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    1. Tree

      by , 06-14-2014 at 09:01 PM
      Last few nights...

      I dreamed about a tree.

      It was a huge tree with black bark and sprawling, twisted limbs... if anybody has seen a Live Oak, it was sort of like that, but much bigger. I know there is something wrong with it.

      It is outside of the fence. The fence is wooden and rickety. It encloses something, but I'm not sure what. It's always dark, always night. The world feels very "small", like the entire world just surrounds the tree and the fence but doesn't spread very far beyond them. I am trying to somehow stop the evil I know is infecting the tree's roots.

      Some sort of burrowing creature is inside of the fence, digging through the soft loamy earth. It's like a brown, short-haired dog sized ferret thing that can talk. Its tunnel reaches the "evil" roots. Once they are exposed, the evil is able to spread inside of the fence. It was an accident, the creature was just trying to create a "home" burrow. It apologizes and says it will make its home elsewhere.

      I have to attend a class. My homework isn't done because I've been spending all of my time and energy trying to contain the evil. The teacher knows this, and fudges my grade. I feel like my classmates resent me because of it. I'm overstretched, though. The class is for a cello-like instrument. Not only is my instrument damaged, but in order to make a passing grade, I still have to play some songs for an exam, and they're too difficult for me because I haven't had time to practice. I feel overwhelmed and depressed.


      I have vague recollections of a nightmare. There is some sort of evil stitched-together zombie child. It's gray. It's stitched to a man's hip. I am trying to protect some other (living) children to it but it keeps "absorbing" large, bloody chunks of them and the whole situation is horrifying. I wake up but am still sort of half-asleep and the feeling of horror lingers until I fall back asleep.
    2. Dream Software [lucid]

      by , 04-24-2014 at 06:54 PM
      My dream starts as sort of a nightmare. The nightmare itself is jumbled and confused - there's not a clean narrative. It's mostly short, quick clips of action strung together and viewed from a 3rd person POV. Mud and rain; earth sliding into a river, pulling people down with it... switch to what seems like a motel and some sequences that seem like they're out of a slasher horror flick, people running in fear, and severed limbs and blood everywhere. It mostly seems like it's just my brain tossing up whatever seems disturbing and frightening at the moment.

      Because of how disjointed it is, it's failing to really frighten or disturb me. My mind starts to get more and more distanced from what's going on, and starts paying less attention to it. I gain lucidity in one of the motel/dorm rooms while two women are arguing with each other. They look straight out of the 80s - one has bleached hair teased up a mile high and fake orange tanner, and the other is a brunette with a ponytail and teased bangs. As soon as I realize this is a dream, I am no longer a disembodied observer. There's an oval mirror on the wall - I run up to it and look at myself in the mirror in order to reaffirm that I now have a physical presence.

      I immediately crouch on the floor and start running my fingers through the carpet in order to solidify my surroundings. Things seem to be fading, so I stand up and produce a hand mirror from behind myself and examine myself in it. The two women have stopped arguing and are looking at me. I feel embarrassed about them potentially thinking that I'm just extremely vain (despite the fact that they're just dream characters), so I shrug and tell them, "I'm just making sure I still exist."

      They lose interest in me, and I lose interest in them, because I've decided that since my scene changes haven't gone so well lately, maybe I'll just mold my current surroundings into what I want. I pull up the software interface for 3D Studio Max and start modeling furniture for the room. Despite being a motel room, it has no bed, so I decide to experiment with creating one. I begin working on it as if it's a 3D model for a video game.

      The two women have faded away. I minimize the "software" I'm working with to check and see if the bed has appeared. It has, and looks very solid, but it's the plain solid white of a 3D model that has been imported into some engines but doesn't have a texture linked to it (or the texture isn't loading).

      I decide I'll texture it later, once I've gotten the hang of this, and decide to start working on one of the windows. I "import" it into my software and begin tweaking it. The window is a little bit tougher - it resists conforming to what I want.

