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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Here in my DJ I will be posting any interesting or excited dreams and also my first few lucids. This will show you my journey to mastering lucidity.

    Also, feel free to comment and give feedback because I like it when people tell me what they think about my dreams.

    Hope you enjoy reading!

    1. Mom Tries to Eat Me :( (LD #25)

      by , 07-12-2015 at 03:50 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      July 7, 2015

      I have an FA and I head into my bathroom to take a shower. I look in the mirror and my face is a little off but I don't think much of it and turn back to the shower. I then suddenly turn back around just to make sure and notice my face looks like a creepy baby face with messed up teeth. One tooth hangs out of my mouth when I close it. I am suspicious that I could be dreaming so I do a nose plug to confirm. Sure enough I'm dreaming. I test the mirror out and do something with my hands. The thing in the mirror does something completely different with his hands making them into the OK signs and connecting them (if that makes any sense). I get sort of creeped out so I leave the bathroom. It is dark in the house and I walk to the balcony. I see my mom folding clothes with her back turned to me. She has a ponytail and her hair is brown. I start walking down the stairs and lose sight of her. I picture her as a cute blonde I know but then decide that is too hard for me to actually believe with my limited dream control. So I imagine a less attractive, but still attractive girl who has brown hair usually in ponytails. I settle on her because it seemed to me it'd be easier to imagine. When I get downstairs I remember I forgot to stabilize so I quickly touch and take in a few details of the wall. I turn the corner and walk towards the lady who is still folding clothes. When I near her she turns around and is a cross between a cat and a vampire. She hisses and grabs my arm, trying to take a chunk out of it. I'm screaming and thinking that all I want to do is wake up, because I don't want to feel any pain.

      Into another FA.
      I'm sitting in a chair in my kitchen and I do a clock RC. The clock seems fine. I rest my hands behind my head and remember to notice gravity, which seems normal as well. I turn my chair and see my mom outside gardening. There are manikins of hands all over our landscaping and I think that's odd. I'm asking why they are there and was very close to deciding that was very weird when I got pulled back into the dream plot. I grab a bag of cereal, which I also tested gravity with and it was also normal, and my brother said that his teacher said he was sorry for not helping him on the test. My brother wasn't mad though because he said he still aced it because he wasn't an idiot. My mom was then in the house and said how his teacher was so nice.

      Even though I didn't get lucid from the Gravity RC, it's good I remembered to do it in a dream. I probably just didn't have enough awareness of gravity yet to realize that it was different from WL. So that just tells me I need to practice it even more until I an finally get lucid from it!
    2. Running from a Bear and Finding A Mansion (LD #24)

      by , 07-07-2015 at 07:20 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      July 6, 2015

      I am sitting in a tree stand/blind hunting a bear. There is a huge rock cliff on my right and in front is a large grassy area sitting on the base of the cliff. There is a stream running down the far side of it. There is a bear in the middle of the grassy area walking by the stream. I aim down my scope and put the crosshairs on the bear. For some reason I get down from the stand and start walking toward the bear to get a better shot. The bear turns towards me and starts coming after me. Immediately I turn and run not wanting it to get too close to me. I run along the cliffís edge and am jumping from rock to rock. They go in a downward direction and when Iím on the last rock I see a lake with a small piece of land in the middle of it. On the other side of the lake there is a small house. I jump into the water and when I come back out, the house is different. I get onto the piece of land and jump back in the water. When I come back out again it is a mansion. I randomly become lucid. The mansion is white and it has columns in the front along with four or more windows running along the top floor. There is also a balcony up top right below the windows. I walk inside and it is a pretty small room, not the type of room youíd expect in a mansion. There is a square wall in the middle of the room, like a fireplace. I walk to the left and went to the front of the square piece of wall. Right in the middle in front of me there is a door leading into the kitchen maybe, but Iím not totally sure. There was a sign in handwritten big letters that said ďTHE WELL OF DOUBTSĒ. I turned around and on the fireplace looking wall there was a hole that led downwards and in the hole there was train tracks. I then had the thought (it was more of just suddenly knowing) that this house represented me. I turned to the left and there was a small staircase attached to the wall. I walked over and looked up, but I couldnít see anything. I then remembered my dream goal of flying so I decided I wouldnít go exploring the different rooms. I thought about how I would get to the top of the house so I could jump off and fly, and I was about to go up the stairs to get up there but then I go into an FA.

