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    1. weird dreams

      by , 03-27-2018 at 04:15 PM
      I had RLS really bad last night. When I finally fell asleep, I had weird dreams.

      I dreamed there were panthers crawling around on giant mountains of gold in the sky, and some guy was trying to transition the world to the next dimension, and 2 women were trying to stop him, and they did, but they angered these goddesses who were actually fractals.

      Then I dreamed I was a 6 year old Japanese girl's imaginary friend. Little girl tries to summon a cool best friend and instead gets a grumpy middle aged white lady. She had a rep for being bad at schoolwork, and thet couldn't figure out why her english was so damn good.

      Then I dreamed about a little kid who could control time using a potato chip bag. She also had a rubber toy egg that she would periodically try to eat, saying it was her favorite egg... Mom would tell her no.
    2. Simpsons

      by , 03-19-2018 at 05:07 PM
      Had a dream that Marge Simpson ran off and joined an Oceans Eleven style heist team. One member of the team was a dashing pirate, and she started a fling with him. Homer tracked her down, kids in tow, and she wanted nothing to do with him.
    3. Thief!

      by , 11-06-2015 at 12:33 AM
      I managed to remember a dream I had the other night.

      In the dream, I was a guy. And I was working with my best friend (also a guy) on a particular job, although I don't completely remember what his part in it was.

      I was some kind of con man. I was trying to get into some sort of nobleman's quarters, for some reason. I remember he was kind of a shithead.

      The architecture of the place was very... Sorr of Tudor... With some fantasy elements thrown in.

      I got in... But he returned while I was there. I tried to go hide in another room, which was like a bathroom, but he knew I was there and sent guards after me.

      I jumped out the window, and managed to make my way down by jumping from stone window ledge to window ledge. But I got to a point where I couldn't, where it was just a sheer drop to the ground, and I was going to have to jump and hope I landed alright.

      I somehow made it, and I was in an area behind the mansion that wasn't quite a backyard. There was a sort of chicken wire fence and high grass. It kind of reminds me of the area behind an apartment complex where a friend used to live when I was little (I got into an argument with her there, in real life, about whether or not you can walk on rainbows. I was heavily in favor of "yes, you can". No rainbow in this dream, though, just me running away from guards.

      As for last night, I vaguely recall something about riding the bus. But that's it.
    4. Fragments from the past few nights

      by , 05-19-2014 at 02:54 AM
      The night before a contact lense appointment, I dreamed that my glasses had holes in them and had become very fragile.

      Last night, I dreamed that there were flowers blooming quickly and spontaneously around me. I watched a white lilac bush burst into bloom before my eyes.
    5. Why Nebraska?

      by , 11-14-2013 at 07:01 AM
      I split this into a separate entry because it is long.

      I woke up last night at ~10:30 pm. I had gone to bed at ~9pm. Fell asleep again at ~11:00pm.

      Woke up again around 1:30-2:00am. I did not recall any dreams, except for dim impressions. Attempted WILD but was too tired.

      I set my intentions to wake up at some point in the early daylight hours before work. At this point, I'd had the dreams about snowy car crashes, unicorns, etc. Woke up again at approximately 5:00am. Felt grumpy about lying in a supine position. It feels like it's going to take forever, too. I maintain the supine position until it's incredibly uncomfortable, then sloooowly roll over onto my side while trying to maintain as much of my trance as I can. Because I have work, I'm not going to fight falling into "regular" sleep too hard but I keep a halfhearted watch for any dreamlets I might be able to latch onto.

      Eventually, a "proto-dreamlet" pops up. I'm not asleep enough for it to actually really be a dreamlet... it's still a visualization, just not one of my choosing. Even though it sounds like one, I really want to drive home that it's not an actual fully formed dream... it's like the difference between watching a movie and being the movie. It's an intense visualization - one I don't even fully control - but it is not a dream.

      My attention wanes. My mind wanders, eventually producing a ghost of a memory. I am in a convenience store. It's the beginnings of a dream, but too "thin", like a flat image. It is an incredibly detailed visualization, but I'm not "there" yet. Again - tough to explain.

      I am in a convenience store. It's old and run down. The walls are yellowing, even though they were once white. I recognize this faint memory - I am in Nebraska. I know that some of the cans and boxes on the shelves expired long ago. I move through the store. I look down... I am wearing sneakers. The floor is beige speckled linoleum, and it's dirty.

      I go through a door, into a laundromat. It's full of ancient, coin-operated washers and dryers. They're dented and noisy. There's an old fat man, who looks like Archie Bunker. He's wearing a dingy wife-beater and sitting on a plastic chair. I recognize the laundromat as another dim memory.

      The visualization gains vividness as I move through the exit. I am on the outside, on the second floor, on a fire escape. I go down rusty steps. My sneakers make metallic thumping sounds. I am on the ground now. I look around. The ground is flat, flat, flat, covered in brown and yellowing grass, and it is mid-afternoon. I feel very, very close... I move forward, trying to break the "surface tension" of the visualization and turn it into a true dream. It's right there...

      But I am in Nebraska, and the landscape is SO BORING. I think that I don't want to have a lucid dream where I'm stuck in Nebraska, since scene changes can be a pain for me, so I try to shift it to the dreamscape from a prior dream. Kind of like a "bait and switch", to see if I can trick my brain into putting me somewhere I want to go.

