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      (Idea) How to increase sub-consciousness (or consciousness, either one)for DILD's.

      (This is just an idea for a technique that I thought of, I have not tested or anything, I am posting it here to see if it might work)

      I was thinking yesterday, if a person can remember to immediately look at their hand, or do a reality check upon waking up naturally, will this help to raise awareness/consciousness, or get the mind in habit of doing RC's?

      I think this because: If a person were to tell themselves at night, when I wake up, I am going to remember to do a reality check (or look at hand), won't this transfer onto a dream ?

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      Of course it does.
      That's the sole purpose of doing reality checks.

      Just remember to do them with heightened awareness, so that you don't miss it when it does transfer over to dreams.
      You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and then that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light.


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