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    [17-03-2018] 1st Competition Night

    by , 03-17-2018 at 11:20 AM (709 Views)

    I saw a blurred out feminine face.

    Cloud dragon and rainbows

    I saw a family living in a village, their house was always clean, well organised, and it was modernly furnished. Out of all the family members I could see only mother and her son. The kid was hiding and escaping from something all the time, there was something he was afraid to say to his mom. She knew that he had some kind of a problem and they were constantly arguing about it. One night the kid ran upstairs to his room in a hurry, his mother followed him and suddenly they were teleported away from their house. They ended up on a cloud, there were many cloud islands and rainbows were linking them like bridges. The mother shouted to her son: "What have you done this time?!" and then suddenly a dragon composed of clouds flied above them and said "I brought you here!".

    WBTB Attempt

    Wedding, shootout and "Shogudan" immigrants

    I woke up in my neighbor's house, put on shorts and slippers, and then left the house. It was a bright, sunny day. As I passed the street, two girls noticed me and started laughing upon seeing me almost naked. I ignored that and moved on to my house. The place was extremely crowded, two kids were about to marry each other and it gathered a lot of people. I went inside my house and spoke with several people, when suddenly kidnappers appeared and took the kids! I took a pistol out of my pocket and ran outside. The time of day abruptly changed to night and I wasn't in my house any more, but in some kind of harbour. I shot at the car a thousand times, completely destroying it's tires, but it still drove away. After a while police appeared and arrested me. Next day they opened the cell I was held in, one of the officers said: "All right, there's no place in our country for terrorist Shogudan immigrants. You will be deported!", but then another officer appeared and shouted at them: "What the hell are you doing? You've just arrested our best agent!", then he gave me a badge and a gun.
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    1. 13WAR08T's Avatar
      First dream was interesting, I'm sure it would have felt great that high up in the clouds and seeing the dragon, what did that look like?. I seem to see fights between families and have fights with my own mother in my dreams, I wonder what it's supposed to represent.
    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      I've seen your avatar in the Bay12Games forums. Are you a member there?

      Anyway, seeing as you got the theme bonus, that certainly means you were very close to lucidity this time.