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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [14-02-2017: Dark lord, Burglars]

      by , 02-14-2017 at 10:47 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Dark lord

      It was by some cliff or volcano caldera. The sky was whole red and ominous. I was fighting with some strange monsters until the dark lord arrived and punched me, which made metal plates sprout out from whole my body in a painful manner. Suddenly I found myself again in that place, but earlier. Again I was fighting with monsters - all were humanoid with burnt skin, some of them used swords or long, steel claws. I dodged, parried and striked. I managed to beat a few of swordsmen, but one of claw slashing monster managed to slash through my chest. Then the dark lord arrived - a tall, extremely muscular man with long black hair. He was wearing armor made of bones of his opponents. I knew that if he hits me, metal plates would protrude from my body, so I was running all around, evading. He called me with some strange name and the plates of metal protruded out of my body anyway, quite painfully and splashing blood all around. I looked like an iron hedgehog.


      It was cold winter. Two burglars were after me because I had some diamond or emerald of enormous size that they wanted to steal. I got out of my house to a shed with random stuff, when suddenly they arrived. I quickly changed my clothes to snowboarding equipment that was in shed and started escaping to the road, crossing it and getting to snowdrifts leading to a pit in front of my house. They were really close all the time, I visualised that there's a hole in the snow that would make them fall inside and get stuck in this trap. And they immediately fell down the trap. Suddenly I was back at my house. Burglars arrived again, asking politely for the gem. I wanted to give them an armed mouse-trap instead, but haven't had any. I visualised that I have a purse with armed mouse-trap inside and it instantly appeared in my hands. I gave it to burglars then closed doors tightly. After a while I heard scream of pain and irritation.
    2. [04-05-2015]

      by , 05-04-2015 at 08:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Meeting of wizards

      I was standing on top of a platform, high above the ground. I was a powerful necromancer, meeting with a conjurer and elementalist.

      Running away from the police

      I went out of my home. I walked for a while, and found myself in an industrial street from VIII century. Suddenly I saw a minimap on the left bottom corner of my vision, and a star indicating that police is looking for me.

      I decided to run away. I saw that they already surrounded the area. The policemen were wearing blue uniforms with strange hats. As I ran away, they shot at me. Luckily none of their shots were succesfull. I saw an old Ford car, but decided to leave it there.

      Running towards an alley leading into slums, I found a gun lying on the ground, and took it. It was getting dark. I ran towards junkyard, and found a shelter that one of the homeless built before his death. I've hiddent there, preparing for a sudden attack.

      Suddenly I saw someone coming. He was wearing black suit, and holding a suitcase full of money. When I looked at him, text saying "russian drug dealer" appeared above his head. I panicked and shot at him, but somehow the bullet haven't hit him.

      Luckily, he just ignored me. After a short while of waiting, a soldier jumped on a parachute and landed close to me. He told me that he is a great general, and that if I want to live, I must accept his offer. He told me that I'm going to be a "Head Director Paladin".

      Dark Lord

      With group of my teachers we went inside some kind of crypt, buried underneath the school. It was dark inside, and there were many skeletons lying on the ground. Suddenly I recalled that I was there before, fighting with the undead. There were skeletons with huge swords, cloaked skeletons summoning other undead, and the dark lord himself.

      The dark lord was a skeleton, surrounded by field of strong, pale blue energy. Despite having no tissue or skin, it had long, dark curly hair. Trying to survive the encounter, I fought every way possible. I ran towards small chamber, leaving most of the undead on a corridor. They had to run towards the chamber, which let me fight them one by one.

      I took a huge sword out of my backpack, and slashed my way out. There was only the dark lord left. I knew that this particular undead is too strong to kill it with a mere sword. I focused and cast a "destroy undead" spell. Then my vision returned back to the school.

      I told teachers that I was there before, but none of them listened to me. They just wanted to take any valuables from there, and seal it from the world. I estimated that all the junk they took was worth two thousand dollars.

      When they went away to sell it, I entered the crypt. Suddenly I traveled back in time, and saw that it was a school cloakroom before. I looked around, and between closets I saw a girl sitting on a bench. She went out a while later.

      I looked again, and saw that there were some cats running around. I realised that the horror had something to do with the cats. Suddenly a horrifying music started to play. For a long time I chased those cats and freed them. When there were only two of them, a weird man appeared.

      It was an old, bald man with long, white beard. He was wearing grey suit. I took another cat, and went closer to him. He was holding a carving knife, and there was a cat sitting on the table. I asked "What's with this knife?" And the man stabbed the cat to death.

      This angered me. I let the cat that I was holding before go away. I found a cleaver lying nearby. I made a long, horrifying howl and threwn it at the man. It made an arc and hit him in the foot, cutting it in half. The man started to scream in pain.

      Then I realised, that I was responsible for all the foul ongoings there, as truly I was the Dark Lord.

      FA - in home

      I was sitting in an armchair. It was dark. I looked around and saw that my relatives were sitting nearby, and looking at me. Suddenly I heard a phone ringing. I took the phone - it belonged to my younger sister, and went back to my relatives. I gave the phone to my sister.
    3. Explosion, devil and vodka

      by , 01-25-2015 at 10:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With a pack of classmates we were in an industrial area. It was cold, early morning. It was cloudy and a bit dark, the fog was covering the horizon. The place was a bit devastated. Fence was in quite bad condition, there was rust on metal elements spread all around. There were also chemical cisterns, huge, almost the height of skyscrapers. We were a bomb squad, and someone planted explosives in the middle of the front yard. We were searching for it, but when we found the bomb, we were frightened. The timer had only a few seconds before explosion. I took a body of someone else, as this person was closer to the safe zone. I saw everything from third person perspective. I jumped down from the platform, and opened the gate. It was old and rusty, and squeaked when I was opening it. I finally opened it, and jumped away, while the explosion destroyed everything, and killed rest of the bomb squad.

      Second dream

      I was a dark lord, taking over each settlement on the world. I took them one by one, often without unnecessary slaughter. When I ruled the world, there was only one rival to me, Devil! The world coudn't withstand two dark lords at once, so I decided to fight with it. I used magical power to give my minions angelic wings and super powers. The battle raged over the end of the world, over a gigantic pit. It ended with me being victorious, and now I was the only dark lord, ruling both earth and hell.

      Third dream

      My brother came back home from work in switzerland. We made a party in our house, and drunk vodka mixed with other alcohols. I couldn't feel any effect of it.