      Iím trying to DEILD but I canít so then I just wake up in the dream. I am then practicing my technique later in the day and Iím thinking that practicing the Gravity RC is not good for me for some reason. I want to switch to just doing normal RCís and stuff but I canít bring myself to do it because I donít want to lose my results of practicing the Gravity RC so far. Then Iím going on a trip to Mexico with my uncle and another girl who is 4 years older than me and I rarely talk to.
    3. Gunfights Galore (LD #23)

      by , 07-07-2015 at 07:15 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      July 4, 2015

      I am inside of a gas station type place. Some people have come in and tried to kill us with guns, but so far I have survived along with one other person who is with me. I open the door of the store and look outside. There is a river there along with lush vegetation at the banks of it. I see I boat pull up to the opposite bank of me and there are two people in it. They are being shot at and beg that the guy stops. One of the dudes uses the motor of the boat to block the bullets...but eventually the gunman gets close enough to them and takes them both out. I rush back inside the store and hide. The gunman comes in. I see my partner hiding behind a large metal box. I am so scared that I just dive into a closet at the back. It is pitch black in there. I an see the gunman coming towards my door because the door is slightly cracked open. I am praying that he goes away and I get lucky. He stops right in front of my door, looks around and decided no one is there, so he leaves. Then I'm outside at some camp thing with some friends of mine. It's at a single house in an open grass field with a forest surrounding it. We are all leaving towards our cars and I see two of my friends, C and T, get in a truck. There is another dude who I haven't seen before that gets in a truck behind him. For some reason I walk back over to the trucks and see what the other guy looks like. He looks exactly like T. I walked over to C to check if T was in the car because I thought he got in with him. I saw T and C in the same car however and I was very confused.

      "If you're here, then who is that?"

      I asked T. Immediately the copy of T smiled at me and pulled a gun out. He shot T and C in the head, then pointed his gun at me. Immediately I realized that this was a
      dream. I walked out from the left side of the car and acted all cocky.

      "You think you can do that?" I asked the kid. "Well then I can do this."

      I put my hand down by my side and drew an imaginary gun from my imaginary holster. I pointed my fingers at the dude's head and yelled "BANG". A hole appeared on his forehead with a little bit of blood dripping down. His head fell over and hit the dashboard. I was proud of myself for pulling that off, but right as I was about to walk away the DC got back up and smiled again like he was just joking. He then aimed his gun and shot me in the head. I could see the blood dripping from my head and I was about to die but then I realized I couldn't die, because it was my dream. So we shot back and forth at each other a few times and then I started running away. There was green grass and green trees everywhere. In the field to my left was some trees that were white and skinny. They had a few branches sicking out and on the end of the branches was a green bush. Other than that the trees were bare. I thought the dude had disappeared, but when I turned around he was coming at me and laughing like a maniac. I continued to run and then remembered a trick I had learned in an audio here on DV. I turned around and waited for the dude to get close to me. He now looked like a crazy version of spongebob. I barely had enough time to visualize him soaring away as I punched him before he got on me. I hit him and he went up into the air, not as far as I expected him to go but he still went pretty far. I turned around forgetting about him and remembered my goal to fly. I ran over to one of the skinny white trees and began climbing so I could jump off it. There was perfectly round columns of wood going around the tree in a circle. It started at the ground and as you continued going around you slowly went up and up. After I had jumped on the first log I felt the dream fading. I then jumped to the second log and
      woke up.
    4. Beach Time! (LD #22)

      by , 06-30-2015 at 04:12 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      June 28, 2015

      I did SSILD before this dream which may have made it a little bit more vivid, but I don't think that was the reason I got lucid. It might've raised my awareness to figure out I was dreaming, but I don't think that mattered because I was basically told I was dreaming by the dream. I had like an hour of insomnia after doing SSILD for some reason (usually I fall right asleep with SSILD) but I still got the lucid!

      I am inside a video game that I'm playing with some friends. Apparently we are playing Boom Beach and we are all working together to take down a bunch of bases. I was using a mix of Bazooka girls and the big machine gunners (I had tried using those IWL when I used to play and they never really worked out that great).

      "Wow, I never knew that these troops were so good!", I said to a dude next to me as I was directing my troops.

      I saw from above 3d images of our troops just flooding into different tiny bases. I had the thought that if I wasn't working with other people I wouldn't have near as many troops so I probably wouldn't do good at all. I made my way to the back of the room where a tiny analog clock was. There was a giant digital orange wall and on it there was a video chat up with 4 blue digital boxes and people's faces in the (I can't find a picture of it but I remember it from some video games that I've played). One person who didn't look real (maybe anime?) said something about how dreams and this video game connected. something like, "It's a good thing that we are all dreaming so we can play this game together." Immediately I searched my mind for what that means.

      "I can't be in a dream." I thought.

