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      Hannah's paranormal dream.

      It was like it was now like how we are now, we are fine, happy, in love, just one night I remember it perfectly it was Saturday morning 3:56am and I had woken up hot sweated up but it was cold if that makes sense,you was lying there asleep obviously I got up went down stairs and got a glass of water but the house was different it was all what we call American modified and there on the table was a man a man I had never seen before he was bald quite a big man in weight and had glasses I asked him how he got in the house and I sat down and spoke to this man I asked him who and how are you here he said you have opened a portal spirit's can Come threw he paused and looked at me and went you already know but my point is your in such danger you should of never used the Ouija board with Josh you have opened up a portal and nothing came threw to you both but it did, Josh is gunna turn Hannah I was speaking to him for what felt like hours but o checked the clock and it was only 4:02am I slammed my head down onto the table and when I looked back up I was back in bed? Now how the hell does that happen, so anyways the day continues and as we walked into the living room the environment changed we wasn't in my house we was in a blank room and I was on a bed connect to all these pipes and what not and u was there at the end of the bed saying it will be over soon so after that I woke up like really woke up and I couldn't move I looked up Josh a black mass was on top of me you might think am crazy but it told !e to go back asleep I tried to scream and I must of passed out because when I woke up this morning my tablet was on a website called "sleep paralysis" I never went on my tablet at all?

      Opinions please haha, not looking for an interpretation just opinions on it.

      I posted it in here because she thinks it's more than just a Dream.
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      Did you actually use a Ouija? What is your history with encounters with what you refer to as the 'paranormal'?

      Others may tell you that you had a typical 'phantasm' experience during an episode of sleep paralysis. Still, others may suggest that your subconscious was simulating so powerfully, that it perhaps bled into your WL as demonstrated by the website's appearance on your phone. Even fewer would suggest that what you encountered possesses intelligence/consciousness independent of your awareness. Now question is, what do you INTUITIVELY feel about your dream?

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      Quote Originally Posted by IcarusEffect View Post
      Others may tell you that you had a typical 'phantasm' experience during an episode of sleep paralysis.
      ---o--- my DCs say I'm dreamy.

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