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    1. Baby dinossaur - 5th july to 6th july

      by , 07-07-2013 at 03:43 AM
      Today i dreamt that i was seeing breaking news: "A baby dinossaur was found in girantina" (I have no idea why it had a pokemon name, but it was just written there).
      They were recording on a helicopter, then i saw a guy's hand getting out of the helicopter and caressing the dinossaur.
      Suddenly i teleport to the local and i see the dinossaur is huddled and it's scared.
      I see some men climbing the dinossaur's body and when all men are on his body, a guy counts
      "3,2,1, stretch!" they stretch the poor animal and broke their ribs, i start to get in panic and upset at the same time.
      The animal becomes little i don't know why. I get it and give it a hug, i take it with me and then i teleport to a mystical garden at night.
      My brother appears next to me (i don't know why) and i start talking to him about that little dinossaur.
      I said to my brother: "hey, it could be hatching eggs if it was a female, how do we know if it is a female?"
      He stood quiet, and suddenly we started to get attacked by shining red-eyed bats. I wanted to protect that animal
      so bad, so i ran off the forest and my brother came with me. After we got out of that forest, the dinossaur
      got off of my arms and ran away, i was screaming for the name i was thinking giving it to him sadly.
      "Dino, Dino, come here!! don't run away!" <-- i said that.

      (not a very original name i know, but my dreams are very random).

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