      However, I was getting suspicious enough now that I did a nose RC and could breath, but when I did it a second time to make sure my air got blocked halfway. I then decided I better check my hands and on my left I had
      nine fingers and I'm not sure how many were on my right hand. I stayed calm and actually remembered to stabilize! I rubbed my hands together and felt the friction. Then I brought it up to my face and looked at it. It seemed to be the most vivid I have seen them in any dream so far, and they also had a slight glow to them it seemed because they were a little bright. I touched the wall and could feel the little bumps in it. I proceed into my parent's room as I was right next to it and I wanted to go outside. I was about to open the window when I stopped. I probably got this idea from a podcast I listened to from Sensei the day before on teleportation. I wanted to go to the beach so I imagined I was actually at a resort and the beach was right outside. Immediately the color coming through the window curtain changed from normal light to a light blue. I realized I succeeded because light blue was the color of the ocean (Going to the beach was not a dream goal currently. It used to be when I first started, but it's not high on my to-do list now. I think I decided to go because in my MILD I imagined I was at a beach and I flew from there). I then open up the window and step out onto the roof of my house. I take in my surrounding and I see a tall lifeguard tower with an attractive female lifeguard on top of it looking out. She has her back turned to me and she was bent over, so I didn't really take in many other things around me I keep looking at her and notice her skin changes from tan to black and then back to tan. At this time I also feel the dream destabilizing so I yell,

      "Stabilize!" and then, "Clear!"

      I feel the dream become stable again which gives me some relief as I do not want this dream to end prematurely. I then have an urge to have *cough* with the lifeguard. It's a high enough level LD that I realize that this would be mad for my lucidity and I try to fight it. My fight is to weak though, so I look for an escape. I look towards the beach and it is now just a narrow sandy driveway with a square tiny pond at the end that looked a little deeper than a puddle. I rationalize that since the beach looks so boring now I might as well spend some time with the lifeguard. She started walking over to me and unbuttons her top. Underneath I see a green and purple poke-a-dot bikini. Her face changes and I see now she is actually Kim Kardashian. I don't want to do it out here though so I look for another place. Inside the lifeguard tower there is a bed so I want to go there. She just keeps on coming to me though and t seems she just wants to get it done out here. I give in because now I feel the dream is about to fall apart so I don't have much time left. I need to do it as fast as possible. She gets over to me and I grab her to bring her down next to me and as she gets right next to me
      I wake up.

      After waking I wished I would've went into the pond to see what was down there. My dream might've created an entire underground world that I could've explored and the dream would've probably lasted longer. I need to learn to control my urges better in dreams, but I'm assuming that will come when I'm getting more lucids and experience. I didn't remember to fly in this dream or else I could have jumped off the roof to get away from the girl too. This was a very fun and vivid dream and it seemed like it lasted a good length of time...so I'm OK with the result!

      Also, I notice that LD's #18 and 19 aren't posted in this DJ. I looked back in my workbook and I got those right around the time that I took my long break, and I don't think I ever wrote them down and if I did I wouldn't know where to look. I do remember a tiny fragment of one but it's not worth it to type out I don't think. I do wish I would have recorded them, so that kinda sucks.
    5. Trying to Fly around my Room (LD #21)

      by , 06-30-2015 at 03:24 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      June 25, 2015

      I was standing in my house right next to the front door. My mom was in front of me talking. I don't remember what she was talking about but I was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Then all of a sudden for no apparent reason I becamelucid. This was another low level LD so of course I forget to stabilize but I remember my goal of flying. Immediately I run upstairs into my room. It is dark in there and I don't even bother trying to turn a light on. I jump up trying to fly but I just fall back down to the ground again. I try two more times or so and then I wake up.

      My goal before for flying was just to fly. But then I heard somewhere that it's better to have specific goals in mind so then you know exactly what you want to do. So I changed my goal from flying to flying to the moon. Originally I wanted to fly to Mars but then decided since that is way farther away then the moon it might be harder to do, and as of right now I'm struggling enough with the flying part so I need the rest to be easy.
      I've got to figure this flying thing out...I've gone 21 LD's with only a bunch of failed flying attempts and pretty much nothing else.

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    6. Dark Hallway Fragment (LD#20)

      by , 06-22-2015 at 01:42 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      June 18, 2015

      Recently I just got back into LDing and after a few days I got this short LD fragment.

      I am in a dark hallway with a few other people. It is supposed to be in my house next to my room. I randomly decide to do a reality check. I count my fingers and there are 6. I think that I must've just counted wrong because there is no way I'm dreaming. So I count again and there are 7 fingers now. I am shocked that I am dreaming, because I would have never suspected otherwise.

      That is all I remember of that dream because I'm pretty sure I woke up right after I became lucid which is a bummer, but at least I got my first LD since being back!

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      dream fragment , lucid
    7. Fight and Attempting to Fly (LD #16)

      by , 12-24-2014 at 05:05 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      From the Morning of December 20, 2014.

