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    Dreamworld of a DreamPwner

    Is this thing on? Testing, testing...

    Welcome to my wonderful Dream Journal. Yeah, I have a real-life one, but I find that I tend to pick up more facts and just gain a better understanding of my dreams by posting them on here. Enjoy my mind.

    1. Abstract Dreamspace

      by , 08-11-2010 at 05:13 AM (Dreamworld of a DreamPwner)
      1. Some dream about Zach and Caleb.

      There was some sort of game going on, and I was high (first recorded high dream). I had to pretend I wasn't high around the parents and Pastor Whipple. I was in some sort of foresty area. Break. I ended up going to the movies, where Damon was working. Matt was on the phone singing about being stoned. Everybody started biking away from the theater with sensei, so I went. Break. I ended up hanging in a dentist's office. Break. At one point, I was driving very badly. Toward the end of the dream, Mom talked to me on the phone.

      This was all super abstract and difficult to remember. Lots of disjointedness in this dream sequence. Disjointed logic, too.

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    2. A Young'un Party / Race for the Prize

      by , 08-05-2010 at 05:09 PM (Dreamworld of a DreamPwner)
      1. Matt shows me the extra DXM pills.

      A Young'un Party

      I find myself wandering around in a half-foresty half-civilized area, possibly blind during segments, but always having the ability to see. I eventually find myself at a younger girl's birthday party. Everybody's a freshman or so, and I imagine they're all David's friends. At some point during the party, I see that we're all dressed up, and I try to help a David/Bjorn mixture person pin on a regular tie. We go to a dance, but I show up basically in the last song. I'm in these weird suspenders. I'm not sure if I have a partner or not.

      Alright, so a lot of things about this dream should've definitely clued me in.

      Race for the Prize

      I'm in this race, though it doesn't seem clear what type of race it is. It's around an oval stadium track. I run the race by rolling a lot, a la Zelda. I look on the screen and see another guy rolling a ton, going really fast. I also see myself get blown up, my headless body being dragged off the course casually. This freaks me out, as I begin to think I've died and am a ghost.

      First dream about dying I've had in a while.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. A Stroll in Chicago / Mall to Steven's to Party

      by , 08-03-2010 at 05:05 PM (Dreamworld of a DreamPwner)
      1. Matt shows me Merzbow.
      2. Something about LL Cool J being a psycho.

      I'm really pretty unsure if both of these were actually dream fragments, or if they were actually just an imagination trip. I suppose one blends into the other when it comes to dreams, eh?

      A Stroll in Chicago

      I'm walking the streets of "Chicago" (actually, Lafayette, near Matt's neighborhood) with Jasmyn and Micah. Eventually, the police give us a phone call about giving rides. Some old guy talks about that.

      I really wish I remembered this dream better, but it was in my first sleeping period of the night. I honestly don't remember the police phone call or the old guy very much at all. I just remember where we were walking.

      Mall to Steven's to Party

      I'm walking through an alternate version of the mall that has a clearance sale of arcade games and stuff. There's actually a Mega Man skeeball game (maybe a Sonic one, too?). Around this time, I find myself in Steven's apartment. I'm analyzing a particular glowing green pattern of lines. I'm attracted to Ashley, who happens to be there as well. Over time, the room changes (though I still believe this to be the same dream). I'm hanging around drinking vodka with Lance, at least two guys and two girls. A girl admires me while I drink the vodka. I get pretty heavily drunk and sit there. Someone tells me to wait it out. I notice that a guy and girl are fucking on this object (either a cooler or a small table). After this, the other guy takes over with the girl. They have stand-up sex while she lowers herself onto his penis. Eventually, I find myself in her place (and Lance in his), with Lance's dick sliding into my ass. He fucks me standing up (I'm pretty much oblivious and drunk) and he lets out a load moan as he comes. I tell him he should be more quiet, since my parents are around. We decide to leave the party discreetly. We're stopped briefly by my mom, who seems to slightly suspect something. We walk around what in reality is Matt's neighborhood. I'm a little worried about driving drunk, but we get in the car anyway. I reflect that I've heard alcohol suppresses REM sleep, and I hope I'll still remember the dreams I'll have tonight.

      Damn it! That last thought should've been a dead giveaway. Anyway, this dream was pretty interesting, as there were a number of spontaneous scene changes, though aspects of the dream remained constant. The part where I was staring at the green line pattern was very abstract. For some reason, I felt it had some connection with directions on a map (as in, the line between Point A and Point B on Google Maps), but the pattern kept changing, sometimes even becoming dashed or incomplete.

