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    1. Spellbee Spring Competition Night 15

      by , 04-29-2017 at 04:18 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was in bed and my bed started moving. I got out of bed. I was in a large room with a raised ceiling. I jumped up to float in the air. I tried to transform into a dolphin but couldn't. I called for a genie to appear and A ghost that sort of looked like Ghandi appeared. I told him I wanted to be a dolphin and he said "Okay...Done! I have to go. I'm very busy." The genie left. I looked at my body and saw I was a dolphin! I flew around and tried to breathe through my blowhole but couldn't. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I was playing golf on a coastal golf course. I was on a par 3 set next to the ocean. I hit a high shot that started left of the green but faded back and bounced onto the green. Beyond the green, I saw a crowd of people jumping off the cliff and into the ocean. I decided to join them and. I tried swimming like a dolphin to go faster which worked. I could swim at least as fast as a motor boat. I put my hand behind me to summon a young lady to make out with. I felt my hand and turned around to find a young lady. I tried to make out with her but she pushed me away. She said she couldn't kiss me because she was sick. I tried summoning another young lady and woke up.

      DILD #3-I was in a restaurant where I somehow realized I was dreaming. I put my hand behind me to summon a dog I live with, a little Chihuahua mix. I felt a bite, turned around and it was her. I summoned a stick, threw it across the restaurant and told her to go fetch. I saw her arrive at the stick but she never came back. I walked around the restaurant and came across a man. I pointed at him and said "Abracadabra!" He stood still looking at me for a second before walking away saying something along the lines that he wasn't going to fall for that because something about slipping and calculus. I woke up and noticed that that there was more light in the room than there should be. I got up and walked out of the house. I put my hand behind me to summon a young lady and felt a hand. I turn around and there are two men there. They tell me they will lead me to some ladies. We walk down the street, into a building, and into a restroom. I hear lots of talking. I had to pee and there was a trough there so I let out a little drizzle into it. I had enough of this and phased through a wall into a hallway. I put my and behind me to summon a young lady but summoned a man. I woke up and noticed that I was not in my bedroom as there was a large window showing a backyard pool. I phased through the window and put my hand behind me to summon a young lady and woke up.
    2. Spellbee Spring Competition Night 8

      by , 04-22-2017 at 04:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      WILD #1-I was trying to fall asleep when my peripheral vision seem to expand outwards and I felt some light vibrations. A scene of a room formed. I saw a DC with a camera. I realized I was on tv! I said hi to the camera. I could see myself being filmed on a screen. I looked like an elderly person. I woke up.

      WILD #2-I was trying to fall asleep when my body lifted up off of my bed. I got back down and found an open area. I turned my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and a full size orca was floating there. I got on its back to ride it and told it to go outside. It was going slow for some reason so I told it to hurry up. It seemed frustrated. I woke up.

      DILD #1-I woke up in bed and noticed that the numbers on my alarm clock didn't look right. I got out of out bed and found an open area. I turn my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and there was a large reptile of some sort, about 12 feet long. It was like half turtle and half crocodile. A turtledile! I told it go away it walked away. It went around the corner to go down a hallway. Happy I finally banished something, I jumped through the floor into a void to teleport. I kept falling in the void as I waited for a dream scene to form. I saw I was going to fall into the ocean, right next to an orca. I figured it was the same orca from my last LD, so I stopped myself midair to float above it. I sensed that it was not happy with me because of how I demanded it to hurry up. I asked the orca if it was mad and it aggressively blew air through its blowhole. I figured it was no use running away from it so continued towards it to let it eat me. It opened its mouth and I went through it. I phased through the back of its mouth. I was now underwater as I swam through past some sort of organs which looked like white kelp. As I continued, I was no longer underwater and instead was in a cavern. I heard some sort of Latin dance music playing. I woke up.
    3. Spellbee Spring Competition night #1 and April Advanced ii TOTM