      Woke: 6:30

      I am walking down the street from the YMCA. My dad is in his truck circling around the area. I keep walking along the sidewalk and all of a sudden I realize that I'm dreaming! I turn around and I can see my dad's truck parked against the curb, but my dad isn't by the car...it's a different guy. I walk toward him and I realize he wants to fight as he runs toward me. I smile at this, as this would be my first dream fight ever. I get a little nervous though as I see him jump several feet into the air to come down and slam a monster punch into me. I jump without thinking and join him in the air, throwing a punch. We both miss and when I land I quickly spin around throwing another punch. But this time it feels like my arm is super heavy, and my punch is being thrown very slow. He grabs my arm and throws it out of the way. I try throwing another punch and it is also slow.

      Then I am in my house in the living room and luckily still lucid. I rub my hands together and tell myself that this is my dream body, my physical body is in bed so I can do anything. I am trying to fly which I have failed to do in the past so I needed to reaffirm to myself that I was just dreaming. I remember that I fell asleep in a chair sitting on it the opposite way, so this was indeed my dream body. (That was a false memory, as I was in bed) I remembered it was easier to fly if you jumped off something. I ran upstairs to my balcony and got a running start and jumped off. I stuck my arms out in front of me and was able to float but not fly. I crashed into the floor at the end and while it didn't "hurt" I felt a little pressure on my head where it hit the floor and it was more uncomfortable than it hurt. I zoomed back up the stairs (literally zoomed...like ran at superhuman speed) and tried again...and got the same result. My dad stepped into the house and I got an idea. Maybe if I left the door open I could just pick up speed and fly out. So I put the door on its magnetic door holder and went back upstairs. I jumped off again but the same thing happened. Then I decided I should find a girl. (I always do this if I can't complete something ) I decided I would create a false memory of them moving to my neighborhood and I walked outside. I picked a house across the street for them to move into, but decided that a house farther down the street would do better because IWL people were actually moving out. I "remembered" that a hot chick had just moved in and I visualized it. I started walking down the street and looked over at the front of the house across from me. Detective Lassiter from Psych was at the doorway, and some girl with red eyes and who was demonic was on her knees talking to him. I got worried because I was afraid that seeing the demonic chick would cause bad things to happen. She turned around and stared at me, so I quickened my walking pace down the street. I got a couple steps along before I woke up...

      Next time I have decided that when I fly, I need a bigger space. Not a cramped area like my house. I also need to jump from a higher platform. Mostly I just need the space though because that way I would be able to fly up instead of having to direct my flight downwards. I think having to fly down was the cause for me not being able to fly because I would hit the ground.

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    8. School Meeting, Choices, Basketball Game, and Breaking Bones

      by , 12-22-2014 at 03:35 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Bedtime: 9:00

      Wake: 3:30
      Late for a Meeting and a lot of Friends
      I am in the cafeteria at school. Our science class is having a meeting during lunch that we have to be at. I see Camden at the food line after everyone has already gotten their food. I see some scraps of food on the ground next to the lady you buy your food from. I go up to him and talk to him, glad that I finally can talk with him again. I realize I have to get to my meeting and I rush to the middle of the downstairs portion of the cafeteria. There are steps leading down to the bottom of a rectangular room and a door is on my right. I enter and everyone else is already there. I am worried that Iím late and my teacher looks at me disapprovingly. I am then in the back of a truck going up a steep hill at night time. We are heading to someoneís cabin. We pull in front of it and there are lights on inside and a bunch of other people are there. When I walk in, people are sitting at the table eating and there is a cat running around and Iím chasing it.

      Wake: 5:17
      Sexual Choices
      There is some sort of advertisement at my middle school and to win I have to do it with a sister of a girl I know. I donít want to do it but for some reason itís really hard to resist. I am then in the basement of the school at the library, which is a classroom. We are getting a tour of all our classes. There are pedestal type things around the room for us to stand on while we listen to the teacher. SH throws his phone over the teacherís head to another girl standing behind the teacher. I somehow know what the text SH sent says. It was telling the girl to masturbate. The teacher scolds SH for sending the text telling her to do that.

