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      Can someone explain what happened? Was this close to SP?

      So I'm trying to WILD. I just got out of bed, i'm not too tired.

      But anyway like an hour ago i got into bed. And tried the WILD technique. I relaxed my body and kept it still for just about an hour.

      I started off counting my breaths to 100, and then from 100 back to zero.

      Thoughts came to my head, but i quickly just returned to counting my breaths.

      Like sometime after that i felt my hands and wrist get numb or something. But it was also vibrating, it was kind of strange. During this part i stopped counting and was just saying to myself "peace" and "tranquility". Something else strange happen, but i can't explain what it was. It was more of a feeling. But it felt kinda good.

      Like it felt i was in a state of complete peace, my mind was so clear and i was focusing on that nice vibrating feeling..free from everything. But it was so brief. Maybe like 5 seconds or so. But then i see this dim white light in front of me. Mind you I'm in a complete dark room.

      But i could feel my concentration breaking on and off, because i was kind of concentrating on that white light. Next thing i know the light goes away, and comes back and forth periodically. This is when the vibrations go away.

      Why did i only feel vibrations in my hands? Isn't there supposed to be vibrations over your whole body? I can't even imagine how that would feel. That has to be a good feeling.

      But yea i kept my body COMPLETELY still for almost an hour, i did start swallowing a lot more during the later part of the exercise.

      What is that vibration though? It feels so good, i can only imagine how good it would feel over my whole body.

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      seems to me you were experiencing SP...although i could be wrong
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      There is not 'supposed' to be anything but paralysis during sleep paralysis. The hallucinations (tactile, like the vibrations or visual, like the white light, or otherwise, like sensing a presence) are not strict or defined, but can vary by person, by experience, or not even be there at all. So it is possible you were having regular hypnagogic hallucinations, that you were in SP, or even that you went into a dream (thin lines between). No one can say for certain if you were in SP unless you tried to move and were not able to, but experiencing so many strong sensations and such euphoria would to me suggest that you were, though that is my personal opinion and not really backed by anything.

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      Cool Hm? Interesting.

      Well, looks like you were very close if not in SP. The last semi-successful time I tried to SP was three days ago. I felt a lot of tingling in my lower body and my abdomen.


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