      It's a mistake. The vividness fades to a ghost of what it was. I cannot conjure up the evergreens that I wanted. I try hard to push more detail into the visualization, to no avail. I cannot become lucid in this state - the trance is too light, and the visualization is too dim. I don't give up, though.

      I stick with trying to visualize the snowy forest, the towering evergreens... I imagine my "house" is there (my dream cottage). I approach it... shift... I am now in it. I am holding a baby, although I'm not sure why. I set the baby aside, and it disappears. I am sitting on a couch. The cottage only has one large room. I am looking out a large window at the ocean, which I can see through the snowy evergreen branches. There are hazy mountains in the distance.

      The DC I have been looking for walks through the door. The visualization is still not a dream - his features are foggy. I decide to explore the cottage, but the visualization is disjointed. I discover that my bed is on a loft under the eaves. The eaves are made of natural, untreated wood. There is another window that lets me look out over the forest. The bed is soft, and covered in quilts. One quilt is a red and white patchwork quilt that I recognize from a memory.

      The DC climbs up into the loft and stretches out on the bed. We watch the snow fall. The visualization is slowly regaining intensity and clarity, although nowhere near a full blown dream.
      My alarm goes off.
    6. Marathon Dream

      by , 06-15-2008 at 02:55 AM
      (original dream occurred June 14, 2008):
      I had a dream that my apartment got hit by a hurricane. It rained so hard that you couldn't hear anything, except in the dream, it rained so hard that everything was completely silent. For some reason, peoples' voices were as clear as bells. I couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of myself. My mother and her boyfriend had gone outside to look at the rain, as it was raining pretty hard - the sudden increase in the intensity of the downpour sent us scrambling inside. In the dream, the area must have flooded, because I remember there being a large lake where there hadn't been one, and people perched atop the hills on the golf courses.

      (original post titled June 16, 2008):
      I had a very, very long dream.

      First, I slept for around... probably 14 hours. It wasn't laziness, I simply didn't wake up.

      I dreamt that I was a student at some sort of academy, like a wizard academy, but not like Harry Potter in the slightest. This was in a fantasy-type city - first off, think elven architecture. Very elaborate architecture, mostly stone and some sort of golden stuff. Most of it was devoted to the campus of this academy, and the pursuit of wizardry in general.

      There were a bunch of other children there - I recall I was a child, just an older child. My brother was also at this academy, if my vague recollection is right. There was a stone ogre/troll in one of the more open areas, except that it was also roofed and fenced... in any case, all of the children who were up to mischief got together, including me, and poured some sort of oil in its ear, which brought it to life. It came to life and wreaked all sorts of havok until it was finally gotten under control. One of the head wizards (of the city) called me in, and told me I'd been the cause of a similar incident involving the same monster before. I remembered it, vaguely, and he showed me a document I'd signed.

      The eldest mage commented something along the lines of, although I had learned no magic I had a strong blood-line, and I ought to marry a dragon. I knew the dragon in question, a coppery, gold-colored dragon. Unfortunately, I don't think that giant lizards are very sexy. That was pretty damn weird, although I have to admit that wizards are usually pretty damn weird.

      In any case, as the dream progressed, I became the mastermind of some sort of coup of the city. There were rulers, a king and a queen, but their essence was contained in 5 spheres in the heart of the city, that were closely guarded. In the center of the city was a massive lake that was incredibly deep. Anyway, 3 of the spheres were King, Queen, and some sort of snow-man. I don't know what the remaining 2 were. The city's defenses were impenetrable as long as the spheres of the King and Queen remained in place, but I got ahold of all 5 spheres, and I threw them in the lake. The Snow-Man was some sort of guardian of the city, I don't know, but at one point I retrieved him out of the lake. I think the fourth sphere was that of the Master of Ceremonies - in order to actually take control of the city, I had to be sworn in as king. I needed the Snow-Man at my disposal in order to convince him to swear me in.

      After this, the dream got more jumbled. I also woke up briefly, although I don't remember much, and I know that I felt really sleepy so I went back to bed.

      After this, I had a dream about Cinderella, but not in the sense that we think of her, as this had absolutely nothing to do with the original story. Rather, it was about cinders. Something about a young man, and the girl in question was under some sort of death-spell, and he got a chance to save her by drinking cinders in some sort of potion. But rather than saving her, he wandered off into some sort of dream-land, and failed in his mission. Ever since that point he had been a very morose spirit.

      In the dream, there were 5 men who governed various Aspects of something - I don't remember what the thing was. In the dream, it presented itself as a web-page, but I know that it wasn't a web-page, that was just the manner in which I browsed it. It was like a collection of information, and you accessed it through these personalities, and he was one of them. He had a long face and ash-grey hair. Each man had an Aspect, one had the Aspect of Strength, but his was the Aspect of Death (or something like that) due to his history. I was considering switching from the guy governing the Aspect of Strength to this man and his Aspect, because of some information that I needed to browse, but I was reluctant.

      I woke up after this. I felt better/not as sleepy, although the dreams were very weird, but I had slept for a disturbingly long time. Usually that happens when I dream actively, and I felt like I'd been dreaming almost the whole time that I was asleep. I think these dreams were influenced by the fact that I've been playing too much D&D. Maybe I should ease off on RPGs for a while.