      Wake: 8:00
      Car Crash after Leaving School for Basketball
      I am in my brother's care and we are driving to lunch. Me and a teammate got out early because we have a basketball game later that day. My brother pulls into an intersection and drifts. I smile and hope that my friend is impressed so heíll think Iím cooler, but I also think how dumb my brother is to drive like that and I know we are going to get into a car crash. I think about commenting on how cool the drift was, but I look back and realize my mom is now in the car, so I'm glad I didn't say how cool the drift was. We are then at another intersection and my brother is going straight but another car comes from the side and we hit them in the back. I wonder why they didn't stop to avoid hitting us. Our car and their car continues and we both pull into the parking lot of the restaurant ahead. It is in a desert like area and the restaurant is a wooden shack. The sign is very tall and has a yellow outline with red letters and itís situated in the parking lot. The dude that we hit gets out of the car and apologizes. I am then in the restaurant and my mom is there. She has a book on a computer and she shows it to me. I had already seen it before and it is about a psychotic killer and I thought it was weird that she actually enjoyed it. I thought that she would say that it wasn't appropriate. Then I am in a dark basketball gym and we are playing against another team. There are a bunch of spectators standing on the court and watching and I am wondering how we could play in this cramped space. Everyone is messing around and I am getting mad because I want to try and get better. The coaches take our entire group out and put me in because the other group wasn't trying. I am glad I wasn't in the other group because I knew even if I would've been trying, I would have still been taken out because the rest of the guys weren't trying so they wouldn't have seen me trying. I am on defense and I look at the windows and think that this is a perfect scenario for a zombie apocalypse and if it happened we would be done for because itís pitch black. I become a little scared but forget about it. Then I start trying hard and I get a steal (and I think take it down for a layup). Then I am driving in my car back home and I am on a desert type rode next to a gas station. I notice my car is out of gas and I check and there is a symbol on my dashboard that is showing itís out of gas. For some reason I am looking at it from the passenger side of the car so I canít see it clearly. I double heck it and then a truck drives by and I tell them to stop. A dude comes out and says heíll pay for my gas. We get the car to the pump and start filling it up. I am then sitting inside the gas station and talking with him and another guy. They are asking me questions like they know me, and I realize I recognize them. I am trying to think about where I've seen them before and am about to ask them but the dream ends.

      Breaking Bones over Bad Calls
      I am in the bleachers of my high school watching a basketball game. We are in the corner section nearest to the entrance. My grandpa keeps on disagreeing with the refís calls and he is breaking bones over it. He got so mad he pushed his thumb into a bleacher and it snapped. On one call, he belly flopped into the ground. The game is then over and there is a little kid walking out and my friend and I mess around with him because we are buddies. My parents come over and my mom is trying to fix grandpa up and she is worried about his broken thumb.
    9. Finally Back to DJing!

      by , 11-29-2014 at 03:10 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Date: 11/28/14
      Total sleep: about 8 ours
      Daytime Techniques: Gravity RC, Random RC's, Repeated "I'm Dreaming"
      Lucid Techniques: MILD, slight meditation before going to bed just to get relaxed
      Recall Techniques: Not any specific Recall Technique

      Fell Asleep:11:50
      Dream Title:Talking on the Forums
      Dream: I was on the DV forums and there was a thread about how you can dram about certain things. (Kind of forgot this dream but I remember a little) Some people were saying that it was stupid and they didn't agree with it. (Whatever "it" was)
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 3
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid)1
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 20-30 seconds
      Emotions: Disagreement? Thinking the idea was stupid as well?
      Dream Signs: Anger
      Tags (optional): forum talk, stupid idea

      Fell Asleep:11:50
      Dream Title: Stupid Movie Rules
      Dream:I am at a movie theater, except its happening in a basketball gym type place and the lights are on. The screen is like a projector roll-down screen. The guards are making people leave as soon as they finish their food and I think that that is a really strange and stupid rule. I wonder why people don't just pretend that they are still eating. I start eating slower so I can stay for more of the movie.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 5
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 1 minute
      Emotions: confusion
      Dream Signs: Illogical things, Confusion
      Tags (optional): movie theater, people leave as soon as they finish eating, thinking its dumb

      Fell Asleep: 11:50
      Dream Title: Inside a Zombie Video Game
      Dream: I am playing co-op zombies with a friend on a video game, but instead of just playing the game, I am actually in the game. I am in a lab and they are making more zombies in it. My friend gets wounded and I run out of ammo. I pick up a sub machine gun off the gun and try to reload as fast as I can. He's screaming for me to reload faster and I'm laughing for some reason. I immediately start shooting every zombie in sight. They try and surround me but I run away. I see that there are different patients in the room and doctors are giving them blood from bags to turn them into zombies. I feel like I should stop them, but I'm more worried about my own survival. AH who is a really hot girl I know comes up to me. I'm about to shoot but she says she isn't a zombie. I say to prove it by sucking my ****. I start to worry about her biting it off or biting me while shes "down there". I see her start to kneel down and I'm watching her face. I see her face turn evil and she's about to bite when I put a bullet in her head. I am proud of myself for knowing that would happen because I kind of expected it would happen.
      Awake: 5:37
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 6-7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3-4
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 5 minutes
      Emotions: Excitement, Laughter, Proud
      Dream Signs: Expecting something to happen and it does, Zombies, IN a video game
      Tags (optional): zombie video game, co-op, protecting teammate, AH,

