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      My Reality Check progress

      Hello. I'm a new member here, but been reading posts in the forum for a while.
      I'm not new to lucid dreaming. I have 73 LDs recorded (only Dilds - got them with MILD, SSILD, WBTB).
      Had my first few LDs, unintentionally over my teen years (2005-2013).
      But started practicing "intentionally" for the last two years, on and off.
      Most of my LDs did not come from Reality Checks.
      Sometimes i did use them in a dream to confirm that i am dreaming after having a "wait a minute..maybe im dreaming" moment.
      But rarely it was because of the RC itself, as im not practicing it daily at all (excluding a few attempts).

      I don't have an issue with preforming RCs.
      After a day or two it becomes very natural, sometimes i even over do it.. once i got to a point that i naturally remembered to do RC almost every 10 minutes during the day.. it was mentally exausting.
      For those few days my dream recall just "died"... not even one non-lucid dream recall... so i stopped doing RCs at all.

      Another time i "gave it a shot" and it was pretty successful. After a little more than a week of RC practice, i had 3 LDs in the same night, in each one i used the RC, and a few more LDs in that week.

      So now i want to give it another try, and log my progress.

      My RC is very simple:
      - When i remember to do it, i look around asking myself "maybe this be a dream?".

      - I try to actually doubt really.

      - I look for anything "weird" around me, then i try to read some text (in my dream the words dont make any sense).

      - I try to erase/rub a small tattoo off my finger. (In my dream the tattoo tends to dissapear after i rub it).

      - My final and ultimate check: i pinch my nose and try to breath. (This thing worked everytime in my dreams).
      If i can't breath then i'm awake, if i can breath - its a dream.

      It seems like a long RC but its actually 15-20 seconds long.

      Today is my 4th day at it (started 9.1.20).

      Things I want to learn from this experiment:

      - Will it actually diminish my dream recall as it did before (probably because i was over-doing it ).

      - Will it increase my dream recall/vividness.

      -Will it give me LDs again(resulting from higher awarness that RCs generate, and also when the habit itself will start happening in my dreams).

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      I'm curious to hear about your results. I've only had a handful of LD's myself. Most of the time I either just know it's a dream out of nowhere or something strange is happening that tips me off. I used to not have much faith in RC's cause it never seemed to work for me, but not long ago I was in a dream where I was sure it was real and because of the crazy context of the dream I did a nose plug RC and I was blown away to realize I was dreaming. Really opened my eyes to how powerful they can be. I'm currently trying to use MILD affirmations to remind myself to RC in dream during wakings through the night coupled with daily RC's myself. I've been out of practice for some time though and really need to rebuild my dream recall. Hope it all goes well for you. Good Luck!

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      13.1.2010 - Day #5 - RC Practice.

      After going to sleep normally, without even any intention of having a Lucid Dream tonight. (Did not set an alarm for WBTB).
      I woke up at 6:00 from a lucid dream and some other non-lucid dream recall.

      The lucid dream itself was good. Good vividness, tried to preform a few of my "achievements", one of them I successfully completed.
      But what was amazing is that I don't remember the last time I got lucid without WBTB.
      In this case, I even didn't have any intention!!

      As I became lucid in the dream, I was surprised because I really did not expect it.
      Usually when I preform WBTB, I stay up, go over my list of achievements so I remember them better. Then when i return to sleep and become lucid, I'm not really surprised that I became lucid. It's more like: "oh yes.. it worked!".
      But today it was more like "really?! what a nice surprise".

      I cant really say that the LD happened because of my RC Practice. Its inconclusive.
      The habit of making RC is still weak, it will take time to actually start happening inside my dream, definitely not after only 5 days.
      I became lucid because of high awareness at the moment, but again, I can't know for sure that it was the RC practice that affected my awareness.
      Maybe it just gave my general awareness a little boost.

      Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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      How lucky, if i don't repeat "i will have a LD" 238139013ybh1293s23 times i don't have a chance to actually getting it.

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