      by , 04-15-2017 at 05:16 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I felt my body being moved by a force in a dark room. It came to me that I was dreaming. I waited to see where the force would take me. I approached a door with a lighted sign that said "The End". The door opened to a sunny outdoor square in a town, where I was no longer being forced around. I looked for a large object to phase into an saw a large wooden black desk in the square with some papers and a laptop on it. I phased through to the middle of the desk to see if the papers had anything interesting on them, but there wasn't. I finished phasing through the desk. I faced my hand behind me to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I looked to see if the spinner dolphin floating there was big enough for an advanced summon, but I estimated it wasn't because it was only about 6 feet long. I faced my hand behind me again to summon a T-Rex and I felt a mouth. The T-rex was definitely big enough at about 20 feet tall. I got on the T-Rex's back and chased some DCs who ran away screaming. I woke up in my bed. I noticed that there were several spiders above me. They started to drop towards me and which scared me. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and noticed a middle aged lady who I could not recognize. I was pretty sure I was dreaming, but got out of bed and attempted to jump into the void to make sure. I jumped into the void. I fell and waited for a new dream scene to be formed. I landed in a dark building of a transit center. I saw that there was a street light outside so I went there so I could see. I put my hand behind me and called for a large fantasy creature. I heard heavy breathing and a sucking sound became surrounded by a large cloth. I could still hear the heavy breathing so I assumed the creature consumed me. I demanded that the creature go in front of me so I can see it. The clothed was removed as the creature did this. I got a good look at the creature. It was like a snow man, only it was made of dirty cotton. It had sticks for arms. I asked it what it was called but it did not answer. I woke up.
    4. January basic ii TOTM fail

      by , 01-21-2017 at 11:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up and I could see my room through my closed eyelids. I got up and tried to jump through the floor into a void, but my body felt heavy and I was only able to jump halfway through the floor. A dog I live with, a Chihuahua mix, came into the room and dragged me out of the floor. I asked her to give me a massage and she asked me what that was. I said it was where rubbed my body to relax me. The dog took three long strokes with her head against my stomach and I woke up.
    5. splendid comp night 8

      by , 01-21-2017 at 06:47 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DEILD-I woke up from a dream and I tried to make the ocean appear. Instead, grasslands appeared which I was now flying over. I saw a stampede of cattle and heard western music playing. I tried to land by the stampede, but just before I did, I woke up.

      DILD-I was somewhere where I saw dolphins jumping out of the water. I jumped into the ocean to swim with them. I recalled Sensei's suggestion of stretching my limbs to get on one but I couldn't get it to work. I grabbed the dorsal fins of one of the dolphins and got on its back to ride it. It jumped out of the water and back in. So fun! I jumped out of the water again and stayed in the air for a couple of seconds before I woke up.

      DILD-I see blackness behind my eyelids. I hear a voiceover say "We are now flying over east Afghanistan". I hear a drum. I am now in a plane which is flying over a beach. "We must crash into the ocean" the voice over says. Yay! I eagerly wait as the plane sharply drops and crashes into the ocean. I make it out somehow and could feel something spiky covering my head which hurts a bit. I try to look for a reflection of some sort to see what it is. In the confusion, I now find myself in the lobby of an airport where I find a reflection near some pay phones. I see my hair is spiky and wet but nothing is on it. I look around and find an attractive young lady, a short blonde. I ask her to give me a massage and she accepts. I turn around and feel her hands rubbing my back. I enjoy this for a bit...it feels nice! I decide I've had enough and try to make out with her. She resists and pushes me away. I decide to let her go and she walks away from me to talk to a couple of other girls. They are not as attractive as they have too much makeup on. I try to transform into a dolphin. I don't make any progress and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    6. Spellbee comp night 19