      Fell Asleep: 5:55
      Dream Title: Left Behind
      Dream: I am in an adventure group who finds treasure and stuff like that. I come to and am in a city. I look down into a rocky area and my group had abandoned me and another dude. I could see ropes going down that they had used. Me and the other dude walked to the crosswalk. There was some snow on the ground. The thing had the walk symbol so I started across and almost got hit because apparently I went the wrong way. It said to walk again and this time everyone else went with me. Halfway across, some people turned around because the crosswalk signal changed to stop. (I think) The drivers were mad because it took them longer to get back. I thought that was a bit odd too. I hurried through and made it to the sidewalk.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 2-3
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 2
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 1 minute
      Emotions: sadness, confusion
      Dream Signs: sadness, confusion, things not working right, almost getting hit by a car
      Tags (optional): adventure group, left behind, city, crosswalk, almost getting hit

      Fell Asleep: 5:55
      Dream Title: Regretting my Choices of a Super Villain
      Dream: I am in high school and I have a secret life of being a super villain. My High School class makes a movie about me and it is poor quality. At first I think they are making fun of me, but then I realize they made it to be nice. It is pretty funny and everyone is laughing. Then I was an adult and I was back at the school. I hid in the locker bay and when a teacher walked by a pulled him in and slammed him in a locker. Then I hid in a garbage can. I needed the teacher to be able to mentor me about super villain stuff. I then was out in the haul and another person was helping me. I had to grab four pieces of furniture and the other person couldn't carry any of them so I took them from him and ran. They were big pieces of furniture and I was surprised I could hold on to them. I sprinted away from Batman and went to my car. I started it quickly and drove away as fast as I could. For some reason, Batman just let me go and I was confused. I then started feeling bad about everything I'd done and told myself if I saw batman again, I'd ask for forgiveness. Then I looked over and he was sitting in the passenger seat. I got scared and told him I was sorry. As I was driving I turned back into a teenager and drove into the school. I say J and said hi. For some reason when he said hi I could hear him clearly through my car. I was then walking on a sidewalk and walked by a teacher who was talking about J. He was saying how he was so nice and then he did some naughty things with another girl and now he was disappointing. I walked by another group of people I knew and one kid stood up and said, "If you think smoking is bad, then why do you do it? You should stand up for what you believe in." I agreed with that kid and I walked into another group of friends. I told them about it what I just heard and one kid said something like, "Ya, most people don't stand up for anything. They just watch this school crumble around them." I said, "I'm guilty of that too." And I felt a sadness, but I decided from then on I'd stand up for what I believed in.
      Awake: 8:30
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) 3
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) 15 minutes
      Emotions: regret, sadness, scared
      Dream Signs: someone appearing where I didn't want them to be, sadness, regret, scared, seeing friend after friend, friends not acting how their personalities are IWL
      Tags (optional): super villain, regretting my decisions, Batman chasing me, high school, J doing bad stuff, standing up for what I believe in

      I am trying out this style of DJing for now. I got it from a thread by Sensei. I'll experiment with it and see if I like it and if its worth it.
    10. Highest Recall Rate Yet!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      I woke up a lot of times last night and I was really happy with the recall that I had. I was sure I'd get an LD from all the MILDs I did while going back to sleep, but I'm still happy even though I didn't LD. Maybe it was because I was really tired so I was able to MILD for only like 5 seconds before my mind drifted off.

      Dream 1
      I am in the NFL and I am a superstar running back. I kept on evading tackle after tackle.

      Dream 2
      I am in this house and there are these monster type things going around killing people. There was a scene where a security guard was looking at something, and a monster snuck up behind him and stabbed him. I was standing in a bedroom and someone asked me something and I was sure that I knew who did it, because I was the best detective ever.

      Dream 3
      I was in my teacher's classroom with one of my friends, who isn't in that class IWl. It had something to do with basketball too.

      Dream 4
      I stop my car at a stop sign by my old Elementary School. I am going to Open Gym for Basketball.

      Dream 5
      My mom thought someone stole a red towel that she had, so we all got in the car and drove around looking for it. I saw a house with a red towel hanging out to dry and I thought that was it, but then I saw another house with a red towel. I then realized that all the houses had a red towel hanging out to dry and I was wondering how we were going to figure out which one was ours.

      Dream 6
      I have a bible study at my house because the person who's house we usually go to has something else to do. B pulls up in my driveway in a silver car. The driveway goes right up to my front door, instead of having a sidewalk like IWL. I look around and the house is really messy and disorganized. I make a mental note to apologize when the people come in. I know my mom will be mad because the house is dirty and people are coming over and she doesn't know about it.

      Dream 7
      My mom suddenly knew how to speak Spanish and was teaching me different words and we were having some mini conversations. I had chicken nuggets in the over and I took them out to eat. I was wondering what time I should eat the chicken nuggets at.

      Dream 8
      I am in a class at my school...it's not an actual class I have. There are some people in there from my church who are the kids of the church staff. We get to go home early that day and they have to go directly to church to help clean up and I feel bad for them because that would be a total waste of the rest of the day. I am then in the band room of the middle school I went to. There are pictures and videos of nude people dancing and some of my teachers are in them. I am sickened by the sight of that.

