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    Thread: Is Conflict Resolution Possible Through Lucid Dreams?

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      Is Conflict Resolution Possible Through Lucid Dreams?

      For the past year or so I've been wondering about our ability to resolve real-world interpersonal conflicts in our dreams. A very close friend of mine and I got into a conflict just over 2 years ago, and they have since cut me out of their life. I still feel extremely connected to them, and dream of them rather frequently (both lucid and non-lucid dreams). I have even had a few precognitive dreams in which I have found out information about their life I could not have possibly known - this was later verified by a mutual friend.

      Most of my dreams concerning this person deal with the resolution of our conflict, the acceptance of each other, and the re-initiation of some form of a relationship between us. In lucid dreams I have a tendency to apologize profusely, thinking that my sentiments will somehow be communicated to them. I often try to "summon" this person or find them within lucid dreams in order to communicate my apologies and my desire for re-connection.

      Do you think it is possible to resolve conflict on this plane? If so, what would be some more effective methods I could attempt?

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      Quote Originally Posted by cambo View Post
      Do you think it is possible to resolve conflict on this plane? If so, what would be some more effective methods I could attempt?
      Sure, it's possible, assuming that dream-sharing is possible, and that your dream-sharing skills are powerful enough to find your friend and then gently insinuate yourself into his/her dreams in a manner that allows them to both recognize you and see your arrival as a good thing, and not a continuation of the conflict.

      I've often fantasized about resolving otherwise unresolvable conflicts though dream-sharing, and even made a few unsuccessful attempts. This certainly seems a good use for dream-sharing (and LD'ing), I think.

      Other than waking-life things like rising above the fray and picking up a phone, or getting mutual friend to arrange and referee a truce talk, I can't think of anything that would work better than a dream-sharing peace mission.

      I do hope you are able to resolve this conflict somehow, though; obviously this friend is important to you, if you are still dreaming about them.
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