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    Snehk's Dreamlands

    1. [07-08.08.2017]

      by , 08-08-2017 at 08:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sabbath, paperwork, level and boar shovel

      It was a dark afternoon and the evening was close. I escaped from my house, a big, victorian mansion in suburbs of some big city and took a bus to it's centre, thinking about why I escaped from there. I realised that I did it because my sisters literally were witches about to have a sabbath. I had enough of their magic for some reason. Taking a walk around dark streets, I entered some shop and searched for stuff that I could defend myself with. More people entered the shop, they were my friends and tried to help me to stop witches from destroying our house or doing something even more horrible. We convinced checkout assistant to fortify the shop and set up a safe spot there, but I knew that I'll have to go back house sooner or later.

      Suddenly I found myself in some office. I had to fill in some forms taken from lobby downstairs and follow a spiral staircase upwards. I had to dodge opening doors once, as some woman was leaving her office and accessing the staircase. I finally reached the office I was meant to leave my papers in, only for clerk to tell me that I need to fill in some more forms. I had to go back down and up three more times to get all the paperwork done, then left the office. I was summoned by my witch-sisters back to our house - they were flying on their brooms, tearing through walls and shooting beams of energy from their walls that blasted holes in it. It was a ceremony of destruction during their sabbath.

      My perspective changed for a while and I saw myself working on a level for a video game. I said "Now, that's a great idea!" and imagined myself how the level looked and played out. The player would start in an airlock from which it'd be able to access an interior of space station.

      Then I was in some ancient ruins deep underneath the destroyed mansion. I was a knight in full plate armor and I had some companions with me. We ran towards some altar on platforms hanging above lava and met my sisters. They wanted to kill us, so we defended ourselves and fought, eventually throwing all of them down to fiery death, awakening some kind of evil serpent-god. We battled with the monstrosity, killing it with arrows and swords. When falling down dead, it ripped a hole in cavern wall where I immediately jumped. My companions started shouting "Boar shovel!" and I raised something that kinda looked like a strange mix of battering ram and shovel. I started digging for unknown reason and mistakenly dropped one of my gauntlets to lava, yelling "My knightly gauntlet!".

      Then my perspective changed once again. I saw an arctic ocean with an iceberg. From underneath the deep, gray-blue water the evil serpent-god emerged and said "In the end, I always win!", my witch-sisters flying high above the serpent, leaving colourful trails on the sky.

      Outbreak, recalling dreams within dream, survival, facing new world, avatar powers and "semi-lucid"

      I left a bus and looked at, seeing my reflection in one of windows. I was a tall, muscular, bald man in black t-shirt and in jeans trousers. There were a lot of people in there, it was some kind of a FEMA encampment or factory turned into an evacuation shelter. Suddenly people all around became aggressive and started attacking each other, then anything that was even moving. I was defenseless, so I started showing zombies finger-guns and pretended to shoot them, which actually spawned real colt gun in my hands. I shot my way from courtyard and was about to get to safety of encampment. I saw some horrified dog running towards the entrance that was automatically closing during emergencies like this. I heard some voice saying "And then the death race to doors began! Who is going to make it? Him, or maybe the dog?" I started running after the dog, almost catching up to it, but the canine jumped forward in last moment - the gate closed, leaving me outside. The voice spoke again, saying "So the dog made it."

      I decided to look around. Looking at that place I thought that it could be a cool location for a game, and recalled myself a previous dream that I had. In that dream I was a stalker and there were several heavily fortified military fortresses behind my barn.

      Then I came back to the reality I was in - there was no way to enter the encampment, but I could see entrance to sewers nearby. I cautiously approached dark tunnels and sneaked through sewers to some supermarket in city centre, shooting undead on the way. I lost all my ammo, so I had to find some melee weapon. There was a long, thin pipe that I could use as a staff or bludgeoning weapon, so I picked it up and moved upstairs, meeting with other survivors. My younger sister was one of them. We moved to some abandoned shop overrun by zombies and cleared it. After clearing it, some cop came from nowhere and cuffed me. As he was taking me somewhere, my sister freed me and he started escaping. I chased him and smashed his skull with my pipe, then strapped it back. With other survivors we decided to leave all the stuff for later and moved to another store. It was a fortress made by other survivors. We surveyed the area when suddenly another cop cuffed me. Sister freed me again and I chased the cop, but he opened the way for zombies, so they could get inside the safe spot. We gunned down all the undead, but owners of the fortress died. With my group I moved to that store we cleared previously and started packing my backpack with foodstuffs. No one else was doing that however. I cautiously checked contents of every glass jar, taking many of those ready meals, and then we moved on.