      Dream 9
      I am sitting in a circle of chairs in the library talking about how many computers you should own and which computers are the best.

      Dream 10
      I am outside another kid's house. His neighborhood is a really long street and there are a bunch of houses on each side, with perfectly green lawns. M, E, J, and another kid are having are playing football. E is in a white shirt and it for some reason got soaking wet. She is really hot and I stare at her chest. The other kid is now just in his underwear, and the other's comment on how he always does that. He was looking around for his clothes. I see about four little kids playing football behind my car which is parked in the driveway. I exclaim that I recognize one of the kids from a basketball camp. I then say that we are best friends. I go on my Ipod and look on Instagram, nobody has liked the pictures I've posted and I feel bad about that. I think that my next post should be of me at open gym, but I think that may be a bit stupid and won't get any likes, so I decide not to. I then try to decide if I should get Twitter.
    11. Getting Annoyed, Working With the Joker, and Being Hunted by Vampires

      by , 10-30-2014 at 04:57 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I was in my bathroom and two other kids from my school who I know were there. I got into the shower and they kept on messing around and I was getting really annoyed with them, because they were keeping me from showering. I was then in the courtyard of my high school and I was talking to a girl trying to get her to do something again.

      Dream 2
      I was like the arrow, but I wasn't him. I went to the Jokerís office and had my assistant schedule an appointment. We purposely set off an alarm so we knew exactly where all of the security stuff was. The guard at the front checked us over and when we got through my assistant looked at a computer to see where things were. I was in the Jokerís office and it was like any other plain office. There was a plant on the table. I was trying to get him to help me or something. Then I was on Hawaii on vacation. I was out boating and we came up next to a very large island. The island had a cliff that dropped straight down, so you couldn't get onto it, and it was lush with tropical forest. There had been a boat that crashed and people were stranded in the sea. Our boat crashed and I had to swim to an island out a ways to stay alive. It was barely out of the water and pure black. There were other people on it. Then A plain flew over us and shot some bullets. I saw on the side of the plain it said F.I.E.N.D, which stood for something about America and tax. Then I was riding a four-wheeler in a construction type area and there are lots of jumps to go off. The four-wheeler is too tiny for me though. I call the Joker up while going through a dark alley and ask him for help, and I think he finally agrees. I hang up and do one last circle before heading back to the highway. I look at the ground and the dirt is moving by itself. I think an animal is under it. I canít go on the highway because cars keep on coming. Finally, one stops for me but it gets hit. When I pull out onto the highway, the ambulance and police come and I have to stop too. I see a few people get out of the car involved in the crash, and I know it was their job to keep me from getting away so they got into a crash on purpose. I see Insisidus written on the side of the car. (Lik Insidious but spelled wrong) Then they suddenly have an RV and are staying on the side of the road. They are vampires and the guyís daughter wants blood but since I was around she drank what normal people drink. I then look up something on the internet, what I think the movie was called. And lots of scary pictures show up.
    12. Another Night With Multiple LD's! (LD's #14 and 15)

      by , 10-29-2014 at 04:16 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      I have fallen behind with my DJ entries, and I'm about 4 days of dream's worth behind. I will just be posting these LD's instead of all the dreams that I'm behind on. These were both from the morning of 10-26-14

      Dream 1
      I woke up in bed and looked to my left. My room seemed exactly like it was IWL. I notice a bee hovering by my dresser, and I think that's odd but I quickly get up and walk outside. I look in my parent's room but they are not there. I go back into my room and a letter is on my bed. I pick it up and it says something about how a disease has spread through the world and my parent's quickly left to survive. They left a bunch of insurance papers with me and they scheduled a meeting time to meet with me. I realized that the bees had been spreading the disease, and the bee in my room made since. (The dream before this was about a virus spread by bugs too and I think this was an FA from that dream) I started panicking because I had no clue how to use the insurance papers, or even what I was supposed to do with them. I also wondered why my parent's would just abandon me. I then suddenly became lucid. I count my fingers to make sure and I have more than 5 fingers. I go outside and again try my goal of flying. I try it a few times, being unsuccesful. Then I remember to do the gravity RC, so I walked over to an area that is right next to this giant tree in my front yard. I notice my weight and I think I was a little heavier than IWL. I then wonder if any DC is going to come and attack me, since that has happened quite a few times, but none come. I continue to try and fly, closing my eyes and imagine myself floating, but nothing works. I even stick my hands out like superman and jump but I get about an inch into the air and fall back down. I then go into another FA. (Next FA is in dream 2...It was an FA but in separate dreams, if that makes since.)

