This has happened to me before and I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I fell asleep and with my eyes closed felt and saw an arm moving but it was not my physical arm. I remembered another time when I got part way out of the physical but coun't and I tried to pull off something on my chest that seemed to be preventing me from going direct OBE. There is a presence holding me back. I try to make him stop, try to command him to stop in the name of Jesus and I tried other gods as well - and nothing. Then it occurs to me to try to talk to him, that maybe he is protecting me by holding me back (I've encountered some nasty entities on the lower astral when I've gone direct OBE - when I go OBE it's usually by recognizing I'm OBE from a lucid dream state, which seems safer since that bypasses the lower realms). I try to ask him to talk to me, tell him it can be like a conversation between jailer and prisoner, that they can become friends, but he doesn't respond. I get the sense of several men nearby sitting at a table.

Then it shifts and I'm dreaming of being outside. I'm lucid but barely - my consciousness is very foggy. A friend is leading a ceremony in a park and there is something historical about it I'm standing in a corner and she thinks I want the corner position (left rear) and in a way I do but think it's best not to take it because the corner positions involve an added responsibility and since this was my first time I didn't want to do it, better for someone more experienced, so I take a position near the right rear center. Then there is a procession in a city that feels abandoned and decayed. We are carrying torches. I get a power surge and feel I could astral to a higher realm but restrain myself because I am supposed to be in this to the end. She calls on some deities (I don't know who). I'm peripherally aware of other ceremonies going on at the same time nearby.

Then there is another dream but it wasn't lucid - it was like watching a movie. I wasn't the main character but could feel and experience everything she did - she was on the beach and rescued a woman from drowning, then visited the woman in a nursing home (the woman who was drowning had some kind of brain damage). A nurse there said it's not unusual to bond with someone you save.

Then another shift and I am walking in my room and feel very weak. i remember that I'd told myself not to use the direct OBE techniques because they can leave me depleted.

That's it. At other times I've gone partially OBE but been unable to get fully out, and also gotten out but felt too heavy to lift off. Does this mean a need to cleanse and purge myself to be able to OBE consciously and directly?
If anyone could let me know what your take is on all this, that would be great. Thanks.