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    1. Trip

      by , 05-19-2015 at 01:49 AM
      I went on a road trip with my aunt and uncle. We stopped in a city parking lot behind a hotel while my uncle took care of some thing in the van while I went inside the hotel to eat.

      I sat down on a table in the lobby of the hotel, whose interior looked really nice with lots of gold chandeliers and wall decorations and column trims and a lot of velvet carpeting. the table itself was made from dark wood. An Asian couple was sitting in front of me. I was served (without even asking for anything) a plate of fish-looking rings on top of some lettuce leaves.

      I took one bite and instantly spit it out. It was some of the most bitter food I had ever tasted. All of a sudden Chef Gordon Ramsay came up next to me and asked me what was wrong. After I told him about the fish rings he tasted a pinch of it and said, "that's absolutely terrible." then the Asian couple tasted a bit with the same reaction.

      That meal made me leave the hotel, and when I got back my uncle told me about a puppy Great Dane with a spotted coat that they had which they knew was going to die.

      We kept driving down a barren road and we bumped into my programing teacher driving the other way. we stopped to talk (in the middle of the road because, again, it was really barren) and I told him about the puppy that was going to die. He started to cry while carrying him in his hands.

      After meeting up with him we somehow found my physics teacher and stopped by in a gas station. We all went inside and my physics teacher called me over to the women's restroom. Once inside I found that my aunt was also in there and they were both ready to jump scare my uncle, which they (somehow) knew was coming.

      That's all I remember...