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      Cool Dream Alteration - "Entering the Mirror" Technique

      All of my techniques for dream conjuration need a little experience in lucid dreaming. While you may have had a lucid dream before, there is a level of experience needed in order to use these techniques. You should be acheiving a fairly consistent sleep schedule, and be lucid dreaming pretty consistently.

      One of the first techniques I learned was very effective. I call this "the mirror technique" because you will be using a mirror to alter your dream.

      It works like this... When you find yourself lucid and dreaming, you must first be very aware of your location. Try your best to find a house, and run to the bathroom. Once you are in a bathroom (or another room with a mirror), you must become aware of your own astral body using this mirror. Slowly press your head through this mirror (don't break it). Press in as if to enter the reflection, head first.

      Some of my most remarkable experiences have happened using this technique. So, when you get a chance, make sure you try this one out. It is a fantastic alteration.

      You might have trouble with this the first time, but you should be able to acheive a very desireable effect with this technique. In fact, this "entering" technique can also be used on televisions as well, which is worth a new article right away. Three results I have noticed using the "entering" technique are:

      1) You enter an "audio only" dream, where you can hear yourself think, and even begin to write music. When writing music in this state, you will notice yourself acting like a composer for your subconcious (the instrument). If you have ever had a musical dream before, you will understand what I mean when I say that "it writes itself". Audio-only dreams are a specific favorite of mine, because they can sound perfectly composed.

      2) You may enter an entirely different dreamscape. This dreamscape could be anything. Often you will have the feeling of "floating in space" or being in a dark room. Often your movement will be limited after you have altered your dream too much with this technique.

      3) You may cause your body to begin astral traveling (instant heightened awareness). This astral session will often begin by "floating" through the ceiling, and up into a new location. You will hopefully experience heightened senses of sight and sound (at least), and a prolonged dream experience.

      This technique has unlimited potential for very wanted results in dream conjuration. By entering parts of your dreams which aren't already pre-conceived, you will become better at manipulating your surroundings. All it takes is a little focus, a goal, and you will be able to use the mirror technique pretty readily.




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      mmm, everyone is different.
      different things works for different people.
      so don't need to use a mirror to...emm...Astral travel?
      Astral Travel(if you know you are dreaming) is only a lucid dream with full clarity,lucidity and vividness.

      the point is that, if YOU enter into a mirror, these things will happen to YOU.
      but for other people, it is not necesary to rely with a mirror or something like that, because every mind works different.

      but generally, mirrors represent something weird and magical, so is probably that people have interesting experiences with them.

      but that doesn't mean it works for everybody, if you put this thread here, and people believes this technique will work, will be only a placebo effect, the same with all the myths of dreaming (you will wake up if you get excited, if you close your eyes, if you fly too high...)

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      Thumbs down

      Someone else trying to promote themselves as an expert on everyone elses mind?

      Sorry but I personally am utterly bored of this kind of nonsense and self promotion
      (I read your blog, and cringed at it, sorry, just being honest... Still I'm sure anyone who calls themselves "The Dragonfly", should be used to that kind of thing by now.)

      ************ Move to Beyond Dreaming please.

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      I will close this if things to get out of hand. No moving it back to Dream Control. Just flat out locking it. Call me paranoid if you will.
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      Sounds very interresting. It's been a long long time since I found anyone's Lucid Dream Induction ideas/methods Interresting and/or practical.

      I like this idea. The title alone gave me alot of Inspiration. I was thinking:
      You could hang a really big mirror on your bedroom wall. One that's big enough to see yourself completely while standing up straight in front of it.

      Around it you could paint an archway as if the mirror indeed were a gate. And in front of it you could place a rug or something, that seems to "continue" to the otherside(mirror-image). You could do an RC everytime you wake up, go to bed or are in your bedroom; Just lean into the mirror with your hands trying to fall forward through the gate into the other side: If you're awake you should just be leaning forward, however if you're Dreaming I think you're very likely to fall through, or at least lean through the mirror a little bit and instantly know that you're dreaming.
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      Red face Dream Alteration - "Entering the Mirror" Technique

      This really does sound interesting, and I can see how it would be effective...but mirror's freak me out when I'm dreaming, lucid or not! I avoid them if at all possible.

      It's wierd too, because I've had dreams where I've become lucid mid-dream and join my dream self in the dream...who is always more like a shell of me, but whenever I'm faced with my reflection, it changes so that everything runs together, and I'm paralyzed, even after I look away, I can't move or talk...and the terror of it wakes me up, still paralyzed for a moment...it's very odd.

      I would, however, be really interested to see how this works for others, that don't have mirror issues!
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      Creepy! I did this once, and it feels really weird. When I went through I became lucid. Going through the mirror head first was a cool experience.
      I wish I got lucid more often.
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