      The dream fades. Eventually, another one starts, but it's non-lucid. I'm watching a bunch of characters in a video game and "piloting" some of them, and the game is sort of Harvest Moon-y but instead everybody is little Lego people and they're going to classes at a university. One of the landslide scenes from the prior nightmare replays, but with little Lego people instead of realistic people. The character I'm piloting is supposed to get a date for a festival coming up and has until 5 a.m. the day of the festival, but because of the landslide, I don't manage to complete the objective and watch the festival play out without a date. The characters go to class, and the professor is very boring. The textbook is 900 pages long, but the professor is focusing on a 4 page section of it. The students have smuggled some pot edibles into class, and when the professor goes to another room for a few minutes, they all leave class to get high. The character I'm piloting stays in class. When the prof gets back, he seems bummed that nobody cares about the lecture.
    3. Pokemon Academy; Geurilla Warfare and the Dewey Decimal System

      by , 11-25-2013 at 09:17 AM
      Original journal entry dated Dec. 16, 2002:

      I had this dream that there was a Pokemon battling academy that was high tech, and the kids battled through computer simulations. There was a reactor on part of the campus and during certain hours it was unsafe to be near so a kid of pretty high rank was assigned to guard it. Anyway, during a spat, one of the kids made the super-intelligent decision of getting behind the fence and left a penny there. The head prof. freaked out when she saw it and severely punished the guard. And then there was more stuff, but I don't remember what the stuff was. The end.

      Original journal entry dated Dec. 21, 2002:

      I had a dream that I was a guerrilla-warfare librarian and I was trying to get my certification. I had to fulfill a lot of requirements, do training, and take a computer examination AND a field examination. For some reason, the cast of "Sonic The Hedgehog" was there. And my commander was Crow, from "Mystery Science Theater 3000". I have no clue why. But I got to drive a tank, so I didn't really care. And then there was something about Sailor Moon, but the thought of Usagi driving a tank scares the hell out of me.
    4. Demon Dogs

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:16 PM
      Original entry on March 18, 2008:

      So first I dreamed about this one river, and it was very very polluted, and these guys decided to go fishing. Only they found this one invisible island. At first it seemed like a really wonderful, idyllic place, and this nice old lady invited them inside.

      Note: if a "nice old lady" invites you ANYWHERE, it's a good idea not to go. In fact, run really fast in the opposite direction.

      Anyway, so of course they listened to her, and they went into this house and down these stairs into this, like, underground mansion thing. Which seemed really great and everything at first, but then they started to notice discrepencies in stuff that they didn't notice at first. The woman had a pet dog, like a big mastiff, only it seemed a little strange sometimes, like it couldn't quite fit entirely inside of its form. Like sometimes the walls would flicker, or there'd be stains where there shouldn't be, or the furniture or the stuff hanging in the closet would seem really weird for a second, that sort of thing. Then one of them made the mistake of looking behind the shower curtain and there were a bunch of skinned bodies hanging there. So all of the sudden the illusion fell away and they realized that they were in a structure made entirely of bones and decomposing bodies and other stuff like that, the remains of people and animals and stuff. She'd fed some of them to her "dog", which was actually this huge demonlike thing. So anyway, she turned out to be a pretty ooglay monster thing herself, and chased them. They jumped into the river and managed to get to their village. The mayor, who was a woman, and looked strangely... well, familiar... led an expedition to the island with a bunch of big tough guys, only when they got there the place was deserted and all of the bones and stuff were dried up.

      Ok, dream number two, there's this really busy police office and they're trying to catch this one serial killer dude who's responsible for a bunch of really gruesome murders. But well the police office is really busy, and they're very overworked and everything. They get this call from this one woman who seems to sort of be freaking out, there's a bunch of growling and snarling in the background that sounds like really pissed off dogs, and she's asking them to send people over. The cops are like, "We're really busy and we'll send animal control, ok?" and then they hang up before she can say anything. So the woman's stranded on the bed with her two kids, and she DOES own a doberman, only it's sort of dead right now because she's being attacked by evil vicious snarling demon-babies. And one of them goes after her kid so she winds up wrestling with it and it sinks its teeth into her arm.
      So the cops are looking at this newspaper clipping later on, and the headline is "Woman And Children Found Dead In Bedroom, Eaten". And they chalk it up to this serial-killer who's been going around. They just can't seem to catch the guy.
    5. Alien City

      by , 11-19-2013 at 09:49 AM
      Original entry dated June 9th, 2002:

      We were in a city. The architecture reminded me of something designed by Tim Burton, or maybe Jhonan Vasquez. Very tall, black, and spiky. The atmosphere was blackish red.
      In the city there were human survivors, but it was being overrun by these tall icky greyish aliens. Think maybe a cross between one of those things from "ALIENS" and a vampire-fish, and you're starting to get the right idea. Anyway, we (the humans) had this thing we could do, by concentrating really hard as a group we could create a field all around us so that they could not see us, as long as we remained completely quiet. This was REALLY important. So we were holed up in our little cave, concentrating really hard on being invisible, when our scout came back, and the dumbass was being really loud, so of course the aliens found us. I don't remember much after that, and then I think it changed into another dream, but before it did there was a lot of blood.
      I had another dream I think along similar lines, but there were big-wheels involved, like the kind I used to ride when I was a little kid. It was weird. I've had other nightmares but don't remember those.
    6. Bad Nightmare

      by , 01-14-2009 at 05:29 AM
      Original date 03/19/2006:

