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    1. Old Dream: Bubbles of Light

      by , 08-28-2008 at 03:27 AM
      August 27, 2008:
      One of my rare positive dreams.

      I was sleeping in my mother's room on her bed for this one, which isn't usual for me but her bed is softer and my back hurt a lot.

      As I was beginning to fall asleep I started to dream that shadowy grey figures were shuffling around the bed, they were wearing grey cloaks and had veils over their faces. I was sort of scared but then another figure appeared who was a humanoid with golden hair, and announced himself as a "golden" something, at which point a bubble of light began to expand from our bodies to fill the room. The shadowy figures couldn't withstand this and disintegrated. The light filled all of the corners of the room and then expanded beyond it and my new friend and I flew around inside of a bubble of light. He demonstrated that he could expand or contract the bubble, and then the dream faded into the blackness that's usually deep sleep for me.