      by , 11-03-2016 at 12:53 AM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was I was flying outside at night and looking around at the scenery. There were bright images being projected on some parts of the ground. I landed and but my hand behind my back to summon a young lady. I felt a hand, turned around and one was there. She was a dirty blond, a bit off kilter but cute enough to kiss. A gave her a kiss and asked her name. Her name was Trixie. We played rock paper scissors. After pumping our fists, I played paper and she played scissors. I asked her to show me a dance. She put her hands on my shoulder while rocking hers. I joined her for a bit until I fell down. She said she had to go so I gave her a nice good bye kiss. I jumped through the ground into a void. An electronic grid appeared which I was plotting points on as if I was designing something. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was that I was in a town during the day where I saw a friend of mine. I asked her to show to show me a new ability for dream control. She summoned a super soaker water gun and sprayed it towards the sky. A curvy unbroken stream of water appeared which she bend in order to spray a building. She took out a laser gun and did the same thing, only with a curvy laser beam rather than a curvy stream of water. Satisfied with this, I turned my attention to stick my head through the ground to in order to see something through it. I laid face down on the ground and asked a group of DCs near by to push my head through it, which they did. I felt my head going through the ground. The next thing I remember I was still on the ground, but was now indoors. I saw these bits of paper on the ground which I brushed away. I still wanted to go through the ground in order to go to Candyland. I kept telling the DCs to keep pushing my head through. They lost motivation and one stuck mud in my ear. I got up and saw I was now in a room in which there was a mud dam created by a few DCs which was holding back water. There were a male DCs handing out. Frustrated with them, I whined a bit before found a bunch of bananas. I took a banana and hit a DC with it. I sensed he was getting angry and I woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    7. Spellbee Comp Night 16

      by , 10-30-2016 at 04:53 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was in the drivers seat of a car waiting at a red light when I realized the car wasn't mine. I drove though the intersection and tried to make the car fly but it wouldn't. I parked and got out. My body felt heavy. I slowly put my hands in my pockets but nothing was there. I took my hands out and they were all wrinkly. I looked for a cute girl to make out with but there weren't any. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I was sleeping when I saw my window appear in front of my closed eyelids. I phased through it to fly outside and landed. I put my hands into my pockets but there weren't anything in there. I tried to summon a lamp with a genie in it but nothing showed up. I woke up.

      DILD #3-I was sleeping when I felt my surroundings rotating in the dark. I saw I was now floating near the roof. I got down on the ground. My body was heavy. I put my hands in my pockets and found they were stuffed. They were so stuffed I couldn't pull anything out. I tried to pull something out, but woke up.

      DILD #4-I was sitting down someplace with a few other people, not sure where. I was staring at a person until they saw at me, then I would stare at somebody else. I saw my late grandma walking by. I gave her a nice hug and asked her where she was going. She said "Lands End". I decided to try the pocket TOTM again and felt something like a coupon book. As I was pulling it out, I woke up.

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    8. March TOTM basic

      by , 03-06-2016 at 06:19 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I wake up at night and get out of bed. When I look at the time, I notice my clock isn't there. I do a nose plug and can breathe. I have the feeling I'm dreaming so I go outside and try to jump in the air to fly, which I do. I'm surrounded by high rise apartment buildings. I look for a spot that's well lit so I could see the DC I want to summon. I find a nice spot over an intersection. I put my hand behind my back and call for Destiny, the whale shark from Finding Dory. I feel a toothless mouth, and when I turn around, she's there. She was pretty dead on in terms of appearance, although I didn't take the time to look past her head, which was big. She has some sort of package on her head which I brush off. I ask her what her favorite dream was. She sounds like her as well, although she sounded depressed rather than energetic. She says her favorite dream was when she tore her elbow while protesting. Kind of a weird thing for a whale shark to say. I woke up.

      My dreams have been a bit dark lately but they're getting better.

      In case you're wondering about the DC I summoned, she shows up in the video below from 0:48-1:06. You can see why I thought it would be fun to hear a story from her.

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    9. competition night #13

      by , 01-23-2016 at 06:34 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD 1
      I was at an intersection with my sister. It looked like there was a fire over the hills. We see what looks like a huge rocket fly into the sky. We look at it in awe as it flies around, gradually getting closer to us. We find it's actually more like a car as it almost hits us. I start to think "what if I'm dreaming" and realize I'm dreaming. I decide to attack the car by punching it. "Die! Die! Die!" The scene suddenly changes to me looking at the ground. I see some minty fresh gum, and eat it. Very minty! I jump up to fly but can't go too fast because my body is heavy. I look around and it's very overcast. The landscape had sort of an end of the world look to it. I woke up.
      DILD 2
      I wake up to the sound of a television. I don't have a television. I realize I'm in my grandmas house and stumble around, feeling dizzy. I remember my dream goal to summon a book and read the title. I put my hand behind my back but feel a hand instead. I spin around to see who it is and wake up.
      DILD 3
      A young lady and I are racing around a house down some stairs. I realize the house isn't mine and that I'm dreaming. I go outside and put my hand to my side and summon a book. A felt a hefty book and looked at the title. The title was in big letters and was short but I still couldn't read it. I turned the book upside down and could read the title. It read: Old Bot Book. I put it down and tried to summon paigeyemps but couldn't and woke up.
    10. competition night #8