      When I woke up this morning, I really didn't remember any aspects of my dreams at all, but I followed some advice I'd heard and just laid there for a while. From minute to minute, I would remember new aspects of the dreams (especially the latter one), and I'd jot down keywords. In this way, I basically reconstructed the second dream entirely from memory, when no conscious memory existed to begin with.
    4. Frustrated Ball / Cocaine Wars / Tree Dilemma

      by , 08-02-2010 at 06:54 PM (Dreamworld of a DreamPwner)
      1. I was traveling out in the cornfields with Matt.
      2. Jasmyn posts on Facebook that she is now "with it."
      3. I'm talking to Matt. He asks me some sort of question, or the conversation goes in some direction, and I mention that I tend to dream about two people most often: him and Jasmyn. He asks me why I think that is. I tell him that I tend to dream about the people that I care about. He acts surprised.
      4. I buy presents for my brother in sister and they turn out to be really lame. I think I got Micah drumsticks and Kristy something similarly-shaped.

      Frustrated Ball

      Jasmyn gets pregnant by sleeping with a random unremembered guy at a party when she was drunk. I get really angry and we fight hardcore, including some physical pushing and stuff in class. Chelsea and Erica (her friends) are disgusted by my immaturity. There's a class downstairs taught by a Mr. Walker-esque male. Eventually, we rehearse for a ball or choir performance of sorts. I'm dancing near Jasmyn with no idea of what the fuck I'm doing. I'm eventually dancing with this really cute girl that I hit it off with, and I can see Jasmyn's frustration. I give her and Jasmyn mixtapes while dancing, and Jasmyn smiles.

      Break. This dream showed a number of the recurring aspects of my dreams, including the thought of being back in school with a schedule, my feelings about the separation with Jasmyn and her "sexual exploits," my discomfort about how her friends think about me, and my interest in finding someone else to love. In particular, I remember three dreams in the recent past in which I found someone else. Thankfully, there was a happy "ending" (more just a cut-off in memory) to this dream, where my friendship with Jasmyn was reconfirmed. This dream may tie in to the fragment about Jasmyn I had, covered above.

      Cocaine Wars

      I'm walking down the highway with some other people, analyzing how to get onto I-65 to get to Indianapolis. We snort some coke on the highway, and it's good. Some cops come by and stop. The guy next to me quickly slips his coke stash into my pocket, and I frantically search for a place to stuff the coke while we're ordered to strip, finally finding a little fold in the ground. The police strip search all of us by the side of the road. Break. Eventually, I am wandering the countryside naked, looking for my friends.

      Break. I swear, cocaine has shown up in my dreams more than any other drug, and I've never done it. On the contrary, I smoke pot everyday (in fact, often before bedtime), and I literally remember no dreams about pot that I've ever had. Of course, there's the whole nakedness aspect that shows up in many people's dreams, as well. I have a feeling that this dream ties into the countryside fragment with Matt somehow, which may in turn connect to the conversation fragment with him. After these two dreams, I woke up and jotted them down, then returned to bed.

      Tree Dilemma

      Before the following dream, I had somewhat-spontaneous thoughts about lying in a doctor's office, with the doctor caressing me. My mind would fly around to different ideas. Every now and then, I'd catch myself in the ideological swirl and try to focus on lucidity, but I don't remember at any point being lucid within what I would consider to be a dream.

      I was required to complete a number of tasks as Bilbo for 40 points in a quiz/task game involving Matt C and Chris H. The final task is to scale a tree to get to a window to get to what's inside (an hourglass, a la the Zelda commercial?). I scale the tree, but it's tall as fuck and I'll have to jump to make it to the window. I reflect that Bilbo wrote about the illusion of height. I decide against jumping. During my time in the tree, I hear a quote on the radio about introducing people to new music (High Fidelity-esque). In a higher reality (was I in a dream within a dream?) Jasmyn smiles and thinks about me while I put a poster on the wall of the same room (telepathy? alternate future?). Back in the tree, the police arrive and I get the fuck out of the tree. I run and hide behind a fence while a nearby cop looks for me. I accidentally make a noise. He heads toward me. I pull out my gun, cock it, and....imagine a number of ways to dispose of him, then wake up.

      What a weird dream! First off, there's revolving identity, in which at one point I am Bilbo, and at another point, I am Ryan remembering the words of Bilbo. There are little implantings of my everyday thoughts (Zelda hourglass, High Fidelity, police) throughout the dream. Most interestingly, there's the whole section where there's a sort of higher-level dream (a la Inception) that is ideologically connected to the dream within a dream, but this higher level also involves my ability to read Jasmyn's thoughts. I don't remember any appearance of this higher dream, aside from what I mentioned, so I'm fairly sure that my dream-within-a-dream construct was only imagined (an imagined dream within a dream, wow!). And of course, the fucking police show up...typical. I'm always smoking pot in public, so the police are a constant entity in my mind. There's just something really iconic about a police car to me. Interestingly enough, the end of the dream melds with my imagination (is this normal or is this just a function of every dream? in essence, can you imagine different courses of action for a dream with that still being the body of the dream, rather than imagination?). I'm beginning to wonder if I should color-code my imagination sections, or if that would be redundant. Certainly, the thoughts leading up to a dream are imagination rather than dream-body.

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