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      How are you doing?
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      Hey Meo havnt seen you around for ages nice to see ya!
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      Hmmm... Don't know why I didn't see these. :/
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      Merry Christmas Meoh hope you have a good one and healthy happy 2016
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      Your inbox is full There's no such thing as desappointement in lucid dreaming, we're all in the same boat, trying to understand how this shite work
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      You gave me my 8,500th like!

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      I don't mine being flooded with PM, don't be shy about it
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      Best. Agency name. EVER!
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      Glad you like it! And yeah, I love Photoshopping my avatar for different holidays. Probably gonna put a Thanksgiving one up soon.
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      Hey Meoh, i have the feeling i couldnt do much for you and should be a more active buddy but i also saw that you connected yourself pretty well here in the community and found probably you BFF Buddy Milly so it calmed my bad conscience a lot and i let loose of the daily pm terror (plus the fact i couldnt write you anymore because you are mailbox is so frequented ) and today i saw that you and milly teamed up officially. i am happy for your and would love you to ask me some questions!
      i still will follow your Workbooks and DJs whenever i have the time and i am happy about every comment from you have a nice time and a lot of lucids!
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    by MeohMyoh on 11-17-2015 at 06:30 PM
    My boss took a phone call for me about a case. I had no clue what to do about it but he expected me to know. I was red in the face with exesperation at the situation and just blurted out to him to tell me what to do.
    I felt powerless.

    [I tryed to incubate asking my subconscious to tell me what to do It didn't quite work]

    Bags of Frags

    by MeohMyoh on 11-16-2015 at 05:39 PM
    F1 - Spending ages fiddling with black wires and some kind of diodes, fitting them together in correct sequence...
    F2 - Waiting for slidy gates for lorries to exit
    F3 - Watching bushes appear at high speed around a race track
    F4 - Hiding in a wardrobe while someone who is me comes into the bedroom

    I recall other dreams instead.
    F5 - Going up and down trying to evade others in a tall office building with central lift shaft.
    F6 - On a ship with zillions of cabins
    F7 - In a muddy field with big concrete halls of residence. Searching through halls for someone.

    Buildings seem to be a big dream sign

    Your dancing Uneasily through my dreams...

    by MeohMyoh on 11-15-2015 at 04:29 PM
    I tryed to incubate using a song...to send loving thoughts into my dreams...didn't quite work as expected.

    D1 - I was in a large room with artificial lighting and lots of mats on the floor. Everyone was wearing white karate like suits and everyone was young. We were practising dance moves that a sensei was teaching us. I was doing fine coping his every move. The song I had been incubating was in my dream to start with then...
    more and more people started joining in and it was getting to crowded. I couldn't see properly what I was meant to do and I stumbled and knocked into someone. Next it all fell apart my rhythm was gone and I just jerked about out of time :/
    I got fed up and left the floor. There were partners waiting watching for all the dancers, except of course me.
    In fact the people I looked at averted their gazes, although I felt this was because they were sad and disappointed with me.

    I left the hall and made my way along a hallway that was glass (ds) with white painted frames (old wooden style).
    Along with others I walked to an end section, which looked like an office or a shop (maybe both). At the end was a counter top with lots of different coloured notes (like bills in a restaurant). I looked at the notes and the squiggly handwriting. Thought about picking up one note then decided not too.

    I went to leave the shop but saw that along the hallway, to one side some large pigs had been let out of their pens. These were not cute little piggy wiggys but more like large boars that would happily munch on your bones. I shrank back when I saw a large slobbering black ones jaws , hanging open.
    I made for the back of the shop panicked. There was a door at the back and I escaped out onto a grassy bank (ds), wet with mud, into a Grey gloomy day. Further on was a housing estate. I reached the top of the bank and went to cut back round.
    Unfortunately several people from the estate came out...they were zombies...one particularly scary one an old man, with a black suit, and grey hair slicked onto his face from the rain, homed in on me. I couldn't make it I was paralyzed with fear.

    I woke up, I was determined to WBTB and give the DCs a hug, I tried the song again for thoughts of love...

    D2 - I again thought I was trying to get back to sleep...but I was in a dream again.
    I was in a large manor house at night. It soon became early morning and I found myself in a dormitory surrounded by little kids. I needed to go to the toilet but couldn't remember my password. My partner ditto. So we wandered around the house looking for a toilet with a hoard of kids. I was to embarrassed to say I couldn't remember.
    We ere standing in a large room with ceiling high windows looking out onto lawns and woods beyond. When a parent who had entered the house came in. They asked if they're children could not stay here unsupervised and play while they went off out. Surely they could go out into the grounds and roam, as long as they were told not to go to far. I thought of making a joke about a nuclear reactor being near by but thought better of it. It had started to lash rain and I looked out at the woods as the rain splattered the windows.

    We left the house only to see the parent kids standing outside completely drenched in the rain. We reached a some shops inside it was packed. We made our way to the end of the building. There was a bar. As I went through a bottle went flying up into the air. The barman gave me daggers, I explained it was just a trick.
    I said I could make anyone here at the bar their favourite drink. I used telepathy and magic to fill people's glasses with their favourite drinks. I could taste the bitter taste of the alcohol.
    The barman was still not impressed so I made a drink for him, filling his drink magically up, up and up till full. He downed it in one the frothy brew swilling round his upended glass. Then he spat the last of it at me :/
    I had had enough of this sour faced barman, and made for the door. Flinging the door open I flew up into the air and was gone. I could hear familiar music as I ascended into the stormy grey sky.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Wbtb fs - 13/11/15

    by MeohMyoh on 11-15-2015 at 03:57 PM
    I tryed to do a WBTB but was fooled by my dream...In the dream I was still trying to get back to sleep in a darkened room. I was laying on a large black suitcase still trying to do my incubation...Darn dream tricked me again

    Yes give me more...more...more RECALL

    by MeohMyoh on 11-11-2015 at 07:23 PM
    D1 - I am looking at a stretch of road that has the wall of a building running along it. Single storey, dark brown flat roof, bumpy.
    There is a pavement running along, it then goes off to the left.
    I am being persuaded to demolish the building as this is a good time, as the owner is away. I know it is wrong to do.
    but I agree anyway.
    The part of the building is demolished and I have a new property built on the land. The owner is unsurprisingly unhappy on his return.

    Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

    D2 - In the same street a bit further down the road, there is a modern apartment block. The windows are double glazed, with dark brown frames.
    I am asked to go park the car, on returning from holiday. I go to park it on a parking spot owned by the apartment block.
    I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
    I am asked to move it. So I try the next spot.
    each time the spot I am offered is smaller.
    Eventually I am given a spot only big enough for a small piece of luggage to sit on.
    I put the luggage down under a seated bar area and it is immediately covered over with food for a party.
    So I remove it.

    Tryed to DEILD but just ReEnter Dream

    D3 - Back into the same street, it is a Saturday. We are tired from returning from holiday but my partner does not want to go to bed :/
    We are traipsing around the streets. We do some shopping then arrive at a Pub. Inside is pretty empty as it is early morning, there are strange posters on the wall of some creature, plant like. The owner won't give us a refund for tickets to the band that was on last night.