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    dolphin's dreams

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    1. TOTM success-leaf pile

      by , 11-10-2014 at 05:16 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I wake up in bed. Something feels off so I do a nose plug. I can breathe! I can't quite believe it so I do another nose plug. I can breathe! I get up from bed. The dream in very unstable; I can hardly move. I must stabilize it. What do I do! Think, think, think! I summon a random dc, a young adult African American male. I shake hands with him and introduce myself. We'll call him Efrain. I feel more mobile, the dream is stabilizing nicely. I ask him where the leaves are so we can play in them. We go into the backyard and turn the corner to the left. The backyard is a good sized fenced in area with a big lawn and lots of piles of large leaves. I look for a pile that looks big enough and flop on top of them. The leaves are soft but slightly crunchy. I look for a bigger pile and gather some leaves together to make one a couple of feet high. I flop on top of them. Flop! I feel wonderful, feeling the satisfaction of completing a task which took me several lucid dreams to accomplish. I part ways with Efrain and jump up to fly. I'm in a neighborhood in the hills. I decide to crest the hill in front of me to see what's on the other side. I crest it and find a valley filled with suburbia, just like where I live IWL. I fly to the freeway and turn to left, deciding to fly along the freeway going through the valley. I'm flying with good control and speed. My dream is very stable and is getting longer than my typical lucid dream. I try to recall details from the dream, trying to avoid thinking about waking up. What was that DC's name? I reach the end of the valley to an open area. There are a few large, unusual buildings marking the gate to the valley. It looks like a couple of large rings with chains on the side? I'm looking at the building, trying to memorize the details. I wake up.