      Took a nap, huge mistake

      Had one of my nightmares and woke up feeling very unwell. I hate how they make me feel physically ill. I feel like I'm going to vomit. There wasn't anything particularly disgusting (to see) in it, but the nerves alone make me feel so queasy. This one came out of the blue and was very weird.

      I had a nightmare that left me feeling ill, very ill... physically so, not to mention being coupled with the panic of half the lights in the house not working.

      I dreamed that I lived alone in an apartment, on the first or second floor. There was a floor below me. Nobody ever saw the people who lived there (that I knew of). Everything was almost always dark in my dream - even lights were dim.
      I dreamt that I temporarily sort of... descended from my own apartment into the apartment below. It was very dark, and there were very deep shadows when you could see anything at all, and there was a sort of shrine there, and there were two childlike entities, and they were whispering to each other, and there was a third entity, much smaller, like a baby.

      I know I need to write this down but it makes my skin crawl just writing it down.

      In any case, I felt that something was very wrong about this, and I ascended again. I don't know how or why I did this, except that I feel that in my dream it was nonphysical.
      In my dream everyone heard odd noises that came from the apartment below mine all of the time. They bothered us immensely, but nobody ever spoke of them.
      There were policemen who frequented the area, very fat jolly men, but they would not go near the place, or talk about it.

      I dreamt that something happened with the family across the way, possibly (or possibly not) dealing with the apartment below. There was some sort of... incident... a loud and unmistakeable sound of some sort of scuffle, and of a baby (?) being killed... but everybody in the complex was too terrified to say anything, and then there was the other (possibly connected) incident that night with the family across the hall...

      The family in the apartment across from me was a 'normal'ish family, with a husband and a wife and a son who was around 10 or 11 years old. I went over to check things out after one of the policement visited my apartment to check to see that I was ok. When I visited the family, I noticed that they had been interrupted while eating dinner, and that the little boy's bowl was unclean.
      For some reason, I knew that it was a... aggressive? Challenging? move... but I offered to clean the little boy's bowl for them... they seemed reluctant, but allowed me to do so, and I took it to the sink in my own kitchen and cleaned it.
      The policeman followed and chatted to me a bit, and then we went back to the other apartment, so that I could return the cleansed bowl to the family. When I did, I told the policeman that I wanted to say something about the odd sounds that I heard from the apartment below me.

      The two policemen there (there was another, fatter one who had hung around with the family this whole time) looked very terrified. The family looked very frightened also, and the mother told me, "Don't mention such things". The other policeman told me, in hushed tones, "Those things are cower-worthy", to which I held up my hands in appeasement and said, "I'm cowering, but something needed to be said."

      Then the dream ended, and I woke up feeling very ill, scared, and paranoid.

      Incidentally, on the earlier dream...

      There was some sort of knife involved in the sacrifice/slaying. I don't know how I understood this in the dream, but I did.

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    7. The Last Few Dreams

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:54 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008)

      I had a dream that there was a baby who went missing, and that the stepfather was the suspect, but the police could never prove anything. Also something about him trying to give it away to another family by convincing them that it was their own lost child, but they came to their senses and knew better. In any case, the child's sibling spent their whole life trying to find out what happened, and prove that the stepdad did it.

      I had another dream that R and I were driving around Orlando/Venice/Florida at night, looking for a public pool (I think?) and wound up driving up this ramp that wrapped around this condo building in a spiral, the top had no rails and Reese was scared to try backing up, we didn't know how to turn around and get down again, and she was ranting about how anyone who lived at the top of this thing was insane.

      I had a dream about a woman whose boyfriend beat up on her, finally scaring her by threatening to throw her out of a window (the drop was 5 stories), she finally had enough and sent HIM through the glass. He unfortunately survived the fall, although he lost a lot of blood, and she was afraid he was going to come after her again. Somehow the dream twisted so that he turned into a gigantic robot for reasons I don't understand, and the cops were completely useless in the ensuing shootout, but somehow she got the best of him, although I don't remember how.

