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    Hypatia's Dream Journal

    Attempting to work from occasional lucidity to lucidity at will

    1. Facebook HQ, roller coaster, dying man, code of life, Jamaica aid work

      by , 02-05-2012 at 05:12 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was being given a tour of Facebook's headquarters. Facebook was an 8-story tall building with items like a walk-in aquarium and robots. I kept running into people I knew (RL: people I know who actually work at Facebook), and a few I wasn't expecting. I told my tour guide I heard there was a roller coaster and asked if we could see it. We rode the coaster, which was technically impressive but didn't go very fast.

      Still seemingly at Facebook, I was then helping an elderly man who was about to die. He asked me to take off my pants and pressed my knees down onto his I laughingly declined, but then someone told me this was "how it must be done." I took my pants off and kneeled on his knees. The man died, and I saw his essence being uploaded to another plane of existence, where it swirled and played with an infinitely large and beautiful data set. He had become a part of the code of life.

      I followed a white man to his home in Jamaica, where he works as an aid worker. I was interested in becoming an aid worker there and asked about his experience. He gave me a tour and showed me the local population, telling me about the troubles he's had because the poverty is so severe.