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    1. The Last Few Dreams

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:54 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008)

      I had a dream that there was a baby who went missing, and that the stepfather was the suspect, but the police could never prove anything. Also something about him trying to give it away to another family by convincing them that it was their own lost child, but they came to their senses and knew better. In any case, the child's sibling spent their whole life trying to find out what happened, and prove that the stepdad did it.

      I had another dream that R and I were driving around Orlando/Venice/Florida at night, looking for a public pool (I think?) and wound up driving up this ramp that wrapped around this condo building in a spiral, the top had no rails and Reese was scared to try backing up, we didn't know how to turn around and get down again, and she was ranting about how anyone who lived at the top of this thing was insane.

      I had a dream about a woman whose boyfriend beat up on her, finally scaring her by threatening to throw her out of a window (the drop was 5 stories), she finally had enough and sent HIM through the glass. He unfortunately survived the fall, although he lost a lot of blood, and she was afraid he was going to come after her again. Somehow the dream twisted so that he turned into a gigantic robot for reasons I don't understand, and the cops were completely useless in the ensuing shootout, but somehow she got the best of him, although I don't remember how.

      This was followed by a dream about giant anthropomorphic vampire bats. Throughout most of the dream, I didn't realize the grandmother, mother, and baby were vampires as well, only that the grandmother was intent on killing the Head Vampire (also the head of the family), which she finally succeeded in, revealing that she and the others were also vampires by commenting that "the baby needs fresh blood for feeding" and then commenting that she was willing to go without, and would fill up on milk, although that always brought the chance of disease with it into the house. Very strange.

      In any case, I must have been thrashing around in my sleep, because when I do that my pet rabbit gets upset and sits next to the bed. When I woke up, she was huddled right next to me again. She tends to do this when I have a nasty nightmare, which makes me think that I may talk or yell a lot whenever I'm having one. This is corroborated by roommates, boyfriends, etc. It's touching that she does this, but I'm worried I might hurt her while I'm thrashing around.