      A map looking like it was made for a NES game appeared. I saw my group on it, inside ruined city. There was a small riverside town and a big metropoly. I saw roads with trucks and other vechicles of 20th century (as in, communism era). A voice said that this small town was forgotten, living in a shadow of a great metropoly ruled by evil dictatorship. Then I saw huge ant-like robots powered by steam marching through cities and that Poland was within one of destroyed nations. The last thing that the voice said is that one must defeat guardian of bridge to enter that little town. With my group of survivors we moved there and everyone except me went through bridge undisturbed. I was stopped by the guardian - a huge bear walking on two legs. I've seen it as if it was a sidescrolling NES game. I shot the bear with machinegun, curiously it shot arrows not bullets. When the animal retreated, I got to the city.

      Everything started to look like an animated movie, everything seemed to be drawn with pencil and coloured with crayons. Me and the group of survivors I travelled with had our new lives here. I was living with some family as they let me stay in their house. One day when we were having a breakfast, a group of lizards armed with spears busted into our house and were about to attack me. Instead of escaping, I called the powers of four elements and started blasting those lizards with them. I felt all the forces working on my body and gaining those powers felt as if this part of the dream wasn't meant to be and that I forced it. Everyone in the house asked in disbelief "Does he have avatar powers?" I blasted almost all of those lizards away, but two of them kidnapped father of the family. I burst out through wall and saw them far away, almost reaching mountain top in the distance. I tried to fly up there, getting high up to the sky, but I fell down on the road and made a small crater in it. Several more attempts of flying, I could feel something stronger than gravity pulling me down, but there were no more craters on landing. I got to the mountains, but there were no traces of anyone. Suddenly I received a vision of myself. I was in despair, as I couldn't link great fires after the bell toll and let dictatorship grow strong. Suddenly the kidnapped man appeared and said "That's what I was trying to make you recall."

      Damn, writing down those convoluted dreams took much more than I thought it would. Empty spaces are for easier reading, those dreams actually had no breaks between each of "scenes".
    2. [29-09-2016]

      by , 09-29-2016 at 04:51 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in future, in a mansion complex I shared with siblings. It was a huge complex made of apartments that joined up in one entrance. Parts of it on first floor were just finished and had only white walls. The rest of the building was richly and modernly furnished. I entered my apartment - it was the richest of all. I helped siblings build and finish theirs apartments.

      Next day I was in our family house, it was completely rundown and abandoned, but still in our possession. I started to work on it to renovate it and make it better than ever.
    3. [28-09-2016]

      by , 09-28-2016 at 02:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house, the cellar was extended and took space from where it was to borders of our possession. The wall of cellar was smashed down, there was hole in the floor opening up to some ruins and wall of old sewage cistern could be seen. With family we had to drill through that wall for some reason, I warned them about old sewage but they didn't listened. Using a drill we made a round hole and then father turned on water and crystal clear water started flowing rapidly. I climbed up to cellar and with family we started barricading.

      Second dream

      It was an evening, I was atop an enormous hill with a ruined gothic mansion. I ran around ruins, it was getting darker and darker, I heard ominous whispers. I was about to find someone in there, but I was alone. I thought that running away from ruins, into darkness would change dreams. I ran into darkness and everything became black.

      Third dream

      Blackness faded out and I found myself in that mansion during a summer day. I was there with group of classmates, on a second floor. It was open to a beautiful ravine overgrown with beautiful vegetation. We were wandering around the place, girls were with us but they had to change clothes without coming back to rooms, so we all had to turn back when they did.
    4. [09-05-2016]

      by , 05-09-2016 at 07:05 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a late morning. I was in a cottage deep within a forest. I was wearing my forestry uniform and felt a few years older. There was a man in late thirties, wearing a gray suit. He had dark hair. We were talking, I had different voice.

      Man: You were working in these forests?
      I: Yes, I was a forester over there.

      *I wandered the room for a while, the man continued.*

      Man: A forester?
      I: Yeah, though of a lower rank.

      False awakening

      I woke up in my bed. I heard strange ringing and was really annoyed at the TV. I thought that I really should turn it down, but it wasn't even turned on! As I closed my eyes, I saw some horrifying ghostly faces and a voice telling that ghosts are real and want to get us all.

      Second dream

      Late, cold evening. With group of random people we entered a mansion of some general who left it free for his son this night. One of the rooms was under renovation, with furniture put in group in the midlle of it. Rest of the house was arranged as a wealthy, modern mansion with really expensive furniture. Other people - they were all teenagers, were taking drugs and demolishing everything around them. What's more, they closed the doors to second floor and lost the key, so I had to find some other way out. They were really ruining the building, setting fire in one of the rooms, breaking furniture and taking more and more drugs. Luckily they weren't aggressive. I tried to use furniture to break a window and make myself a rope to get out.

