe hour and a half?) Then I started dreaming.

      I went down to the university where my wife is no longer a student at. There is a farm that I saw in my previous dream before. Some guy was selling red vegetables with our names on them. I didn't want it. There was an old white house and ZG was there. He was surprised to see me, and I was too. We decided to walk through the campus together. I had my bicycle but this time, I biking wasn't allowed - there were chains blocking bikers. I saw one kid walking his bike, so I did the same. I asked him how it felt, that his video where he punched a kid in the face went viral. He told me he's done with court, and is out of jail now. We're walking through some hallways in a building and enter a small room before the next hallway. There are two kids. They lock the door and tell ZG that they're gonna beat him for punching that kid. For some reason, I stand against the wall, my eyes meet ZG's, and I let him know that there isn't much I can do. The kid really beats him hard. ZG falls down to the floor with blood all over. The other kid jumps on him, wanting to stab a wine opener to his head. We yell him not to do it. He unscrews the bottle opener so that it's not as long and it won't go too deep. I run outside, and yell at the school staff to bring them inside. They break apart the fight. I continue walking down the hallway. And I notice I can be lucid.

      Again, another lucid immediately after a dream. I had that same feeling as my first lucid dream, where I realized that it was a dream, and there was some feeling I had to trigger in order to be lucid, as if it's a certain awareness only specific to dreaming. When I did, I was in the hallways of a house. (This house was the same from the dream I just had, but it was night time). The hallways were empty, dark, with a little bit of yellow light, but there wasn't anyone around. There was a white jacket hanging. I slowed down, observed the hardwood floors. I looked at myself in the mirror and started to dance, but I noticed that it was gonna quickly go out of control, so I slowed down. I tried to read the writing on some painting/picture, which had words, 'spock' in it. As I expected, the letters changed immediately as I looked away. This time though, I didn't need to completely look away for it to change - I saw it change as if I changed it myself by thing about it. I wanted to try changing the scenery, so I said to myself "I will transport to Bahamas". I remembered reading about it that I can do that by kneeling down, looking at the floor and imagining that when I stand up, I will be there (is that right? need to find the proper way). I could start to hear the sound of the sea but I realized I will lose the dream, so I stabilized by observing where I am right away. It was as if I couldn't commit to the transportation. Since there wasn't anyone around, I wanted to bring someone into the dream. I said to myself, "when I turn the corner, my mom will be there". When I did, there was a woman (supposedly mom but not looking like her), she was just looking at me, smiling, then I lost her. I walked into another room after the hallway (the same room where ZG was beaten by two dudes in my previous dream). This time, there was my brother (way younger), typing something on a computer at the corner of the room on a tiny desk. I spoke to him. There was a small iphone hanging sideways on the wall next to him. I went back to the hallway. I wanted to try changing to beach again because this scene was getting pretty boring. I kneeled down all the way to the floor and was committed this time. I touched the hardwood floor, thinking that I will be there now, and started feeling the sand in my hands, also started hearing the faint ocean sound. I thought, if I close my eyes, and open them, maybe I will transport this time. I closed my eyes, and I woke up from the dream. (task: figure out how to properly change the scenery)
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