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      I know this is a little thing... But when I look at your profile I have usually read the sub text under the profile name, but it's taken me this long... I was only realising today that it was from DF.
    2. Thank you for answering that TOTM/ journal question.
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      I think you really have some talent with you imagination. I was really enjoying reading some of your journal entries. Nice construct.
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    Recent Entries

    Log 1909 - Clear Aqueous Golem LD

    by RelicWraith on 07-21-2020 at 10:29 PM
    Created Tuesday 21 July 2020

    What a relief. Thought I was on another dry-spell.

    Spoiler for Kinda a long read:

    Updated 07-23-2020 at 05:02 AM by RelicWraith

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Log 1898 - July 2020 TOTM Basic Task I and Other Assorted Stories

    by RelicWraith on 07-10-2020 at 06:34 PM
    Created Friday 10 July 2020

    I got two DILDs and a scrap today.
    Spoiler for Kinda long:

    Updated 07-11-2020 at 05:54 AM by RelicWraith

    non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid , task of the month

    Log 1882 - Handy Transformation and Other Assorted Stories

    by RelicWraith on 06-24-2020 at 07:27 PM
    Created Wednesday 24 June 2020

    Yes, finally. Some LDs to write down.
    Spoiler for Spoilered for length:

    Updated 06-24-2020 at 07:43 PM by RelicWraith

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment , task of the month

    Log 1838 - Deadbrush Forage

    by RelicWraith on 05-11-2020 at 05:42 PM
    Created Monday 11 May 2020

    Finally got around to doing a proper WBTB. And some results to show for it. Too bad there's a bunch of non-LD content missing...

    Scrap Group 1
    Repeated dreams with similar themes. Each time, I wanted some specific thing, then didn't moments later.

    Dream 1 - Deadbrush Forage

    Various forgotten events before this point. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in field of very tall grass and wild overgrowth, a cloudy brown twilight sky above. Although abundant, the plantlife was terribly dehydrated, and in many cases, long dead.

    After a minute of looking around, I (somehow) got aware. I tried summoning and eating a Marloss Berry, either by imagining it, or by reaching behind me, both to no effect. So, I moved on to a TOTM, the foraging one coming to mind. I sorted through the grass, but I hardly found anything, just chaff. Next, I picked some flowers, daisies, I think. Wasn't sure whether their heads and stems were edible. So, I pulled the roots in hopes of finding a starchy vegetable. A few did indeed seem to have some growths on them. Eventually, I dug out what seemed a lumpy, violet potato. It was quite large, just a few inches bigger than my outstretched hand. Well, that works for me.

    I then looked towards thickets, when I noticed a large, bright purple, radish-shaped fruit growing on a branch. It looked shriveled, but probably still edible. I picked that as well.

    Seemed like a good enough forage for the moment. On to sampling. But before that, there was the matter of cleaning; both products were plainly dirty. I didn't have any water in hand, let alone finding clean water in dried brushland. Nothing a Prestidigitation spell couldn't fix. With a gesture, the food was instantly rid of dirt.

    Finally, chow time. I bit into the wrinkled fruit. It tasted much more bitter than expected. It retained a hint of flowery fragrance, but that really didn't improve the flavor. I was about to take another bite, but noticing a bug crawling out of a small hole made me think otherwise.

    I was gonna eat the potato, but the dream collapsed too soon for me to do such.

    Scrap Group 2
    Unconscious transition during a Dreamwalking WILD attempt. I was in an unlit apartment building. Ruined constructions and furnishings made it apparent this place was abandoned. To the left was a stairway made from tiles. I starting climbing up, during which I noticed it had a very familiar arrangement. It then occurred to me this followed the same exact path I take during Dreamwalking, triggering awareness. But soon, something distracted me, something I thought dangerous. I ran back downstairs, only to forget why I got there, and climbed back up. Repeat again of temporary awareness, climbing up, evading a hazard, running downstairs, then loop. There were other things I did during brief moments of lucidity, but I can't recall.

    Updated 05-11-2020 at 09:46 PM by RelicWraith (Journal Log Number was way off)

    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment , task of the month

    Log 1804 - More Time Dilation Attempts, Light, and Other Stuff

    by RelicWraith on 04-07-2020 at 08:11 PM
    Created Tuesday 07 April 2020

    Got a WILD/DEILD, along with several fragments.

    Scrap Group 1
    More Cataclysm dreams, this time revolving around creating vehicles.