      by , 01-18-2016 at 05:48 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I was riding a bike around an oval indoor track. I started thinking about how this would be a good lucid dreaming technique, just imagining doing something repetitively until I'm dreaming. It dawned on me that I was dreaming. Still riding my bike, I found an exit door and plowed through it to go outside. I got off my bike and jumped up to fly. It was nighttime but it was cloudy so there were no stars. My body was feeling heavy, so flying into space wasn't looking too good. I thought maybe I could go underground into the void and go to space from there. I dove down into the ground and entered a void. As I was dropping, I could hear a fountain. I landed and saw I was now in a huge domed building. Below me was a giant pool with a couple of large fountains and what looked like a track to a water ride. I jumped down into the water and swam along the track. I found that it wasn't really a track, but more a rubber snake. The ride went into another room. I found the ride was like a storybook canal with intricate miniature sculptures of villages along the side. I was able to rotate my right forefinger in order to speed up time to go faster. After a few seconds of fast-forwarding, though it lost it's effectiveness. I was trying to make it work again, when I woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    11. competition night #3

      by , 01-13-2016 at 06:35 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up and noticed that I could see through my closed eyelids. I got up and towards the back door to go outside into the night. The moment I stepped outside I dropped and fell though the ground into a void. My body was being forced around, first gently, then suddenly shifting me in another direction, before taking me hard and fast. I could feel the G forces being pressed on my body as I looked at the dreamscape passing by, going too fast to identify anything. I waited to stop and feel solid ground. I finally did...directly in front of a guy standing on top of his head doing the spits. I walked around and noticed it was now sunny and I was at a fancy hotel pool party. The many DCs were middle aged and elderly, all in formal attire. There was some light dance music in the background. There was a big curvy pool that caught my fancy. I jumped in and began to swim around, enjoying the atmosphere. Then, I remembered I had dream goals. I scrambled to get out of the pool but woke up.
      I was delusional. I had no idea where I was, or what I was doing. I tried to figure out how I got in this confined space at my Grandma's house but couldn't. I was thinking I was having a confusional arousal. This reminded me of dreaming which prompted me to do a nose plug. I could breathe. I got up out of the room though a small door which bumped into a car in the front driveway. I looked for a nice clear area and found one. Finally! No distractions! I got this! I put my hand behind my back and called for paigeyemps. I felt a hand, turned around and it was her. She was perfect. I greeted her enthusiasticly but she didn't look at me. She had a blank stare on her face, looking at something beyond me. I knew this was trouble, she was preoccupied. "I have to go" she says. I tried to stay in front of her but can't go fast enough and she walked away. I desperately cried for her. "No! No, Paigey! Come back! I love you! I love you! I love you!" I woke up.
    12. Competition night #2

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:26 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      Revenge of the DC
      I wake up and notice I could sort of see with my eyes closed. I get up and go to the front entrance. I decide to try my trusty jump into the void RC which has never failed me. I jump but don't go anywhere. I look through the glass front door and see two postal workers approaching. They unlock the door and open it. From behind them, a man in a Dominos Pizza uniform approaches me and takes two dollars out of my shirt pocket while saying "My money." I wake up.
      I'm walking upstairs with my dad when I randomly start thinking "What if I'm dreaming?" I recall the failure of my last RC and try to float in the air this time, which I do. My dad says to see what the cable cars outside. I fly downstairs to look out the front but don't see any cable cars. I could hear them though. I fly back up to my dad try to figure out what's with the cable cars. I wonder if I should call somebody to figure it out. I wake up.
      I'm staring at the back of my eyelids while falling asleep when I notice some random text popping up in the darkness. I watch the dream being created. I get up from bed with the dream still a bit unstable but I hang in there. I put my hand behind my back with the intention of summoning a random female from DV. I feel a hand and turn around to see an attractive young lady that I don't recognize. I ask her for her name and she says it's Naiya. This throws me off because I don't know if it's Naiya because I don't know what she looks like. I know she's attractive though so I decided to make out with her. She's not into it at all, though. She's just standing there like dead weight. I back off and see she's turned real ugly, sort of like an alien. I'm like fine, be that way. I'll just summon another lady from DV. I put my hand behind my back, feel a hand, turn around and see a clone of the other girl. I ask her why they look alike and she looks at her clone as they both shrug as if to say "Well I dunno!" I've had enough of this and go away to try to summon just a random young lady. I feel a hand, turn around and see an old lady who looks like one of my Grandma's friends. She says greets me enthusiastically and comes up to kiss me. I wake up.