      Dream 2
      I am in my kitchen and realize I'm dreaming. I crawl through a tiny hole in the wall and I'm outside. I see a bunch of weapons in the yard, except it looks nothing like my yard to the right, but on my left it looks fine. I go to pick up a bow but it says I need to achieve a certain level or task before I can take it, or else something bad will attack me. I don't take that but I spot a giant sword sitting vertically on a rack type thing. I go over and lift it out and then I notice words that say close to the same thing about the sword. I quickly put it back. I then didn't know what else to do so I started imagining a hot girl appearing. (I'm pretty sure that lost me lucidity, but I'm not certain) I am watching a scene where a girl is undressing or something I think it is really hot. More happens but I can't really remember it. The dream ends shortly after this.
    13. Some Short dreams

      by , 10-22-2014 at 10:07 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I am writing in my DJ and I reach my arm over a girl who is in my bed. I assume she is my wife. (I am definitely not married) I am watching it like it's a movie, so in third person kind of. She got annoyed because I never do that and it woke her up.

      Dream 2
      I found a game on YouTube that was called something Beach Island. It was rated 19 and up. I was looking for a game with some sexy ladies in it. In the game, you had to survive on the island and a side goal was to bang chicks along the way (which was totally different from surviving on an island ) I wanted to play it but my mom didn't want me to because she had heard it was REALLY bad. I ended up getting it and I hid that I was playing it from her. She walked in when I was playing and almost caught me.

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant/store and I am talking with a friend about the carnival we are at. I ask him when we have to go back to school and he says whenever we want. Apparently, you can miss school for the carnival. My friend said that obviously he was going to stay all day.

      Dream 4
      I am in the parking lot of a park with my Cross Country team.

      Dream 5
      I was watching a video and some girls in my grade were at a party having "fun"
    14. Weird way of Travel

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:57 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      this is from the morning of 10-21-14

      Dream 1
      I am trying to make it to a basketball camp. I have to get there using a tree house as my car. I go to my elementary school first and C is there. He asks me why I didn't just walk because my tree house was acting funny. I go into the school, it is open house. J is there. I then leave the school for Basketball and L isn't going to the camp but he leaves anyways. The staff is a little annoyed by him leaving. We walked over to where my tree house was parked and he asked how I got into it. I grabbed a long rope and started climbing up. I was then at home and my mom was there, along with another girl. I'd been calling my mom for a while because I needed help, but she wouldn't answer. The tree house wasn't working. My mom told me to wait but the other lady said she'd help me right away. We had to take the house off the tree and move it, because it was stuck in the garage.

      Dream 2
      I am in a hotel room. Aragorn is there and he has a partner who is a speaker or something. They are looking at a map and telling me something. The speaker starts speaking and a narrator's voice comes on and says, "And is voice was heard from" (then he listed several places in Middle Earth and my view was just a map and lines flowed from the places listed until every city had a line connecting it showing that Aragorn ruled everything). Someone else wanted the speaker's job but I told them that sadly they couldn't get the position because the speaker had died. (I think)

      Updated 10-22-2014 at 10:07 PM by 70090

    15. Pokemon investigation, I'm a cop, end of the world, basketball and girls

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:47 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      these dreams are form the morning of 10-19-14
      Dream 1
      I am with my family on an island type thing. There are different sections of the island. (like water, fire, grassy etc.) Me and someone else have to figure out where these pokemon type things are going. Gollum follows us around. We take a boat out in a lake and figure out that a pokemon thing disappeared because it was just a really small thing in a costume of a fish and a dark pokemon thing had eaten it along with the other pokemon things. Te dark pokemon was sixteen years old and the others were 15 and apparently from 15 to 16 there is a massive change in their size. There were other pokemon who posed as the dark pokemon that we had to stop. We also learned that my grandpas cancer went away. (He passed away a few years ago and he never had cancer)

      Dream 2
      I am at Cross Country practice and these end of the world things start happening like meteors and earthquakes. We all start running around to stay alive.

      Dream 3
      I am a cop and am sitting in the car. I was at a park on the outside of a track and my partner and I see a guy we were tracking down. We rush over to him and I pick up a glass that was on the ground. It has liquid drugs in it and we are arresting the guy because of this. I start drinking it and I can't stop. I know I should stop but it tastes really good. I know I'm getting addicted and finally I stop. Then my partner and I are on boats chasing criminals in the same environment as the pokemon dream.

      Dream 4
      I am at school waiting in the lunch line, though the line is the size of a really popular roller coaster. Gandalf and Legolas help me get towards the front. When I get up to the food area, W is talking to R. R is a really hot girl and I keep staring at her. K kept saying a certain greeting that for some reason no one else could say but her. Then I went to the gym and started shooting hoops but I couldn't make a shot. I left the gym and my dad was outside and he asked me something. A little kid told me to move in the hallway and I thought bout beating him up. I went into my science class and the tables were totally rearranged ad there were people in there that aren't IWL. I even asked why the tables were changed in the dream.
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