      This was followed by a dream about giant anthropomorphic vampire bats. Throughout most of the dream, I didn't realize the grandmother, mother, and baby were vampires as well, only that the grandmother was intent on killing the Head Vampire (also the head of the family), which she finally succeeded in, revealing that she and the others were also vampires by commenting that "the baby needs fresh blood for feeding" and then commenting that she was willing to go without, and would fill up on milk, although that always brought the chance of disease with it into the house. Very strange.

      In any case, I must have been thrashing around in my sleep, because when I do that my pet rabbit gets upset and sits next to the bed. When I woke up, she was huddled right next to me again. She tends to do this when I have a nasty nightmare, which makes me think that I may talk or yell a lot whenever I'm having one. This is corroborated by roommates, boyfriends, etc. It's touching that she does this, but I'm worried I might hurt her while I'm thrashing around.
    8. Vampire robot peach

      by , 02-17-2008 at 02:36 AM
      Original dream dated 02/16/2008:

      Dreamed about a guy writing an autobiography about his brother, a historical war-lord. This turned into me and my mother watching a movie about it, but Mom didn't like it because it was violnt and graphic (at one point, a maggot-filled horse exploded). Then, it turned into real life again, only instead of a medieval villain he was a vampire-robot and the robots were trying to take over the universe. They destroyed a really large, advanced human city and took it over.

      Some friends and I went on an archaeological dig to try to find out their source or history, and we found an ancient buried portal to a space ship, where we found Robocop. Then, we got chased by a fleet of enemy ships.

      Then I dreamed that Princess Peach was evil and started taking over the world, and I was trying to play as Mario, except Mario was a Starship Trooper and I was fighting vampire robots who were also tiny ants. All of this took place in the evil vampire robot capital city, which looked a lot like a level from "Donkey Kong".
    9. Armageddon, Cat Cooking

      by , 02-20-2006 at 05:26 AM
      Original dream dated 02/19/2006:
      I had this dream that a whole bunch of people were back from the dead. Not zombies... just suddenly not dead either. Including my old pet cat, Abby, whom I loved more than anything on the face of the earth.
      However, all of the people who had returned were also going to die again soon. For some reason, in my dream, I thought that the best way to commemorate Abby's passing (and soon, her passing again) was to eat her remains. Hell if I know what goes through my head, it was a dream. Except that we put her in the pan and started cooking her while she was still alive, and when I realized "oh my god, what the hell am I doing?!" her paws were all charred and she was halfway cooked. She didn't seem to be in pain and she didn't seem to hold it against me, but I knew that she was going to die again very very soon because of what I'd done... my mom rationalized it by "She was going to die anyway" except that it wasn't good enough reasoning for me because it meant that she was going to die sooner than she would have died on her own...
      So anyway, I held my half-cooked cat for a while and cried. On to the next dream...

      So then I dreamed that there were 2 teams of people. All of them were female. One of them was 3 different people, and one of them was composed of a team of one person, cloned 3 times. The second team sat on top of some very tall poles and had little white explosive balls that bounced off of everything and anything. The first team's job was to get the balls from them. The second team got no weapons or anything at all, but their position was very secure. The first team got a whole bunch of gadgets and toys.

      So, the first team got really close - they had to because their weapons didn't have much range (one of them was a fan attached to a rope). The second team threw 2 of the 3 balls at them, which they managed to whack away from themselves with a flashlight, and the explosions the balls made were really big. The first team managed to kill 2 of the 3 clones, but the third one was impossible to get to.

      Finally, after talking with the clone for a while, it came down from the pole. It had originally been a girl, but now for some reason was a boar. The leader of the second team talked to the boar and told it that she wished that it could see something really beautiful so it would appreciate life.
      There was also a cat. The first teams' supervisor came up, and the boar was afraid of him, so it ran back up the pole. He wanted to talk to the cat, but the cat was also afraid of him.

      Then I woke up.
    10. Old Dream: Duffel Full Of Evil

      by , 03-20-2004 at 03:19 AM
      April 19, 2004:
      I had this weird dream about some sort of evil... thing. It was really evil, and nasty, that's all I really remember. Only these people fought it, but only one chick survived, and they trapped it in a duffel bag. Yes, a duffel bag. Only it wasn't so much a duffel bag as it was an actual location... like... there was a whole world inside of the duffel bag.

