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      Don't rule it out.

      Dream signs don't get you lucid by themselves. It's the "I am dreaming" thought or knowledge that you attach to your RC, that will get you lucid.

      Looking at my hands and counting fingers (which is also part of my RC+mantra) got me lucid in my first 80 or so DILDs. At first, my hands looked all different, but towards the last LDs, they looked normal. But even when they looked different, it didn't get me lucid, until I got a thought that I am dreaming. In a couple of LDs, I looked at my hands and no matter how they looked, I said to people around me, that I know I'm not dreaming, but I'm gonna humor myself and count my fingers. Each time I counted more than 5 on one hand and it got me lucid.

      But no matter if I only looked and got lucid, or counted and got lucid, it didn't really "click" until I thought that I am dreaming.