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    Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness

    No order or method to the madness, just random dreams that I found interesting and worth keeping track of.

    1. Lucid Dreams

      by , 05-28-2015 at 06:01 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I got home early, before everyone else got up, and rather than go up to my room, I decide to nap downstairs on the couch. The stairs are loud, and I don't want to wake the dog and have the dog wake everyone. It's just an hour and a half before everyone normally gets up, so I'll just nap on the couch until I hear someone, then I'll go to my room and go back to bed. That's my plan.

      I find myself walking down a hallway, and come to an opening where I stand with a big group of people around a fountain or some other centerpiece. It occurs to me that I was just asleep on my couch, so I am definitely dreaming right now. Everyone looks at me. I look at everyone. The DCs look oddly familiar, but all just wait for me to do something. Rather than do anything, I just generate a loving feeling toward all of them. Then I make it stronger. I look at each DC again and feel a blissful tingling all through my body. It's like the more I love them, the stronger it gets. I enjoy this feeling for a while, then wake up.

      Well that was nice, but I'm still tired, and it's still early, I think I'll close my eyes and rest until I hear someone again.

      Now I'm standing up in my living room, and my sister (who is out of state) comes in, but 10 years younger than she is now. She's really upset at me for some reason. I'm not sure why. But I am sure that I was just laying down, and that she's older now, so I am definitely dreaming. I let her yell at me as I enjoy the relaxing peace of being in a dream where there is no reason to be offended, upset, or defensive about anything. I generate some love in my mind for my sister, and make it stronger and stronger until everything feels just amazing. She calms down, stops yelling, and I wake up again.

      I hear someone in waking life this time, and get up to move to my hammock in my room. I wonder if my plan to get up and move when I heard someone was the main reason I had these lucid dreams, or if it was just due to the easy circumstances within the dreams themselves such as remembering I was just laying on the couch and now I'm not, or that my sister is in fact older than a toddler now. Maybe the plan to wake up at the first sign of noise put me in a lighter state of sleep that is more conducive for lucid dreams. I don't know.
    2. Elevators, Clone Attacks, then Peace

      by , 07-20-2014 at 09:42 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am hired for a temporary janitor position at the college where I was a janitor for a year in the past. Hired onto my old crew, only a couple people have stuck around, the rest are really brand new to janitor work. One new guy is showing me the ropes, even though I know more than he does. Not being one to over-talk people, I am unable to let them know that I actually know what I'm doing, and have spent more time cleaning this exact building than all of them have combined....

      We all get ready to head off to our particular areas, and I show one of the guys where I usually park my bicycle so he has a safe place for his as well. I remember my friend who got his bike stolen during his work shift, and have since found a better spot to park it. I have him follow me up the elevator in A wing. I get off on the wrong floor, and have to get on another elevator. This time, people are getting off, and some other people want to get on and go down instead of up, so I get back out and board the elevator across the room instead. Reaching the top floor, we cross a big bridge to C Wing, and I realize it would've been easier to just enter C Wing from outside instead of our approach. Too late now though.

      There is a secret elevator that only maintenance workers and janitors have access to with our special keys that takes you to a remote mechanical room in the center of the building - perfectly safe place to lock a bike! I forgot to grab my set of keys, so instead, I go to a balcony that is rather exposed and uncomfortable for potential thieves to do their work. There is an elevator that leads down the the balcony. I wait for it, as my co-worker takes the stairs and then a ramp down to the balcony. I get on the elevator, this one is just a platform, open sides, like a lift in a factory or something, and ride it down 6 ft to the balcony where I lock my bike.

      I think I'll need my set of janitor-keys, so I start to walk back toward the supervisor's office. Suddenly she is right in front of me, and hands me my set of keys! She also gives me a paper with a list of what tasks I have to do for that day. It's impossibly long, but I'm feeling confident. Some of the other janitors on my crew are nearby, and ask what I have to do on my sheet. I start to unfold it again, but before I can get a good look at it, an 18 Wheeler Grocery delivery driver turns the corner, panicked because he's lost. He looks really beaten up, lots of black and blues on his face, and some cuts and scrapes all over. A black eye too! I point the way back to his truck, and then suggest that he probably does MMA fighting like the other guy I know, and I wouldn't mess with those guys. It sounds fun, but I've never done it.

      I start to float around through the air, and fly down a hallway at walking speed, back to the top of C-Wing near where my bike is parked. There is a party up on top, lots of loud music and people drinking unknown beverages. Police are there too, but don't seem to care about the loud music or anything. I turn down a few drinks, and avoid the police just out of habit. They are super offended that I am not drinking with them. I realize that my facebook profile makes it look like I drink, so I adjust my details from my phone, giving their drinking party a personal rating of 2/5 for me. I think that's a bit harsh, so I change it to 3/5. Somehow, they get notified that I rated them 3/5 and get even more upset at me. I try to explain why I did that, and don't do drugs. They just storm off, not hearing a word I say.

      I walk toward my bicycle to make sure it is locked, and instead of finding my bicycle, I find an operating room, white walls, white floor, white ceiling, and a patient with some serious tubing coming out of his arm from his heart. He is a clone, about to be killed to have his organs harvested because the person he was cloned from needed an organ transplant. Also, someone needs his blood urgently. He looks like he's already dead, just on artificial breathing, with machines pumping blood around to keep the organs fresh for the next few minutes. I feel like I'm a clone too, waiting to be harvested for the person I'm cloned from. Well, "nothing to lose then". I pull one of the tubes out of him, and blood starts squirting out of it. For some reason, I have to really get a lot of blood. I don't know how I know this. So I pull the next tube, and more blood comes out. The surgeons start shouting at me as I pull the whole apparatus out of the guy's arm and a deluge of blood rushes out like a fire hose. Kinda gross... Before he loses all his blood, he is re-cloned. This clone of the clone sees me doing this, and gets really pissed off, and throws random surgical equipment at me in a rage. One of the other people I'm with is spontaneously cloned as well, and both of them start to chase me. Since I'm a clone, I know this isn't real, which means I have telekinesis.

      I run away from them, not really concerned about any of this because it's not real. I use my telekinesis to pull debris and sharp objects into their path as I run down a metal bridge connecting two tall buildings as I pass through this void type area, surrounded by darkness except for the bridge, myself, and my pursuers. Some more people appear on the other side of the bridge and they surround me. Just as Neo would do in the Matrix, I use telekinesis to stop space and time around me, rendering everyone harmless and ridiculously slow. As I do this, the clone of the guy I was bloodletting comes to understand me, and there is peace between us. Immediately, there is also peace between the others who were attacking me as well, and it seems all conflicts have been resolved.