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    Abstract Dreamspace

    by , 08-11-2010 at 05:13 AM (420 Views)
    1. Some dream about Zach and Caleb.

    There was some sort of game going on, and I was high (first recorded high dream). I had to pretend I wasn't high around the parents and Pastor Whipple. I was in some sort of foresty area. Break. I ended up going to the movies, where Damon was working. Matt was on the phone singing about being stoned. Everybody started biking away from the theater with sensei, so I went. Break. I ended up hanging in a dentist's office. Break. At one point, I was driving very badly. Toward the end of the dream, Mom talked to me on the phone.

    This was all super abstract and difficult to remember. Lots of disjointedness in this dream sequence. Disjointed logic, too.

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