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      My first LD with control - an incredible experience

      After working on this for around a year, recording 500+ dreams, last month I had my first awareness in dream, where I realized I was in dream. But it ended short because I had this urge to run around and tell dream characters that they were not real, and I was carried away by them.

      In between, I was reading the Phase and attempting the methods there, which I believe are more suited for me, however today was my off day. I was relatively tired, so I just decided to skip trying and just getting a sound sleep. Which was the same way my previous LD happened in the link above.

      Today, I found myself falsely awoken, and then jumped into another dream which was a extremely clear lucid one from the beginning. I don't know what I did that was different, but I had perfect memory, remembered how to do all the right things at the right time, and was able to explore a dream feor the first time ever, where I was in control. It was fantastic to see that everything I had been reading, studying about lucid dreams were true. I explored the writings change over and over again, I was in awe of how much detail my mind had created, down to the grass between cobblestones, and how I could easily stabilize a dream by applying the very techniques I read on this and other forums. Here is the journal entry for those interested.


      I had awoken from a dream previously where I'm at a comedy club, but I don't stay for the whole show, I leave to the city and check out other stuff. There are my friends. One of them had shot photos of me in the city. I pass through security to enter the comedy show and there are … I awaken, but I think it was a false awakening. I was telling people around me about my dream, but then I started having another dream. It was as if I was in both dreams at once. I immediately, (HOW??), realize that I'm in a dream and I almost jump from awakening to that dream to be lucid in it and explore. I'm in a busy street with lots of pedestrians around. At first my instinct is to run around and tell everybody they're not real, again, which was what happened before in another LD, that I lost. And I notice that again people are starting to watch me. But quickly realize that I should scrutinize everything. And I do. I look at side walk's stones, I read posters on the wall. I start walking down the street on the sidewalk. So much detail. I remember 'everything' from what I read about lucid dreaming, and I check every single one of them. I look at fliers, read the text, then look away and look back and see that they change every, single, time. Sometimes from understandable text to say cyrillic alphabet. I do the same on car plates. I once do it slowly to see at what point the letter changes, like, exactly what my face rotation is when it changes. I cross a bridge, it feels familiar. Then I remember to try to fly. I try but I don't believe enough that I can, and I fail. immediately I start to lose control, but I remember to stick to the dream and stabilize. I rub my hands, I scrutinize the sidewalks again. After walking a bit more, I wake up immediately.
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