    Using the PC at home. My brother was nearby. I listen to an 8-bit Mega Man music medley I downloaded, which started with part of Plug Man's theme, followed by Dive Man's theme, then Drill Man's theme. Bizarrely, the music was sequenced such that an animation could be seen through an oscillator. This depicted an action sequence involving Mega Man fighting against several Robot Masters.

    Dream 1 - More Time Dilation Attempts, Aether, and Other Stuff

    Scene 1 - Time and Light
    The visuals were dim and blurred. WILD transition in bed, which I figured out when I slowly fell after rolling off the bed. Fatigue left me woozy, and my eyes wouldn't open completely. I tried not to let that frustrate me.

    After standing up, I immediately tried dilating time once again, this time affirming that I would last for a month. As before, I held my hands together, and concentrated. A minute passed until I finally felt energy compressed between my palms. A sign, I thought, that I'd gotten results. I "powered up" to celebrate, vigor washing away doubts and filling my arms with strength. But, this also made me even feel even dizzier. My surroundings spun around me. When I come to, I was in bed again, though still dreaming.

    I sensed someone was nearby. Unconsious expectations had me affirm this would be TPD, and indeed, this was the case. I reached towards her hand, when suddenly, her skin changed dramatically, going from obsidian black to a shimmering gold. It was as if I'd hit a light switch. I floated around the construct for a better look. Of note, it seemed that this change also made her lose her crown, plainly revealing her bald head.

    Several more warps occurrred, some of which briefly had me within a city, before I returned to bed once again. TPD returned in her more recognisable appearance. For no other reason than amusement, I shrunk myself, then picked a fight with the construct. I charge in at her via flight. But, just as I was about to land a strike, TPD suddenly seized me in her hand. She smirks, unnerving, given her usual stoic demeanour. She then carries me off through a screen of green light. Mist seeps in from all sides. Before long, I found myself awake in bed. DEILD transition.

    Scene 2 - Sponge Cake and the Band of Invisibility
    The visuals started bright, if a bit blurred. I was on a wooden walkway under a canopy of similar make, sunlight glaring from all sides. Thick forestry spanned from the left, while a stream ran through at the right and below. Further ahead was a wide crossway. Portable tables were set at the far end. I sensed there were various family members around, but I didn't focus on them. Furthermore, the arranged version of the song Neverending Game from Breath of Fire 3 sounded in the background.

    I set out to do a TOTM, the bonus task coming to mind (though, upon awakening, I realized that I pursued LAST month's bonus task). Suddenly, the lights flicker out, and the dream gets fuzzy. I concentrate on my hands to clarify the dream. Although things remain dim, I still get surprised at how much clearer things got than they started. Anyway, I look around the table to find a bunch of small boxes. I looked through them, but only found neatly stacked piles of nails in each. I also found a whole plain white cake in a square metal pan. While using one hand to grab other things, I used the other to take a hunk of the dessert. Its texture was a bit spongy, but it tasted pretty nice and buttery.

    After several minutes, I still couldn't find anything that could be described as scraps. So I just thought, screw it, I'll make my own. I grabbed a table, then, from my peripheral, crumpled it in my hands into a mess of metal and plastic. I then crammed the contents into an emptied small plastic box about 4 inches in length. Obviously, I couldn't fit it all, and settled for just piling most of it on top. I then started tearing at the scraps. Interestingly, this felt similar to pulling at cotton balls.

    After some finagling, compressing, and threading, the material smoothed out into bands of black fabric. On closer look, blue linings faintly glowed on its surface. I wrapped it around my hand, then rubbed on my wrist. Amazingly, my hand began vanishing before my eyes, to the point of being almost completely invisible. I observed for a bit, taking amusement at the apparent stump where my hand would be. I rubbed it again, and in due time, my hand phased back in view.

    It was then that I noticed I'd trouble breathing. A sure sign the dream was ending. I awaited a collapse.
    Instead, I only lost consciousness. I went further out to a dock, overcast sky above. Tables were set in this area as well, each containing food. Among the items were sauteed chicken and beef (though only small chunks of such remaining), as well as rectangular pans of potroast fish. Aluminum linings partially covered the tops of each containers. It all looked, and smelled, quite appetizing, though I refrained from touching any of it, since I supposedly ate too much beforehand.

    The dream collapsed shortly afterwards.

    Updated 05-11-2020 at 09:45 PM by RelicWraith (Incorrect Journal log number)

    lucid , dream fragment