      Suddenly I found myself outside, it was a warm early evening. It was at a shore of some lake, close to some warehouse with docks. I entered it and saw two girls - one taller with dark, long hair and one smaller with red, shorter hair. Both had pale complexion and were wearing some kind of robes. I heard a crying baby, then parents of those girls appeared. The tall girl told them that she and another boy was kidnapped by the smaller girl. But then a sudden thunder striked, and nobody believed her. Suddenly an assassin jumped down on a bungee and caught her, jumping with her back to a rooftop.
    5. [23-03-2016]

      by , 03-23-2016 at 02:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Cold, cloudy afternoon. Apocalypse has come. With a blonde woman wearing a special forces suit we were rushing through flooded streets. The water have temporary lowered, giving us chance to move further. Bodies, destroyed vechicles and ruined buildings were seen after the water lowered. We ran forward, there was a huge whirlpool, and we had to somehow get across it. We tried to go around it, but then we discovered another whirlpool. We've ran past these two when they stopped, but there was one more - a huge whirlpool that we were unable to get past. Then we've got an idea - shoot ourselves with something to the other side.

      Second dream

      A dark mansion in the forest. I was there with group of other mercenaries, hired to kill someone hiding in there. The building was a bit rundown and everyone had to watch their heads and feet. I spotted my target - it was a black male in cyan t-shirt. He shot at other mercenaries, hurting them. I sneaked up and surprised him. I shot him in the head with my shotgun. There wasn't much left of his head. I reported that the task was done and ran away.

      I was running straight a forest road. There was a car following me. I thought "There is a city nearby. They said that it was really far away from the mansion, but I'm almost there in no time!". To lose the tail I ran deeper into the woods and then back on the road. The Sun was raising in the horizon. I have reached the city-station.

      An elevator led inside a huge building coated with some kind of protective metal. There was a woman that wanted to get inside too. She was wearing sports clothes, probably coming back after some jogging. I opened the elevator and held it for her. She said that she's going to push first floor button. I didn't knew where to go, so I decided to leave with her.

      The elevator opened and I saw a huge hall looking like a space station. There were many troops in protective suits patrolling the area. I jumped down a platform and landed safely. Soldier passing by just looked at me, and went away smiling. The hall was filled with computers, it was some kind of IT party over there. People were playing strange prototype games.
    6. [15-02-2016]

      by , 02-15-2016 at 10:03 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my house. I looked through the window - it was a dark, cloudy day. I felt that there was some kind of danger coming, and realized that there is a zombie outbreak. I wandered around the house, alerting my family that they should prepare. We made barricades and stored all supplies we had. There were too many of them however, so we had to escape. We used a small window in the basement to escape and ran to a carpentry workshop of my father. Zombie didn't tried to enter it, they were busy with other survivors that came to our house looking for help. I watched a slim blonde woman escaping from them. She climbed up the rooftop and practiced acrobatic skills to escape.

      Second dream, WILD

      I was in my uncle's house. It was an unfinished building, with only parts of upper floor hospitable. I spent a night there. It was a bit cold, and the toilet wasn't done yet, so we had to make it inside a bucket. I fell asleep.

      I woke up in that house again. I realized that it's a dream. I felt refreshed, full of energy. I have thought what to do, and decided that I should see the house finished. I turned around thinking about a mansion, and the building was mostly finished. There were only some small rooms unfinished. The building was furnished with expensive furniture made of black oak wood, there were several paintings on the walls and in overall it looked like it belonged to someone really rich. I thought that I should summon someone, just for the sake of summoning. I was teleported to a huge cottage with two really long tables. The room was lit by candles, this gave it a moody atmosphere, it was charming. There were people sitting by the tables. Kids and other people, but nobody I knew. Then I saw a blonde woman, and after looking closer I saw that she was that survivor from previous dream, the one that used acrobatics to escape. She smiled to me. I thought "Eh, whatever." I didn't had any plans for that summon, I just wanted her to roam the mansion. Then I was back in uncle's new house and looked through a window. Just in time to see the summon arrive in a silver Mercedes car. She entered the building. I went downstairs to kitchen. Uncle was preparing dinner, I noticed an unfinished room. He said "You're not going to finish it..." I replied to him in my thoughts (which resulted in my voice appearing everywhere). I thought "I'll try". I turned around and a transparent brick wall appeared in place of doors. I turned around again, and almost saw that room, the wall was fading away. It was mostly done, just a matter of phasing through the wall. It was a bathroom. I went along main hall and entered dining room. There was a long table with set of chairs. The summoned woman was already there. I have lost lucidity.

