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    Thread: WILD questions!

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      WILD questions!

      1. What is this “noise” everyone is talking about? I don’t experience SP or intense vibrations.
      2. How long does it normally take for the average person to enter a dream scene?
      3. Can you be aware of the dream and outside world at the same time?
      4. At what point do you know your body has fallen asleep?
      5. How do I direct my subconscious to go into a dream scene I create?

      Here’s my most recent experience.
      My mom and brother yelling woke me up this morning, and I still felt tired, so I decided to try WILD again.

      I felt tingling and some vibrations in random places, and my limbs would twitch every so often. I said mantras like “I will reality check” and “I am aware”. I caught myself falling asleep a few times. I tried to focus on the back of my eyelids, but I kept seeing different images and scenes. I tried to focus on one scene of a deer staring at me in a forest, but my mind kept trying to pull me into something else, so I gave up on the forest.

      Then it pulled me into an alleyway where I was briefly lucid. I saw my celebrity “villain”. I had this weird feeling that he had something important, so when he left without seeing me, I asked my subconscious what he’d stolen. When I turned around, I saw my little ferret dream character. He said the dude had my wand...?

      Then I got pulled out of that scene and thrown into a cabin/ski lodge. This was weird. It was like I was half daydreaming, half dreaming. I was completely conscious, and I could still hear the outside world, but I was also in this dream scene. It felt like I was in control of it, but suddenly there were aliens walking around. I didn’t make that up voluntarily. I also didn’t expect to see the celebrity thief jump up on a ski lift outside. But I was easily able to wake myself up, cause part of me was already “awake”?

      Y’all, I don’t understand this WILD concept. I always end up getting bored of being tossed around in different scenes without ever being able to fully immerse myself.

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      1.These are sensations we may or may not experience on the way to dreaming such as vibrations and hallucinations.
      2.I don't know. I try to not worry about how long an attempt is taking, but I think its best to quit an attempt if it feels hopeless and I'm thinking about sleep I'm losing.
      3.We're always subconsciously aware and can sometimes be consciously aware of the dream and outside world at the same time. We subconsciously monitor the outside world at all times to wake us up in case a threat appears, such as a fire alarm.
      4.Generally, our conscious awareness of the outside world becomes less vivid as we go deeper into sleep. For example, sounds in the outside world seem quieter and more muffled to us if we're conscious of them at all. This process isn't perfect, though.
      5.I figure we subconsciously gravitate towards a particular dream, just like we gravitate towards a particular body posture while we're awake. Try to control the dream in the same way body posture is controlled...just do it! However like body posture, the more unnatural a particular dream is to us, the more self-control its going to take to attain and maintain it.

      I find having a dream goal to accomplish keeps me from getting bored during the dream.

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      its weird cause I made up the wand concept for a particular dream, but my subconscious took that concept and ran off with it (literally)

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