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    1. Dredged up dream

      by , 11-05-2015 at 06:48 AM
      I don't remember any of my dreams last night, beyond waking up and reminding myself to remember what I'd just dreamed about.


      However, while trying to remember at least a few fragments of it, I somehow dredged up an ancient dream from when I was like... 4 or 5 years old.

      I was in a store in the mall with my aunt S. It was a clothing store, think of like Ross's but a much older one... the name escapes me... the chain has mostly faded away. I don't think I've seen one in a long time.

      Anyway, I lost my aunt somehow. I'm wandering around through the aisles looking for her, when I see a yellow Mylar balloon with a smiley face on it floating in the middle of the aisle I'm looking down. A balloon is interesting, but I'm looking for my aunt. I continue looking down the aisles. When I turn around again, the balloon is behind me, a few feet away.

      As I go through the store looking for my aunt, every time I turn around or look down the aisle, the balloon is there. I start to feel like it's following me. It goes from interesting to weird to unsettling.

      I finally find my aunt and complain about the balloon. I can't really articulate what's going on or why it's upsetting me, though. Either way, she either doesn't believe me or doesn't care. Little kids say weird shit all the time, after all.

      I follow her out of the store and we meet up with my grandmother and my cousin outside in the main area of the mall. There is a giant yacht in the middle of the mall, just sitting there. It's huge. Not quite the size of an ocean liner, but definitely way too big to just be sitting there in a mall. I recall that the lighting in the mall was very dim, and the ground was very... kind of fake brown marbly. Very "generic mall". The yacht was very white.

      I wouldn't quite classify it as a nightmare, but I remember that it was an upsetting dream. At the time that I had it, I still didn't have a firm grasp on the idea that dreams are different from reality, so I spent a while believing that a balloon had really chased me around a store. I didn't like Mylar balloons for quite a while after that.
    2. Hot Air Balloon Zombies

      by , 11-20-2013 at 09:12 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 8th, 2002:

      I was in a hot-air balloon with some other person, and we were running away from zombies. Or something. It had something to do with my old middleschool, the scary one, and a locker combination. I forgot my locker combination, and then I lost my homework and got in trouble, and then I somehow wound up in the hot air balloon. In any case I was convinced we were going to die because had already died before as a result of losing control of the balloon, and neither of us knew how to steer it and we steered it WAY too high, and it was really windy and the basket almost flipped upside down, so I almost fell out. But we did manage to land it, eventually, and were attacked by hordes of undead zombies. And then I woke up.