      Dream fragment

      I was walking through a dark underground passage.
    7. Toilet weirdness, escaping from special forces, mountains

      by , 03-27-2015 at 12:38 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - fragment

      I was in school. I entered the toilet, and entered a cabin. Then I saw that there was no wall, so cabins opened to open space, from where I could see inside of the girls toilet. I looked at other guys using the toilet. They were really confused.

      Second dream

      I was sneaking in a mansion of a rich businessman. I tried to reach his treasury. The corridor was dark, but I could see all the great architecture and expensive furniture. When I was sneaking, I was interrupted by the businessman. To remain hidden I had to hang from the window. The fat, bald man entered a room with a young servant. I though Old sex addict. And jumped down to the courtyard.

      That is when I was spotted by a general of an army. He was wearing full plate armor. I saw my associate. We were running away from the squad of knights. Then vechicle of speacial forces blocked our way. We had to escape to underground parking. We were stuck on the stairway, as we were surrounded from outside and isnide.

      We found some sniper rifles, and were shooting with soldiers. My associate got killed. I shot down a few of them, when they were running from the cover of vechicles. Then I got shot. I felt strong, piercing pain in my lower body, left side.

      I decided to run anyway. I shot down everyone inside, and ran for the way outside. It was blocked by some girls, which I had to kill to go away. After killing them, I summoned a game menu, and loaded a save state. The girls were no longer blocking my way in this altered universe. I ran for the surface, and escaped from special forces.

      I got shot down in a dark, neaby alley.

      Third dream - fragment

      With siblings we went outside, and looked over the horizon. Huge mountains suddenly grown there. We chose one to climb up, and went to do this.
    8. Family meeting

      by , 03-19-2015 at 05:15 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at a huge mansion. The place was new, with expensive furniture. The room was dimly lit, giving this moment a special mood. We were having a party of some kind, and it was a huge family meeting. We had many dishes lying on the silver platters. When it was late, when the meeting almost ended we heard a door bell.

      The narrator voice told We always had a tradition, that we make a cooking contest within family. And when I have just opened the door and my aunt and uncle appeared the voice told And they have always won. I greeted with my uncle - male after thirties, wearing black jacket and jeans trousers. I went away, and then came back to greet him again. I shaken his hand, and he told But we've shaken our hands before! I replied Oh, we'll shake hands again anyway. And then they entered the room.
    9. School, murder at the mansion

      by , 03-08-2015 at 10:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my old school. I was changed into a small boy. I was runnig around the school, and everyone was shouting at me for misbehaving. Suddenly I saw a young man with dark hair, pale blue shirt, dark blue jeans trousers, and black shoes. I saw also some women with him, presumably wife and daughter, but I can't recall them clearly. The man was angry, he shouted that he's my father and I must obey to him. I ran to the second floor, and opened the door to classroom. There were other children inside. I quickly turned around, and saw that the man is close. From the TV turned on in the nearby classroom I heard that there is a boy with disease running around. I knew that they were talking about me. The man almost catched me, but I escaped to the entrance with one huge jump.

      I opened the door, and ran straight the sidewalk. I saw that this wasn't the school yard, it was the church yard of my home town. When I was close to the exit gate, I looked back and saw that the man entered a car, and drove after me. I jumped on another sidewalk, and ran away. I was at a great distance from school. I was tired, but I still moved on. I saw that there were also other people trying to do the same. Probably all of them were sick. I looked around, and saw that the road we all tried to go across had big traffic, although there were no cognition. I saw that most of the people were on the other side, I looked around. The cars were far from me, but I had to be quick. I ran across the road, and catched up with another sick man. We went straight through the desert road, to our home town.

      Second dream

      I was at a victorian mansion. It was cold morning. Dense fog was covering the horizon. I was in a room with huge window. It was dark coloured. The wooden furniture was antique. I was standing close to the door. There was a wardrobe and a bed in the back of the room, and there was a desk standing close to the door. I saw a man standing in the middle of the room. He was pale. He had bright hair, grey eyes, and was wearing dark red clothes. His clothing showed that he belonged to aristocracy. I can't recall what we were talking about, but I remember that it was about murdering someone who knows too much.

      Suddenly the mansion started to move. It was placed on tracks, so they could quickly move to other place. The door opened with squeaky noise. Another man entered the room. He was wearing similar clothes, but he had dark hair and black eyes. He asked about the flash memory. I took some kind of small object, and told him to wait. The first man opened the window. The second man looked at the neighborhood. Then the first man pushed him. He tried to hold on, but I turned around in the right moment, and pushed him. The last thing we heard were his screams. The man died.