      I remember the evil infected people, like a plague or something. And there were lumpy evil rat things. So I was mulling over this idea that it was actually maybe some sort of physical disease that just MADE things evil, and the one chick seemed really tired like she didn't want to think about it. But I pointed out that there were tiny holes appearing in her duffel bag. So she admitted that they had only trapped it, not actually dealt with it, and that it could still get out again. But it already HAD gotten out again, I just hadn't had to deal with it directly yet... so she left the duffel with me, cuz she had to do something, but she was gonna come back, and she made me agree that I'd stay there to guard the duffel and I had to make a pact with her that we were in this all the way, because things were going to get ugly.
      I don't know how it turned out because I woke up.
    11. Old Dream: Song and Baptism

      by , 03-02-2004 at 03:17 AM
      Jan. 31, 2004:

      I had this dream that George Bush got turned into a kitten, and that while he was trying to give the State of the Union address, all of these cartoon characters kept trying to kidnap him. A 2 lb. George Bush swore in a squeaky voice while getting chased by a chihuahua, and seeing a tabby kitten go ballistic was well worth my time spent asleep.

      Then I had some weird dream about how all of the cartoons were getting uber-stylized, a la Samurai Jack, with nothing but straight lines and squares and angles.

      Feb. 9, 2004:
      I miss Abby a lot. I dozed off in my chair a little bit while M__ and T__ crashed here this morning and I dreamt she was in my dorm room.

      March 1, 2004:
      I had one of the freakiest dreams in a while. I dreamed there was this big war, and I fought in it, and I did something really important but I got injured. And something about me being topless because of the injury. And I dreamed that I sort of turned into a skeleton quasi-death thing, but only if you looked at me the right way. So my uncle drove me to this place... only he wasn't my actual uncle and had long hair, and he sang really well... he stood outside singing until a woman inside noticed, so she treated my injuries and baptised him.
    12. Old Dream: Handicaps and Witches

      by , 09-06-2003 at 04:14 AM
      Sept. 5, 2003:
      I dreamed that there was this blonde disabled woman, who somehow despite her disabilities and her family (her mom and sister were both real bitches) had overcome all of these hurdles, risen to the top of her class... her one dream was to go to Belgium, and she got the chance, but then her sister screwed it up for her...

      Then for some reason, both of her family members were witches and made people hallucinate and act crazy. And they killed a lot of people. The end.
    13. Old Dream: Drowning Parakeet

      by , 05-06-2003 at 04:10 AM
      April 30, 2003:
      More bad dreams last night. I really hate the vibes in this apartment, and this time Abby wasn't there to make me feel better. I mean, when you wake up from a nightmare, the first thing you want to do is hug something soft, particularly something that purrs when you hug it. I don't really remember what they were, only that I woke up worried. I'm not sure what I was worried about in particular, because I can't really remember the dreams. Something about corrupt cops, but I don't know if that was the focus of the dream or just a minor detail.

      June 5, 2003:
      First, I had this dream with a lot of fighting. And mud. And blood. Lots and lots of blood. When I woke up, I nearly puked. Thank God the details are blurry now.

      Then I had a dream about some dark, musty place... like a basement, or a dungeon, or something... there was a lot of broken boards and wood piled up in one corner... there may have been a tiny window, but I don't really remember. I was talking to some dark-haired guy... he had blue eyes. I think they were blue. They may have been green or lightish hazel. The lighting in there was too poor. I don't remember the conversation.

      And then, I had this dream that I lived in a house out in the middle of nowhere, or something. I was talking to an older man for a little bit... there were some old ladies dressed up really nicely, I think there was a party or something? Then mom was out on the back porch, she had a very brightly colored parakeet... but our backyard flooded, and the parakeet fell into the water... I rescued it, and somehow revived it with CPR. Then suddenly, all of the water was gone, and the yard was dry, only there was a HUMONGOUS bear coming into the yard, we were afraid it would try and get into the house, and then the dream ended.

      Then I started dozing off again, and as I was dozing off I dreamed that I was following 3 little cables, and when I found the source of one a voice said "Oh, dear..." and I woke up.
    14. Old Dream: Kermit and Dragons

      by , 08-19-2002 at 04:04 AM
      Original journal entry dated Aug. 18, 2002:

      I had a dream that I made out with Kermit the Frog (?!). I hope this doesn't indicate some sort of weird Muppet obsession on my part. And then he changed into somebody else.

      Then, I was fighting these dragons that were attacking me, only I had to fight them with chi as well as with my sword, and they were REALLY powerful, and I killed the strongest one by chopping his head in half.