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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Here in my DJ I will be posting any interesting or excited dreams and also my first few lucids. This will show you my journey to mastering lucidity.

    Also, feel free to comment and give feedback because I like it when people tell me what they think about my dreams.

    Hope you enjoy reading!

    1. Running from a Bear and Finding A Mansion (LD #24)

      by , 07-07-2015 at 07:20 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      July 6, 2015

      I am sitting in a tree stand/blind hunting a bear. There is a huge rock cliff on my right and in front is a large grassy area sitting on the base of the cliff. There is a stream running down the far side of it. There is a bear in the middle of the grassy area walking by the stream. I aim down my scope and put the crosshairs on the bear. For some reason I get down from the stand and start walking toward the bear to get a better shot. The bear turns towards me and starts coming after me. Immediately I turn and run not wanting it to get too close to me. I run along the cliffís edge and am jumping from rock to rock. They go in a downward direction and when Iím on the last rock I see a lake with a small piece of land in the middle of it. On the other side of the lake there is a small house. I jump into the water and when I come back out, the house is different. I get onto the piece of land and jump back in the water. When I come back out again it is a mansion. I randomly become lucid. The mansion is white and it has columns in the front along with four or more windows running along the top floor. There is also a balcony up top right below the windows. I walk inside and it is a pretty small room, not the type of room youíd expect in a mansion. There is a square wall in the middle of the room, like a fireplace. I walk to the left and went to the front of the square piece of wall. Right in the middle in front of me there is a door leading into the kitchen maybe, but Iím not totally sure. There was a sign in handwritten big letters that said ďTHE WELL OF DOUBTSĒ. I turned around and on the fireplace looking wall there was a hole that led downwards and in the hole there was train tracks. I then had the thought (it was more of just suddenly knowing) that this house represented me. I turned to the left and there was a small staircase attached to the wall. I walked over and looked up, but I couldnít see anything. I then remembered my dream goal of flying so I decided I wouldnít go exploring the different rooms. I thought about how I would get to the top of the house so I could jump off and fly, and I was about to go up the stairs to get up there but then I go into an FA.

      Iím trying to DEILD but I canít so then I just wake up in the dream. I am then practicing my technique later in the day and Iím thinking that practicing the Gravity RC is not good for me for some reason. I want to switch to just doing normal RCís and stuff but I canít bring myself to do it because I donít want to lose my results of practicing the Gravity RC so far. Then Iím going on a trip to Mexico with my uncle and another girl who is 4 years older than me and I rarely talk to.
    2. Drinking and Flying (LD #6)

      by , 10-14-2014 at 02:16 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Me and some people I know...L, K, and another chick are all staying at my house. L and the other girl are in the bathroom having fun , so I have to use my parent's bathroom. The bathroom was way different and fancier than their bathroom IWL. As I was peeing, I thought it was strange how I was in my parent's bathroom. I asked myself if I was dreaming but I was pretty certain I was awake. I did the nose plug RC and I could still breathe! I literally jumped back in shock and let out a little yell. I forced myself to calm down so I wouldn't wake up. I remembered that I was wondering if all my RC's actually worked, so I looked at my hands and sure enough, there were two fingers for every one finger I should have. I also tried the finger through the palm RC and that worked as well, just as I imagined IWL. It was really weird seeing my finger go through my palm. When I looked in the mirror, my mom's face was floating behind me but when I looked back, she wasn't there. This sort of freaked me out a bit. I remembered I wanted to try and fly so I left the bathroom and turned right, and I was in my front yard. I remember hearing that shadows don't appear in LD's and when I look I notice there are shadows. I try different techniques to fly, all of which don't work. Then I remember that Sensei once use a red bull to fly. I checked my pockets and this time it was actually there! Accept it was in a Brisk bottle and was blue. I opened it and took a sip. I ran down the street while jumping, hoping that will help me to fly.

      A DC comes behind me and asks for the drink.(maybe it was a red bull before and only now just changed to a Brisk but I'm not sure) It was also ice cold. I say no and run down the street.The DC comes after me and suddenly he had buddies with him. They all surround me. They say I can stay Lucid if I give it to them. (they were going to beat me up until I woke up if I didn't) I gave it to them because I didn't want to lose lucidity. One of the DC's try to touch me under the armpit. I somehow know that would wake me up so I move away. I then grab the drink and run. They chase after me and I think I'm done for, so I do the only thing that comes to my mind. I pour some of the drink out. Immediately they stop coming towards me and I can tell they got a little weaker. I then proceed to pour the rest out before they can get to me. They all freeze on the sport n the middle of the road. A couple cars drive by and crash into them making them shatter. I go back to my yard and start climbing a tree, hoping that if I jump off it will be easier to fly. As I climb, the dream gets brighter and brighter until all I see is a very bright light. I try to hold onto the dream but I end up losing in the end and
      wake up. (I wish I would've remembered the DEILD technique. Maybe I could've gone back into the dream.