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      How to use SSILD to have obes and lucid dreams

      I wanted to say that last night I tried to set an alarm for 2 and a half hours after I slept. For some reason, it didn't work out. But I ended up awakening after 4 hours of sleep and tried the SSILD technique. I was able to recall 5 dreams and had a semi-lucid dream. How would I be able to use this techqniue for having obes and lucid dreams?



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      Are you sure you didn't half wake up just enough to turn off the alarm and fall right back to sleep? I used to do that and could swear I didn't wake up at all, but if you really don't want to wake up you'll just wake enough to switch the alarm off and not even remember it the next morning. You could test this by putting something on the alarm switch that you'll get on your fingers if you do switch it off, I don't know, some graphite powder or ground charcoal or something to mark yourself as the culprit. Maybe some toothpaste or something? Even iof you sleepily wipe it off your fingers you would leave some kind of fingerprint on the switch.

      One effective way I know to wake yourself after a REM period is to drink a big glass of water before bed. At the end of a REM period we fall into very light sleep and almost wake anyway, or do very briefly but fall asleep and don't remember it later, but if you need to go to the bathroom then you'll wake more fully. Then you can either ignore it and do your SSILD techniques if you think you can hold it for another hour or so (I usually can if it isn't too intense) or just get up and go to the bathroom and do a WBTB.
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      I think I ended up awakening in part because I had to go to the bathroom. Other than that I wanted to know how to have an obe with this technique. The only days I can try it (with the subsequent awakenings) is Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.


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