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    13. competition night #1

      by , 01-11-2016 at 07:24 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD 1-
      I woke up to these two big guys invading the house. I tried to stop them but couldn't. I woke up in my bed. Frustrated I forgot to RC again, I did a nose plug. It sort of felt like I could breathe through but I wasn't sure. I got up and walked to the kitchen where I saw a former male co-worker of mine. I went outside into the night and jumped up to fly. I only got a couple of stories into the air when I saw a couple of kids leaving the house, one with money in his hand. I found that he was walking towards me so I lowered myself to the ground. I approached him and grabbed the money from his hand, which amounted to like, two dollars. "My money! My money! My money!" I thought. Then, it hit me that I had dream goals that I intended "What's my dream goal?! What's my dream goal?!" I thought. I woke up.

      DILD 2-
      I woke up in my bed to find that I could see though the blanket that was over my head better than usual. I got up to walk around. The layout of the house was similar yet seemed a bit different. I tried to do a little jump into the void as an RC. I jumped into the void. I tried to imagine the ocean but the house I was at faded back into view. I remembered to phase through a solid object. I saw the front door and tried to phase though it head on but couldn't. I grabbed the door handle and pulled it towards me until I was able to phase through it. I went outside into the daylight and shifted my attention to summoning a dv member. I tried summoning Ginsan in my eyesight but couldn't. Then I put my hand behind my back and started callin for a random dv member, growing increasingly frustrated that I couldn't summon anybody. I woke up.
    14. January Basic TOTM

      by , 01-05-2016 at 05:16 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up from a dream and noticed I had a steak knife in my hand. I figured that's what incubated my previous dream about an infomercial for a steak knife sharpener. I remembered my intention to do an RC when I wake up. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I looked around and saw that my room was in a different layout. I got up and jumped into a void. From the blackness, I tried to imagine the ocean in order to create one. Instead, I ended up in another room. I tried again and got the same result. I called for a book and reached out to the side to be handed one. It was a somewhat hefty hardback book which had the title "If you're trying to figure out the science of what you're trying to do, slow down. I noticed I had lost my balance and was spinning all over the place. Undeterred, I tried to read the book but it was all too blurry and confusing. I woke up.

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    15. December basic totm

      by , 12-01-2015 at 05:26 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I was looking forward and realized that I was now seeing stars rather than blackness. They looked a bit blurry, though, so I focused on them some more to make them vivid. I concentrated on transporting myself past a star in order to fly into outer space. I started off slow, but quickly picked up speed. In a few seconds, the stars flew by me at a great speed. I stopped myself and concentrated on transforming into a dolphin. I could hardly move, though. I put my legs out in front of me thinking it might be easier which it was. My legs melded together and I had a nice dolphin tail. I was able to put my tail behind me and enjoy the feel of it. I tried to get used to it more so it's easier to get in the future.

      My attention switched to the basic TOTM. I looked around and saw there was a few dcs. I picked an overweight, middle aged, man with square, thick framed glasses.

      "What would be a good task of the month?" I asked.
      "That's too much information", he said.
      "What would be something that would be fun to do in a dream? You know what a dream is, right?" I said. The dc just the gist of the question and thought about it.
      "Write something down with a pencil and think about it." he said.
      "Write something down with a pencil in a dream and think about it?"
      "That's a good idea!" I said sarcastically.
      I woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
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